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8 Habits Entrepreneurs Must Give Up to Be Successful

Ask any thriving entrepreneur and they would tell you success is no accident and it doesn’t come easy. In the real world, only those succeed and turn into profitable entrepreneurs who take charge of their habits. With the right mindset and good habits, you can conquer any storm.

Are you a budding entrepreneur with high spirits and a burning desire to be successful? Here are some of the habits that you need to give up in order to find success as an entrepreneur:

1: Waiting for Luck

It is said that luck is junk food for the soul. So never wait for luck to be successful. You have to stick to a plan to plan. Even giant businesses must follow talent acquisition strategies to attract the best talent because they know a passionate team is a key to success. If they wait for luck, they don’t have a shot in this competitive world.

Therefore, work on an action plan to achieve your goals. And keep on working harder and give it your best.

2: Procrastination

Procrastination is the mother of all diseases. An entrepreneur cannot be lazy otherwise, they would never get anything done. Starting your own business takes a lot of work and if you are productive or follow an action plan to achieve your goals, you will head nowhere.

Kick this attitude to the curb. Become proactive, chin up, and be prepared to face the challenges. Take it one day at a time. If it helps, get yourself an accountability partner to accomplish your goals.

3: Despair and Negative Mindset

You can’t call yourself an entrepreneur unless you have an optimistic attitude. The road to success is full of bumps and the one with a negative mindset cannot survive.

However, being positive and hopeful doesn’t mean you start being unrealistic. Be realistic but don’t be negative. If you don’t alter the negative mindset, you will second guess yourself, fear the future, and fail to succeed.

4: Staying Within the Comfort Zone

If you are not ready to leave the comfort zone, you will never be able to grab an opportunity coming your way. This applies to every field of life even in relationships. It’s human nature to be reluctant to change.

But it’s also true that if you want to commit to your dreams, you must give up comfort. In other words, get used to being uncomfortable.

5: Comparing Yourself to Others

Okay, you find people younger than you making twice as much money as you. There will be people who landed on a better job than yours. Comparing your journey to that of another is the worst thing to do. This immediately makes anyone frustrated.

You shouldn’t care. The success or journey of another person shouldn’t affect your business. Ignore the noise around you. Stay focused on your goals and keep on working hard to build your empire. You will get there eventually.

6: Pleasing Everyone

Don’t be a people pleaser. Do whatever is best for you or else you will be crushed by the world. You could be selling the best product in the world and some customers might still hate it. That’s ok. Don’t waste your time pleasing everyone.

7: Being Impatience

No entrepreneur can claim they got success overnight. So, you have got to change this attitude and build patience. It can take a long time to earn profits. This does not mean you should quit. Success comes to those who are patient and unsatisfied. Stay hungry for more but do remember, everything takes time.

Entrepreneurial success is like growing a plant. You plant the seed, water it, provide it enough sunlight, make sure the rain doesn’t overflood the soil, add fertilizers, and then wait for some bit of the plant to rise above the ground. And your work doesn’t end here, you have to keep on giving the plant attention, treat it with care to make it grow into a healthy tree.

8: Not Giving up Distractions

New ideas excite entrepreneurs. They like to keep on chasing the next big thing. While there’s nothing wrong in that, distractions like these can result in failure especially if they drive you away from what you initially desired.

Some distractions play the role of poison. They keep you from taking necessary actions. Somebody said it right, “a hundred great ideas without action bring nothing but one good idea with proper execution can lead to success.”


Being positive, giving up unhealthy habits, and staying focused is not everyone’s cup of tea. That’s why all great entrepreneurs have a mentor or an accountability partner to help them remain on track. Compare this to the approach of potential job seekers who work with engineering staffing agencies to coach them, buff up their resumes, help them learn top soft skills, etc. to qualify for the job of their dreams.

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