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Why Links Are Most Important for SEO

In the first days of SEO, web ranking was gradually based on keyword usage inside the page’s content. Without advanced search engine algorithms, the keyword method was the simplest method to rank pages.

The reasoning was simple the numerous a keyword phrase was applied on a web page, the numerous likely that was what the page was actually about.

Accidentally, SEO practitioners of the time preferred benefit of this system and used keywords unusually by overusing the targeted keyword phrase to rank higher. This process is recognized now as keyword stuffing.

Types of Links

A link or hyperlink is a clickable objective on a web page that guides from one page to another. Links may visibly look like text, images, or buttons.

Internal links

Internal links are links within the pages in your website. Search engines discover this by seeming at the domain name if the links on a page link to other pages inside the same domain, they are supposed internal links. If for some cause your website was built to have more numerous than one domain, search engines will observe this as an external link.

External links

External is any link that was posted on different website but shows to your web resource. Same way, when you include a link to another resource on your site it is called an external link.

Inbound links

Inbound links are links that appear from different websites or a another domain name. 

Outbound links

Outbound links are those links on your website that connect out to websites with a separate domain name.

Inbound Links Are Yet Important 

In current years, Google has executed a series of major algorithm updates. One of those major updates was Penguin.

Google’s Penguin update has now converted an necessary part of the core algorithm. The Penguin update enables Google to assess the quality of links more efficiently.

After this update, some SEO experts were under the impact that links no longer involved however, this is not the problem. Links are very powerful in ranking and yet show the same benefits as before.

Links help as a representation of the quality of a page’s content as long as they are real links. The Penguin update performed it more accessible for Google to identify unnatural links.

Links have constantly been major ranking circumstances however, the processes of getting links has evolved, particularly after the Penguin update arrived.

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