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Web Development

Why Drupal is Considered the Best CMS for Website Development

Are you planning to migrate to a new CMS? Here you must have a look at why drupal is a best CMS for website development compared to other systems. Read this blog to get clear view point.

The success of good content is based on the kind of CMS in which it is published. So, we can say that the Content Management system plays an important role in the ranking of the content, which is ultimately the success of your website.

Now, you might be wondering why Drupal is the best CMS for website development among all CMSs available in the market. Yes! There are various reasons which make Drupal as a leading CMS for web development. Before we get a deep dive into those reasons, let me take a look at some of the stats related to the popularity of Drupal, which justify the above-said statement.

According to a study by w3tech, The below -given diagram shows the market position of Drupal related to popularity and traffic compared to the most famous content management systems.

drupal is best cms for website development

This graph clearly shows the popularity of the Drupal CMS, but we need to know the exact reasons why drupal is best for website development.

Factors Which Make Drupal Best CMS for Website Development

Following are the reasons which justify why drupal is one of the best CMS for web development. Have a keen look at them:

Drupal is Famous

Above given stat clearly shows the popularity of Drupal. Drupal’s flexible API architecture supports exponential content growth across a global multisite ecosystem. This is the reason why Drupal is considered the best CMS for website development compared to other CMS systems.

Drupal is indeed one of the most famous Content Management systems among all industries, whether they are government websites or Pinterest. Talking about the popularity of Drupal again, according to one study, there are 627,615 websites worldwide on Drupal.

popularity of drupal over time

Drupal is an Open-source

Another reason that we consider Drupal as the best CMS is that it is Open-source. This is the reason why all small, as well as large organizations, can use and enjoy its free features to a large extent. They can enjoy and implement all features of Drupal without paying any cost as a large amount of freely available data like community code is available.

This open-source nature of Drupal CMS makes it preferred by all because there are several features that Open-source platforms can provide. If you want to see the advantages of an Open-source platform, then you may have a look at the below-given image:

Customer-Centric and Customized User Experiences

It is highly mandatory to keep users’ requirements in mind to develop a good relationship with your customers. So, being a business, you need to have all those necessary tools which can make good customized website development according to the customer’s requirements.

Drupal 9 keeps all the features of Drupal 8 and carries on updating its newer version twice a year. This version has tools that help create customized and user-centric websites according to their requirements. Your website should welcome every customer in the most customer-centric way as soon as your webpage starts to load. This will make them feel like they have visited a platform where everything is according to their requirement. So. their experience should look customized and meet their needs.

What are the Customer-Centric Features in Drupal?

Multilingual Functionality

Well, this is the universal truth that language is the source of medium between two individuals. So, your website should have multilingual functionality. Drupal 8 offers that multilingual feature. You can translate your site into another language according to the requirement of the user in which he or she is looking for. So, language would be the first medium to communicate with your user, which Drupal 8 will provide you.


You are supposed to provide users with a personalized experience by offering personalized modulus for Drupal such as Browsing History Recommender, Commerce Recommender, and Context-Menu Block.


Security is indeed one of the major concerns while talking about any website or business. For all businesses, a highly secured website is a must. Drupal is known for its highly secured features like security patches brought by Drupal’s Security Advisory team. These features will protect you from online hacking. In addition, you will be able to handle the security measures directly from the admin panel.

Maintenance and Upgrades

Another reason for Drupal being the best CMS is its constant maintenance and up-gradation process. You can go for updating any latest or an old version.

The update reminder feature of Drupal is awesome as it helps you to recall the update even if you forget. Every time Drupal owners get a reminder regarding the updates when it is high time for the up-gradation.

Now in the maintenance part, we will talk about community support. Community support of Drupal helps you to update to the latest version even if you forget to do so.

Reliable and Scalable

With time, Drupal became one of the most reliable CMS platforms. According to some studies, more than 100,000 websites adopted the Drupal 7 version in just 6 months compared to the Drupal 6 that did not become so much popular at the same time. Furthermore, in comparison to Drupal 7, Drupal 8 was adopted much faster. So this all happened because of the trust customers have over this CMS. So, considering this speedy adoption process, we can say that Drupal is such a reliable CMS platform.

Talking about its scalability, I would like to say that Drupal is highly scalable and can handle high traffic easily even if traffic comes suddenly. Drupal keeps that ability to become scalable at the time of high traffic. In this way, Drupal helps your business to become more successful.

Final Words

It is hard to say how many reasons are there that tell us why Drupal is considered the best CMS for website development. But yes, it is indeed one of the best platforms for your business, according to the above-mentioned reasons.

So, if you are also finding these reasons worthwhile and want to go for this platform, then you need to contact the best CMS development company in India that can understand your requirements and budget.

Good Luck!

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