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Where in Long Beach, CA Do Most Slip and Fall Accidents Occur?

Many people have tripped over something before and managed to walk away with minor embarrassment only. However, when you have sustained severe injuries after tripping, you may have grounds to file a lawsuit and recover damages.

Where your accident occurred can hugely affect your claim from the type of damages you will receive to the liability rules that are applicable in your case. To find out more about how you can recover damages after tripping, you should consult a Long Beach slip and fall lawyer at Salamati Law Firm. Places where these accidents commonly occur in Long Beach include:

Parking lots

Tripping accidents can happen when you’re walking to and from your car if the parking lot is poorly maintained. For instance, poorly lit areas could diminish your vision and cause you to trip. Poorly maintained parking lots may also have cracked and uneven floors with potholes that can cause injuries to the people who use them.


Defective sidewalks that have not been repaired or properly maintained could have tripping hazards like potholes and cracks. Furthermore, severe weather conditions like rain and snow can make sidewalks and walkways dangerous to use. It is the property owner’s responsibility to shovel ice that has accumulated on their walkways to keep the area safe for people who are entering or leaving their business premises.

Grocery stores

People can lose their footing and sustain injuries in grocery stores from loose floorboards, unmarked wet spots that have been freshly mopped, leaks from broken refrigerators, and messy floors from merchandise like beverages, clothes, and even food. If you have sustained injuries from tripping in a grocery store and you want to be compensated, you should contact a lawyer because cases with retailers as defendants are particularly messy.


Workers can lose their balance and get injured from damaged flooring, wet floors, torn carpet, worn steps, loose handrails, and obstacles on the floors. Workers in certain industries like construction can also get in accidents caused by unsafe ladders, weak scaffolding, and uninsulated live wires.

Bars and restaurants

Bars and restaurants pose a high risk for tripping accidents because food and drinks end up on the floors all the time. Therefore, the floors need to be regularly cleaned throughout the day to remove tripping hazards and keep visitors safe.


Hotels need to ensure that their guests are safe by properly maintaining their premises by rectifying hazards like loose carpeting, wet floors, loose handrails, potholes on floors, and uneven or worn-out stairs.


Staircases can cause injuries if the steps are icy and wet, if the staircases are poorly constructed, not properly maintained or if they don’t have any handrails.

Public places with wet surfaces

Visitors have a high risk of tripping in gyms, swimming pools, parks, and even restrooms that have wet floors and surfaces. People can trip and sustain very severe injuries such as spinal and neck injuries and broken bones. The injured victims may seek compensation if they can prove that the property owner not only knew of but failed to rectify the potential hazard.

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