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Why Do You Need An SEO Website Audit?

The task of SEO promotion is to improve the site relative to its competitors. Thus, search engines will increase the position of the site in the search. The higher the position of the site in the search, the greater will be its daily attendance and, as a result, more sales.

A technical SEO audit is a deep check of your site to identify errors and make recommendations for their elimination. The analysis shows how the website meets the current requirements of search engines, and also allows you to prepare it for promotion.

Reasons for site analysis

Slipped positions in search engines. If you have not promoted your site for several years, or you are promoting it on your own, then the positions may fall.

Site preparation before launch.

The surest solution is to involve a person who will develop the SEO structure in advance. However, you can do an SEO audit at the project delivery stage and eliminate all errors before launching the resource.

Evaluation of the work of the contractor. Promotion in the search is calculated for a period of 3 months. However, if you do not see results after a few months of work, then you need to think.

Filter hit.

Over-optimization and link spamming is a common problem for beginner SEOs. You need to make a list of tasks to do on your own. Your web developers may not be competent in the field of website promotion. One solution is to contact an SEO company.

What influences getting into the TOP of Google?

  • The quality and diversity of the reference mass is a very important factor.
  • Domain age plays a big role.
  • Slow download speed negatively affects optimization.
  • More microdata formats that enhance the snippet.
  • Technical condition of the site – should be ideal.

In what cases do we recommend SEO website promotion?

  • launch of a new product or brand;
  • entering new sales markets;
  • promotion of the site and social networks from scratch.

Professional promotion takes place in several stages:

  • preparatory work;
  • technical audit;
  • analysis of potential opportunities;
  • resource assessment;
  • identification of key priorities;
  • editing text content;
  • work with codes;
  • changing the configuration of site elements.

We wish you success with your site!

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