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Why and how to create a tailor-made website?

Creating a tailor-made website can be an excellent solution depending on the needs and the marketing strategy of the company in question.

When you want to create a website for your business, there are many solutions available to you. However, if you want to have a unique website that is specific to your business, creating a tailor-made website is the best solution.

The advantages are numerous but its development can sometimes be long and complex. We will see in this article why and how to create a tailor-made website.


What is a tailor-made website?

A tailor-made website is a site, which adapts to your requirements and objectives and not the other way around. It is a completely custom site with specific features that meet your marketing strategies and your communication. A tailor-made site can be a showcase site, e-commerce, or a web portal.

Also, you can also create this site with CMS like WordPress for example but necessarily requires technical skills in web development to offer a unique template and specific features.

But then, is it better to create your website using non-customizable website creation software or to develop a tailor-made website? It depends, we will see why and in which cases creating a tailor-made site is essential.


Why create a tailor-made website?

The advantages of a tailor-made site are numerous for an organization. Effect, here are some of the fundamental benefits that a fully personalized site can bring you:


A design and a strong brand image

One of the major advantages of a tailor-made site is the design. Indeed, here you have no limits in terms of graphics, unlike a CMS where you must choose a generic Template. Whether it is your menu, your shapes used, your animations, your colors, your buttons, your footer, you are completely free concerning the design of all your elements.

With thoughtful travel website design, you can create an inviting and user-friendly web experience for your customers. Not only will this ensure that customers have a seamless journey through your site, but it will also help increase engagement and drive more conversions as well. Professional designers understand the importance of a holistic approach to creating an impactful website, including optimization strategies and modern usability considerations. Let a qualified designer create a travel website experience just for you.

Therefore, if you have a graphic charter already well established for your activity, you will be able to perfectly transcribe it on your website. If you don’t already have one, now is the time to set it up with your tailor-made website. Moreover, I invite you to consult our article where we explain to you how to succeed in your graphic charter.

By having a unique visual identity that matches you perfectly, you will make your site unique and face your competitors effectively. As a result, your brand image will be better and you will be able to reach your potential customers. Indeed, many of your prospects get an idea of ​​your brand just by the look and the graphic identity of your site.


A top user experience

With a tailor-made site, you will be able to provide an effective user experience to your visitors. Indeed several points can be optimized with a personalized site:

First, your acquisition strategy can be completely modified and modifiable on your different pages. For example, you have the possibility of placing pop-ups, buttons, or entirely personalized forms. As a result, you will have users who will recognize themselves in these calls to action and who will take action more quickly.

Then your functionality possibilities are endless. If you have very specific ideas in mind, know that with a tailor-made site, they can be implemented.

For example, it is quite possible to set up a search bar on a particular page. Or, if you have a real estate site, for example, you can set up a filter feature to select houses in a certain price range, in a particular region, etc.

Knowing that more and more users are browsing the web with their phones, creating a responsive site suitable for all screen formats is essential today. By creating a tailor-made site, you will be able to create a perfect responsive design. With optimized CSS, HTML, and PHP code, your pages will be technically and visually optimized on phones and tablets.

Besides, if you choose website builder software such as CMS, your site may contain bugs in some browsers. Indeed, Google chrome can take into account technical details that Microsoft Edge will not understand.

For example, with the agency, we created a site where we had put a color gradient on a text, result: the gradient was visible on Chrome but was not on Edge. We, therefore, had to do some work in the CSS code to have a rendering as professional as on Chrome.

Also, you will be able to establish a structured hierarchy on your pages. By that, I mean that you will be able to highlight your best content and create good consistency between your pages. You will therefore be able to change the colors of your titles, your subtitles, modify the size of your images as you see fit, and place them according to your needs and your priorities.

For example, in a blog post, you will have the possibility to choose to increase the size of a photo compared to other images or to place a news section with personalized management and dynamic updating.


Better SEO

If you create a tailor-made site, it is to create quality content. And quality is an important factor in the SEO of your site.

By developing a custom site, you will be able to have a code and a structure that aims for perfection. If your titles, subtitles, different tags, descriptions, meta descriptions, etc. are optimized, Google will consider your site to deserve correctly positioning in the search engines.

Also, Google is optimized to highlight sites with a properly organized HTML structure. As a result, with a perfectly tailor-made site, it is possible to implement tags linked to structured data. Like FAQs, guides, etc.


Position 0

Then, knowing that UX is an increasingly important factor in SEO. Tailor-made is, therefore, the best solution to offer a perfectly personalized platform and therefore adapted to users.


An analysis of the results

With a tailor-made site, you will be able to analyze the statistics of your site in a very precise way and act according to these statistics.

For example, if you have an e-commerce site, you will be able to test different types of sales pages with a different design or different calls to action. By doing this you will be able to establish what works best in your marketing and the design of your pages.

So you will be able to see what works. With a tailor-made site, you can test, change, and modify your pages as many times as you want and in a different way each time.

This makes it easier to analyze your users’ preferences and behavior. With a tailor-made site, you can set up different strategies to improve your conversion rate, such as AB testing for example. If you don’t know what AB Testing is, this is an article that should interest you


How to create a tailor-made site

If you desire to get started in making your tailor-made website, numerous solutions are available to you:


Do it yourself

The first solution, do it yourself. It may sound difficult and technical, but if your needs aren’t very specific, you can do just fine with a little work.

For that, I advise you to use CMS like WordPress or Woocomemrce to start. Then don’t be satisfied with the basic Templates offered by these services. Go further in the design, even if it means paying more.

Then, you will be able to train yourself to learn more about web development and add unique features and design points. By doing this, you will bring uniqueness to your site and control its design and development.


Call on a service provider

By using a responsive web design services provider, you will be much more efficient in the technical development of your site.


Use a web agency

The most actual solution but also the most costly. I invite you to read our article which explains why you should use a custom web design company when you want to create a website.



In my opinion, creating a tailor-made site is essential if you want to boost your activity on the internet. This will allow you to learn a lot more about your market in addition to developing your image and your clientele.


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