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How Trade Booth Colors Affect Decision Of Your Prospects?

The exhibition stand is one of the important elements that can help in achieving our trade booth success. Therefore, each component of your exhibition stand should be wisely chosen. You should pay attention to every detail and wisely bring changes in it.

Make sure your exhibition stand design is capable to affect the decision of your prospects so that you get more customers and high profit. The color of your trade booth also plays a vital role in affecting the decision of your booth visitors. While choosing a color for your trade booth, you can take the help of renowned exhibition stand builders.

Here, we are going to explain what different color signifies and how they affect the sentiments of your prospects:

How Colour Affects The Emotions?

The different colors trigger different emotions. For instance, if you want to represent your brand as prestigious, then gold is a good choice. Similarly, every color has its significance and it triggers different emotions as well. You can use this significance of color to your advantage. Let’s find out what different colors signifies and what kind of emotions they trigger:

  1. Black Color Signifies Strength

The black color is one of the powerful colors and it is associated with good physical and emotional strength. The black color is a ruling color, therefore it is used as highlighting your trade booth display just like in exhibition stands UK. This color is good to display your text messages on trade booth walls.

  1. White Color Signifies Security and Comfort

The white color does not trigger strong emotions. But, white color is a pristine hue that creates a feeling of security and comfort as well. Moreover, you can show more creativity on the white surface. This is one of the common background colors. On the white background, you can use any other color and print different designs.

  1. Grey Color Signifies Neutrality & Grounding

The grey colors are best used for highlighting other colors in your exhibition stand display. This color is also used for ground various vibrant hues. The grey color is another popular background color because you can display different printed designs on it.

  1. Red Color Excitement & Vibrancy

The red color is used to grab the attention of a visitor from a distant location. The red color always triggers excitement and appeal trade show attendees to visit your booth.

If you want to have a unique exhibition stand, then the red color can be a perfect choice. It is so because the red color helps in highlighting the main component of your trade booth. Moreover, the red color can be used for highlighting your exhibition stand design.

  1. Blue Color For Calmness & Trust

Blue color signifies calmness. According to scientific studies, the blue color is capable to produce a calming chemical in the human body. The blue color on the trade booth represents your company as loyal and stable as well.

Moreover, the blue color also offers those benefits that black color offers. Most display exhibition stand may be themed red and other colors, but the color psychology has shown that light blue color helps you to easily gain the trust of potential customers.

  1. Green Color Signifies Nature & Money

The green color is capable to produce the similar effects that blue color can exhibit. Along, with this, it has its unique features. The green colors signify nature, trees, and greenery all around. Also, it signifies money in some countries.

The green color also creates a sense of comfort, therefore, it is a good choice for exhibition stand background. There are various green hues available and exhibitors can choose anyone as per their convenience. You can use a combination of dark green with a light mint color.

This combination is eye-catching and can easily grab the attention of trade booth visitors. The stand designer UK can help you in choosing the right color for your trade booth according to your brand values.

  1. Yellow Signifies Sunshine & Warmth

Yellow color signifies, sunny, happy, and uplift the good mood of people. Therefore, if you want to create a sense of joy and fun around your trade booth, then the yellow color is a good choice.

But, the yellow color is very bright and it can create a sense of overwhelming just like red color. It is recommended to use lighter shades for good results. The dilute yellow color can create a good impact. The light tinted shades are good for trade booth background.

  1. Orange Color Signifies Fun & Joy

If you want to be silly, then the orange color is good for your trade booth. This color will bring out the inner child of your potential customers. This color is not capable to make your trade booth visitors calm but it is good for highlighting your displays. The yellow and blue colors can be a good combination with orange color.

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