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Why Pakistan is One of the Most Favorite Places For Tourism?

Tourism is among the world’s fastest-growing industries and it also affects the GDP of the country. Tourism is a great source of income production, job growth, foreign exchange earnings, and revenue. It also encourages culture and it also helps to understand the culture of others since we encounter different kinds of people and knows more about them as a way of life, language, and many other things. According to the World Tourism Organization, developments in tourism have changed a lot.

Europe accounts for 50 percent of the region’s world tourism receipts, led by the Americas, whose share is 26%. However, South Asia’s share of worldwide tourism receipts is estimated to be just 1%. Whether it is domestic or foreign, tourism may develop the economy of a country. Today, for a couple of days, there are many countries people want to fly to and everyone can travel at least once in their lives. There are several nations, and one of them is Pakistan. The northern areas of Pakistan tourism are the best destinations for foreign tourism or even for Pakistani citizens. The picturesque northern areas of Pakistan should be visited by people from all over the world.

Pakistan Tourism:

In 2017 alone about 1.72 million tourists visited Gilgit-Baltistan alone, according to some recent reports. In 2018, these estimates increased to 2.5 million and the projected figures for 2019 are even better (most probably it will touch the 4 million). If you want to travel to Pakistan and don’t know which places are popular and where to visit so there are many content writing services in Pakistan, you can go through them and can know more things about Pakistan. Visiting the most attractive places in Pakistan will benefit you.

Tourism plays an extremely important role in the socio-economic development of any nation. The tourism industry supports both the host nation and the home country. Many nations base tourism on important parts of their economy, e.g. without healthy tourism, experts from Dubai, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Brazil, and so on say that no economy can prosper.

It is also said that Pakistan has more places that any country can visit as well. But because of certain flaws in Pakistan, such as lack of infrastructure, lack of laws and regulations, etc., but here are also top places in Pakistan that will melt your heart and you will understand why Pakistan is one of tourism’s most preferred places.


Why Pakistan is one of the best countries in tourism?

Pakistan is adventure’s best-kept secret

In June 2018, CNN Travel published an article highlighting Pakistan as the best-kept secret of adventure. In the country’s local media, it caused a storm, and the story went viral, friends who were up north at the time telling me that people were sharing it in the remotest of Pakistani villages.

Attractive culture

Whenever you go for a tour of any country. You will find many things during your visit. If there is something you don’t like then you will never want to visit that country. So culture is the first thing which every people judge in every country. So Pakistan’s culture is very beautiful. You will love it whenever you will meet people related to different cultures. You will find another feeling in each culture.

Friendly environment

It’s rooted in Pakistani culture to be hospitable; there is no real notion of a formal invitation; you are simply welcome. Without a prior meeting, people call each other at home, shopkeepers will ask you to have chai with them while you go through endless blocks of cloth, and you will be greeted with open arms if you’re traveling to the country. Nearly everyone who visits comes back with stories of how polite and helpful the locals are, and there are many examples like this and you will love whenever you will visit Pakistan.


Places to visit Pakistan

Neelum Valley

In Azad Kashmir, Pakistan’s northernmost district is the Neelum Valley. It is often referred to as Pakistan’s blue gem. This is a very popular and most visited valley in the northern regions of Pakistan. The district of Azad Kashmir is named Neelum. It is situated nearly 90 kilometers from the capital. The valley of Neelum is 180km away from Islamabad. It is one of the most beautiful valleys in Pakistan’s northern regions. It has very beautiful views, several brooks, freshwater streams, mountains, clean environment with no any type of pollution. I will recommend people to visit at least one time in their life.

 Passu cones

Passu cone is a small village which is located in Gilgit Baltistan, pass is famous because of its easily accessible sweeping landscapes and the large passu which can be seen from far away. Though staying for a night in passu village is not allowed but the cones are visible from other villages like gulmit village.

 Naltar valley

Naltar valley is near Gilgit, (Gilgit Baltistan) in the Gilgit Baltistan region. This valley is about 2.5 hours away from Gilgit. Naltar valley is most famous for the cultivation of tasty potatoes. It is not only famous for producing potatoes but also it is famous for its view, environment, and greeneries. It is covered with pine trees. This valley is so beautiful once you will visit here you will always want to visit here because of its attractive views. The scenery there is just mesmerizing and the hospitality of their people will make you fall in love with both people and the valley.

Shangrila resort

Skardu is the central valley of the Gilgit Baltistan and also it is one of the most visited in northern areas of Pakistan. It is the epitome of beauty, serenity, and wilderness. After jaglot on the Karakoram highway, there is a narrow path comes which leads towards Skardu. It is a very beautiful resort having the most beautiful scenes, the hospitality of people which can become the reason to visit here again and again. It is known as a paradise on earth for visitors or tourists. Shangrila resort is a very famous spot in Skardu. Here you can book your room at a reasonable price and you can enjoy the beauty of your room. The restaurant is Shangrila rest house is the highlight of this place, which is built in the structure of an aircraft.

Ayun and Bamburat valley

The village of Chitral is a district of Ayun. At the confluence of the River Bamburat, situated 12km south of the capital. This is one of the most beautiful valleys, and to explain its beauty, there are no words. There’s bamburat valley beyond Ayun valley. It is one of three valleys of the Kalash. Bamburat is a two-hour ride from the Chitral River. Bambuart Valley is also more popular for its greenery, mountains, and quiet surroundings that will give you a better feeling whenever you visit here.


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