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What You Need to Check Before Putting the Site Online: In Order to Increase Visibility and Lead


Business owners often fail to see objectively what customers like about the business. This way you end up creating content that advertises your company, products and services without talking about the solutions the business offers and why customers should choose your products or services.

The goal of the content is to show customers that you offer the best possible solutions.

A clear and concise title by which you demonstrate your understanding of users’ needs is very effective in preventing them from immediately clicking to go back. The site must contain content that:

  • They inform users that you are aware of their problems and challenges
  • They tell how your products/services can help them solve these problems
  • They demonstrate your personality, achievements, challenges etc.

Then, carefully review the content of the site so that you can relate to users and show them that you understand them better than other competitors.

 2.Call to Action

Many businesses do not include Call to Action (CTA) on their site pages and as a result, visitors leave these pages without having established any relationship with the business. Given that you have invested in creating a marketing strategy to attract new potential customers, why not create Call to Action capable of generating immediate and direct reactions?

CTAs are indispensable for generating new leads and for getting users to take certain actions that your business is interested in. Be clear about what you want users to do when they visit your site, and do what you can to point them in that direction.

3. Visible and well designed contact page

For most online activities, one of the most viewed pages is the contact page. However, many companies do not pay the necessary attention to this page.

A well-designed contact page can help you increase leads and connect more easily with your prospects. This page is necessary for users to get in touch with your business and from casual visitors to potential customers.

The contact page is used to :

  • Offer users the possibility to contact you with a single click (click to call)
  • It represents a quick and easy way of contact available 24/7
  • Include driving directions
  • Inform about the opening hours, opening days or the time you need to answer their questions or requests
  • Also include the other online platforms on which the business is present, so customers can choose their preferred means of communication to get in touch with your Whiteboard Animated

Depending on the activity, you can also include :

  • A section dedicated to the most frequently asked questions
  • Live chat

Try not to underestimate the importance of the contact page. A well designed contact page is very useful for stimulating interaction with users.

4.Professional design

You only have a few seconds to impress and capture users’ attention. If the site design is not up-to-date and professional, users may think that even the business it represents is “dated” or worse still not operational. The site must be eye-catching and at the same time communicate the brand values ​​with all users.

Today’s websites prefer clear and organized designs to grab and hold the attention of visitors. The “ideal” content contains titles, is organized into paragraphs, is well structured and underlines the most important passages. The visuals are more prominent and the text is concise, but also educational.

Like all other elements of a good marketing strategy, the site must also work for your business. But that doesn’t mean that just because the parallax effect is in fashion, it doesn’t mean it’s the best and most suitable choice for you. What you should do is choose a type of design that will serve your brand’s message and goal.

5.Simple and easy navigation

If visitors have to click through all the pages of the site to find the information they are looking for, then you have lost them as a potential customer. The content must be organized in such a way that it is easy to find, without users putting in a lot of effort.

Also remember that most users surf from mobile or tablet, so the user experience must be the same as when visiting the site from a computer.

6.Responsive design

Over time, mobile devices are replacing computers and for this reason websites need to be mobile friendly and the user experience to be the same regardless of the device used. More than half of searches on Google, one of the most used search engines, are carried out by mobile devices, so user experience, in terms of both usability and performance, must be your main focus.

Aside from the responsive design, the website should also support super fast pages (AMP-Accelerated Mobile Page), in order to improve the experience for mobile users, thus speeding up page load times.

Make sure that the images can also be displayed properly on all possible devices, whether computer, mobile or tablet.

7. Site optimization for greater visibility

Optimization is necessary for the site to be found by users on search engine results pages. If the site does not appear on the first pages of the SERPs, valid and exceptional content is of little use.

For site optimization you must:

  • Optimize pages and articles with a single keyword so that search engines can index them more easily
  • Create meta descriptions that can attract users and prompt them to click the link from the page in search engine results
  • Writing quality content always keeping in mind the needs and expectations of users / customers

Images are also very useful to attract the attention and interest of users, but they must first be optimized for search engines.

When choosing the images of the site pay attention to:

  • Choose images suitable for the content
  • Choose original images
  • Correct the size of the images

Image enhancement is often underestimated, but it’s very useful to index the pages and attract the attention and interest of online users.

8. Page loading time

The loading time of the pages is very important because it also affects the position and visibility of the site on search engines. If customers don’t see a fast site then they will most likely click Back right away and this is a signal to Google about the quality and user experience that the site offers.

The charging speed also depends on factors such as: hosting service, images that are too large, slow plug-ins and themes.

9.Transport Layer Security (TLS)

Google encourages the use of TLS to prevent all problems that arise from a lack of online security. While not all sites are e-commerce sites, TLSs are necessary because:

  • They increase user security when it comes to entering personal data
  • They give a slight advantage to the visibility of the site


The security of a site is affected by many factors. Among which you should consider:

  • Delete the accounts that include the term “admin”. This is the word that attracts the attention of hackers the most.
  • Make a backup of the site in case it is compromised.
  • Install a security plug-in

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