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Why it’s important to use only organic skin care products for new born baby?

Is organic skin care products effective for baby skin

A new mother is the most cautious person in the world. There is nothing she wouldn’t do to ensure that her baby gets the best possible care. This is also why gifting options for new moms are so few and extremely confusing.

Any expecting woman is terrified that she might overlook some minor detail about childcare and it might harm her child. Assuring a new mom that she’s doing a commendable job is almost impossible.

The trauma of childbirth, hormones, physical and mental fatigue all add up to stress and anxiety. On top of that, all the well-meaning advice that she is given, none of which sounds practical. Elders can be caring but the advice they play us with can sometimes be overwhelming, especially for an exhausted new mom.

New generation moms have easier access to mental and physical support, along with enough resources to ascertain that they can provide the best care to their child immediately after birthing.

There are various books, online parenting forums, birthing classes, support centers, and virtual experts available who can give the best medical and emotional support that a new mom requires.

The current trend, given the focus on a healthy lifestyle, is ayurvedic skin care products. New generation moms are no longer compromising with the health of the new-born baby. They are choosing to give their child excellent nourishment since day one. And this means, they’re actively involved in selecting the products for their child from nappies to body oil only after rigorous research and trusted recommendation.

The need to use only organic products has stemmed from witnessing the rise in low immunity in kids. Constant exposure to preservatives and chemicals has lowered immunity and made children internally weak and prone to diseases.

The new generation realizes the flaws in our upbringing and is anxious to correct the mistake.

New moms go to great lengths to be certain that the baby products, like baby oil, lotion, soap, shampoo are all made of natural products and additionally contain no chemicals. Organic products also defend the sensitive skin of a new-born from rashes, bumps, and allergies.

The tender baby skin is nourished and strengthened by ayurvedic baby products. New mothers trust only time tested organic products for their babies since they guarantee chemical-free & natural ingredients made product and no side effects.

The company that manufactures organic baby products follows strict norms laid down by the government. It regularly updates the ingredient quality of the product to compete with the other available products since organic ingredients are costlier.

For a new mother, gifting a package of assorted baby products that are organic can be a blessing. A lot of new moms have no idea of the brands that manufacture organic baby products, so for them, a thoughtful gift like this would be great.


Points to be observed before buying organic skincare:-

1- Do they manufactured it itself or by the third party

There are many companies who get an organic certificate from the government to show their initial or rented set up and by filling a few forms. But it is an important thing to consider if they are doing the manufacturing of products by their selves or by third parties. Third parties manufacturing companies have a heavy workload, order delivery and productivity pressures which don’t allow the proper ayurvedic procedure to follow.  Like a cold-pressed soap making technique takes 1-3 months to completely ready for use.

2- How  they source their ingredients

Ingredients are a major part of any organic product. It’s important to ask from your organic brand that how they source their product ingredients. How they make sure their ingredients are organic.

3- What are the methods they used to make their products sustainable

Third and one of the most important parts to know your organic brand is that you can raise questions about the techniques they are using. Chemical-based procedures kill the ingredients of life and qualities.

4- What are the shelf life of the products

Organic products have a shorter shelf life that’s why we have to buy them in small quantities. Make sure you read the shelf life properly on products and it suits you.

5- Packaging- I don’t buy products that are organic and come up with plastic box packaging. You can prefer to use glass packaging (for products like baby massage oil, baby hair or after shower baby oil) or paper-based packaging products only.

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