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Why Are Black German Shepherds Often More Expensive Than Other Breeds?

The black german shepherd puppies are the finest of all breeds. However, they are the rarest dog breed in the entire German Shepherd family. They have a gorgeous color variation stunning brown eyes and are highly recognized as the most muscular purebred dog by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

And the fact that black german shepherds are rare makes them quite challenging to be available by common breeders. Eventually, making them a lot more expensive than your classic shade german shepherds.

Furthermore, this is not it! Several other reasons make this GSD breed so expensive. Find them all in the blog below.

Shocking Reasons Behind The Black German Shepherds Being So Expensive

Although black GSD might indeed be quite expensive, we also have a few breeders that offer german shepherd puppies at the best price. Some websites provide black german shepherd puppies for sale that are well-groomed, vaccinated, and come with a health certificate. Therefore, if you plan to adopt one, this is your sign to start from.

Now, let’s check on the reasons why black GSD are expensive.

1) The black color is the rarest of all colors!

The Black German Shepherd is by far the rarest color among all GSD. For this reason, breeders are pretty much limited to finding a couple of them for breeding purposes.

2) They come from excellent bloodlines:

These are usually expensive because they come from an excellent bloodline. You might know why! Most of the time, breeders get all their dogs tested and registered with several clubs like AKC( American Kennel Club), UKC ( United Kennel Club), etc.

3) They have shinier and stunning black mane:

Black German Shepherd dogs are just like other dogs, but they have a unique glossy black mane that is quite expensive.

4) Most black GSDs are part of selective breeding programs:

Most breeders focus on Black German Shepherds for their registered purebreds and show dogs. Therefore, these dogs are usually very costly than other colored GSDs.

5) They are the strongest of all GSD breeds:

American Kennel Club (AKC) ranked the black GSD as one of the most muscular purebred dogs. 

6) They are not much available:

The Black GSDs are by far the rarest color among all german shepherds. For this reason, breeders are pretty much limited to finding a couple of them for breeding purposes.

7) They come with perfect color variations:

Even if you see a Black GSD that is not well-marked or has no clear distinction between the back and the abdomen coloring; It’s still worth a lot. It’s all about the color of the dog, even if it has some markings or not.

8) They have a unique black color, unlike other GSD breeds:

The black german shepherd puppies are the finest of all species. Thye have a gorgeous color variation, stunning brown eyes and are highly recognized as the most muscular purebred dog by the (AKC). However, they are the rarest dog breed in the entire GSD family.

9) They have a medium-length coat:

The coat of these puppies is usually medium-length and somewhat thick. However, this one has long, luxurious fur that can be pretty expensive to maintain properly.

Cost of Black German Shepherd Puppy

The cost of black german shepherd dogs ranges between $700 to $2000 depending on their type and health factors. At the same time, a standard GSD may cost between $300 to $900.

Do Black German shepherd puppies require special care?

No. Black german shepherd puppy is no different from any other dog. Like all dogs, they require the same care and attention. However, you need to main its hygiene and pay close attention to its agility practice.

Since GSDs are more energetic than other dog breeds, you would require to invest some added time in playing and grooming them.

What to feed a black german shepherd?

There is no specific diet for black german shepherd puppies. However, they have a particular need for their health and should be fed adequately balanced food.

But if you are new to petting a GSD, here are a few lists of things you may feed your puppy with:

1) Meat:

You can offer a small piece of steak or chicken, especially if the puppy is young.

2) Eggs:

They like to eat eggs. You can feed them with boiled egg or scrambled egg occasionally.

3) Vegetables:

Offer vegetables such as carrots and potatoes; they will love it.

4) Dry food:

You can also feed your puppy with dry kibble such as; Canidae, Honest Kitchen, Orijen, etc.

5) Dog treats:

You can also offer your puppy natural dog chews such as; dried-out beef pizzles, elk antlers, and cow hooves. These products will help them chomp down on something that helps clean their teeth and keeps the gums healthy.

Things to avoid feeding your German Shepherd

1) Avoid giving your GSD bread, rice, and pasta. They won’t be a high-quality source of nutrition for your puppy.

2) Don’t feed them with junk food such as bacon, hotdogs, wieners, or lunch meat that contains fillers and additives.

3) Avoid feeding them chocolate because it can cause severe health conditions.

4) Don’t feed them with lots of bones because they may have difficulty digesting them.

5) Never give them any cooked bone. Cooked bones splinter when chewed, causing damage to teeth and gums or blocking the intestinal tract.

6) Puppy bones are a good source of minerals and calcium. You can occasionally give them to your pet.

Unique Features of Black GSDs

1) They can be trained for high agility scores easily

GSDs are the most intelligent dog breeds; they learn things quickly. You have to show them how to jump or climb on something and reward them with treats for doing it right. They are brilliant, making them perfect candidates for agility training courses.

2) Black German Shepherds have a high IQ

GSD’s problem-solving skills are unmatched. They can find an escape route easily; it is essential when they are in a police force or rescue missions.

3) Easy to train

Training GSDs isn’t challenging; they are very obedient dogs and love pleasing their masters. This breed follows instructions carefully and doesn’t need much training. It will follow your instructions carefully and never let you down.

4) Black German Shepherds are fearless

They were used in world war II for rescue missions; they could easily climb mountains and cross water bodies. If trained well, they are solid and robust dogs; they will protect you from all kinds of dangerous encounters. It is the best breed available to keep your family safe.

5) Best police dogs

 German police force uses GSDs for various purposes. They are considered one of the most efficient and disciplined breeds; they can help you find drugs, bomb search, etc.

6) They do well in all kinds of weather conditions

They are the best breed available for guarding your house or rescue missions because they can easily climb mountains or cross deep waters. In cold temperatures, they will do well, but in hot weather also! Their fur is very thick, and it protects them from high temperatures.

7) Most loyal companions

The loyalty of this breed dog is incomparable. They are very protective dogs, stand firm against enemies, and never let anyone harm their master or family members.

To get the best german shepherd breed, visit SmithFarms German Shepherds and rejoice in their adorable healthy puppies for life!

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