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When to use Perfect Bound Books In Printing?

Softcover binding is the most popular and is referred to as perfect binding. Before we move into a detailed discussion about the perfect binding book printing, let us understand what binding of books means?

What does Binding Mean?

The technique of securing the pages of a print job together is referred to as binding. There are three popular methods of binding, and they are as follows:

  • Saddle Stitch,
  • Perfect Bound and
  • Saddle Stitch,

As the title clearly states, here in this blog, we will discuss when to use perfect binding printing services from a renowned perfect bound company.

In short, if you are printing catalogues, books (art book, coffee table book, guide books), magazines, manuals, and more, you choose perfect bound book printing, Australia. The professional, durable, high-quality option that perfect binding provides at a reasonable price beats the earlier options.

The perfect binding printing services are used to print thick and high count book pages that cannot be saddle-stitched. And, if you plan to get the high-quality perfect bound books with an expert paperback appearance, we recommend that you read on.

Does your Project Require Perfect Binding Book Printing?

With the relatively low cost of perfect bound book printing, Australia and the professional outlook custom perfect bound books possess, going for perfect binding services is an excellent choice.

Although it works out best for books with more than 500+ pages, the minimum count is 28. The optimum number is above 92 pages, resulting in the superior quality of perfect binding book printing, making it affordable. So to speak, perfect binding is suitable for almost all projects.

However, anyone should consider perfect binding books because it allows printing/placing content on the spine, be it the author’s name, book title, or any design meant to enhance its look. The perfect binding printing service produces one of a kind bookbinding.

It is not just essential to consider the purpose of choosing perfect bookbinding, but also equally important or even more so to select the right size for printing a perfect-bound book. It is one of the determining factors that affect the overall budget, and hence we have gone into further detail to help you with your decision.

How to Choose the Right Size for Perfect Binding Book Printing?

Every new print project for perfect bound books requires the right questions to begin with and accurate answers to make it cost-effective and publish-worthy.

The questions would be regarding the size, type of paper and the design/art/font used for the custom perfect bound books; which is the right ones for my project? The answers would depend on the purpose behind the perfect binding book printing.

Any excellent perfect binding company will help you reach the best size and fit for your perfect bound books printing. The multitude of options perfect bound books provide makes it reliable for most projects.

Perfect Binding Book Printing

Here are some of the standard sizes requested by our clients:

  • 4.25 x 11
  • 5.5 x 8.5
  • 6 x 6
  • 6 x 9
  • 8 x 8
  • 8.5 x 11

The other factor that highly impacts the quality output of the perfect bound books printing is your work’s orientation. How you display your work holds heightened importance as it can be highly impressionable on the end-users. Catching the users attention the right way makes a drastic difference in making your perfect bound book a success.

When it comes to the perfect-bound booklet printing, to assess your final booklet page count, understanding the alignment order of the sheet and page is crucial, with the minimum last page count being 28 (up to 2″ thick).

The booklet begins with a single sheet with the front and back sides amounting to 2 pages. Understanding this is important too when planning the placement of designs/art in your booklets.

Which process is the Perfect Binding Process?

Following the advice given below will ensure successful, perfect binding book printing and binding melbourne:

  1. Providing the proper page count after understanding the difference between sheets and pages.
  2. Page 1 is the open cover, and the back cover is the last page.
  3. Orientation and other factors decided to be implemented accurately.

The perfect binding printing services process follows closely attaching page to page as mentioned earlier with the flexible glue.

Top 3 Tips for Perfect Bound Book Design.

  1. Ensure the safety margins are adhered to as per the page side, right and left side of the perfect-bound book, which guarantees that your content or design is not lost in the gutter area (the spine).
  2. Deciding the two-page spreads correctly as the wrong image/photograph/design might seem disconnected or a little disoriented after the break between the two pages at the spine.
  3. The other most crucial factor apart from the orientation is the width of the spine which is tightly linked to the number of pages. The spine width should exactly match the book thickness.

Knowing the above impacting factors is significant, but you never have to worry when you come to a perfect binding company like Printbooks. We guide you throughout, from beginning our discussion until we deliver and complete your perfect bound books project.

Get clean, professional-looking Perfect Bound Books!

Boost the image of your company in the eyes of your clients with perfect bound books by Printbooks. We are offering perfect bound books services to the clients for a long time now and have attained a huge reputation for delivering perfect binding products. Perfect bound books catch the eye of the audience with its appealing design. Be it you are preparing a brochure or a fashion magazine; our perfect bound printing will offer you everything at low cost and with an impressive design that people would love and not stop to talk about.

Our perfect bound books and brochures can accommodate up to 600 pages and comes in a wide variety of sizes. If you want to convert a prospect into a client, then perfect bound marketing books are perfect. Any designer, marketer, author, or business person can choose this type of printing.

Cost-effective and is durable!

Perfect binding is ideal for printing catalogues, brochures for your business products, manuals, and magazines. Perfect binding is cost-effective and is durable, and it won’t get deteriorated due to a change in temperature. It binds the pages in the book together rather than stapling or sewing.

We, being your reliable, perfect bound books company, bind the sheets together using strong glue and trim the pages on three sides to give a flawless finish and edges.

Source: When to use Perfect Bound Books In Printing?


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