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Top 6 Things That Decide The Final Cost Of Your Tattoo

Everyone wants a tattoo. However, getting one depends on how much you are willing to spend on it.

Many a time, people get tattoos that they grow to dislike with time. That is not only because they did not put a lot of thought into it. It might also be produced by lack of budget. While it is imperative that you thoroughly think about your design when you get a tattoo, there are other important things as well. For many, the top of those things is budget. It can help decide whether you are going to have a great or a gimmick tattoo.

Now, keep in mind that various designers set various prices for their services. Some of them might cost higher than the others. While the quality compromise is obvious in some cases, others may not make that much of a difference. The key is to check the reviews and clients of a tattoo designer before you hire them to design and ink yours. However, Tattoo Design Inc. suggests a more precise approach towards it.

Here is an assessment of all the things that can decide the final cost of your tattoo.

1. Location\Spot

One important thing to understand right away is the intricacy of location or spot. Some spots are easier to ink than the others. For instance, something with major muscle groups, such as your back, pecs, arms or thighs. Those would be easy to put a tattoo on than the others.  Because considering how some areas take much more attention to details and ink than the others, they may add to the final cost. That is why it is important to pick the right location for your tattoo.

2. Attention To Details

As mentioned above, one of the common things about putting a tattoo in various parts of your body means more attention. For instance, if you get an emblem on your forearm, it would not take as much ink as it would on a full-back tattoo. Now, bear in mind that variety of colours and all that add to the final price as well, but we’ll come to that later.  For now, it is imperative to understand that variety of design, size and length can add more details. More details mean more money.

3. Size – Height & length

Speaking of the size, it does matter when it comes to the cost of a tattoo. Because the larger the tattoo, the higher the price. Why is that? Because it would require more work. It will also need the artist to spend a lot of time finalizing the design before they put the ink on your skin. Moreover, it also adds to the hour-count. Many tattoo parlours who pay by the hour will cost higher if your tattoo takes long. On average, a big tattoo might require multiple visits. More visits mean more appointments and make no mistake, they do cost more. The bottom line is, the bigger your tattoo is, the emptier your pocket will be.

4. Colour Palettes

If you combine all of the things we have established so far, it would look something like this. The location will decide the size of the tattoo. The size will decide how much attention is required. Then more attention means more colors. Which directly means more usage of ink. In conclusion, it ends up adding to the cost. The more colors your tattoo has, the higher the cost. That is why it is imperative to pick your colors wisely. Now, if you go with the tribal design or Blackwork tattoos, they require only and mostly one color. That is black. That is why their costs might not be as high as a colorful tattoo. However, they do require a lot of intricate ink-work and attention to detail.

5. Level Of Customization

If you go for a customized design, that means they would have to make it from scratch. It also means more sketching and more drawing. For instance, many tattoo parlours have their own design palettes. You can select a generic one and get it customized. But, if you make one from the scratch, the artists will have to draw from your idea. It means a variety of drawings before your mind settles on something that represents the idea in your head. That is why you must keep the customization to a minimum if you want to keep the costs at low.

6. Hours Taken

All of the aforementioned elements of a tattoo require doing work. It may take up to hours. As we said before, some artists might charge you by the hours. In the end, it ends up adding to the price of your tattoo. The simpler your design is, the lower the cost will be.

Final Take-Aways

If you were to simplify everything said above, it would mean that more work means higher cost. That is why, if you are looking for a cheap first tattoo, make sure it’s nothing major. However, if you try to keep it too low, then you might have to compromise with quality and that is not suggested.

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