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Why People Prefer Aries Birthstone?

There are some verified reasons related to the Aries Birthstone that are cause of its preference to the other birthstone. These reasons are deeply concerned with fashion, horoscope, scientific and commercial reasons.

The first of all we want to disclose to our audiences that Aries Birthstone is diamond. And further to share you that there are four precious stones in the world and Aries birthstone is one them. Personalizing diamond is sign of pride for the wearer among the folks. They also feel personal satisfaction by spending their money for the personal adornment. Its glaze is sign of love and its first look defines “I Love You”. It recommended gift on sixth wedding anniversary. Aries Birthstone Color is one factor that determines its price. The most valuable diamond is white or colorless diamond.

White Aries birthstone has no hue but glitters a lot because of reflection, refraction and dispersion of light. If diamond carries prominent birthmarks like inclusions and blemishes, it will be less valuable than the ideal gemstone that has high clarity level with ideal cut. Deep cut leaks some reflected light as compared to the shallow cut.

Besides personal adornment it is one of the prominent items used as part of jewelry ornament for engagement and wedding jewelry.  It is the gift of first love to make it everlasting memories of romantic life.

In zodiac system, it is at first place and stone for those that are Aries having date of birth in the dates 20th March and 19th April of a year. Its symbol is RAM with all of its power in its head. It fights with head and defends itself with head. Aries love to wear diamond to enjoy the attributes of the stone. By wearing this stone, people feel that their intelligence level has increased and they have started getting understanding of the matters with high mental aptitude. Owners of the stone have observed that their creative and aesthetic sense has developed and their personality is more loving and caring for others.

It is the hardest stone of the world and it is used in the industry for cutting different stones. Further it is use as polishing agent for valuable thing is never denied. It is also used in the scientific laboratories for scientific apparatus.

In past civilizations, it was used by the warriors to own the hardness and energy in their muscles. According to past famous Persian poet a rainbow is always visible in the diamond. It was also though a symbol of innocence and purity.

The price of Aries Birthstone depends on four factors that starts from C and are also known 4 Cs. These 4 Cs are Carat, Cut, Clarity and Color of the stone.

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