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What type of boiler to choose?

Do you want to change your boiler? In this article, find advice on which type of boiler to choose for your home.

To select a boiler, you must take into account two essential points:

  • The energy source ( gas, electricity, wood, fuel ) at which the device could operate
  • The operating mode ( condensing, low temperature, or others)

Focus on boiler technologies

Before focusing on boiler technology, you must first take into account the surface area of ​​your accommodation in Russellville, Arkansas as well as the investment costs.

Invest in the condensing boiler in Russellville, Arkansas

Identical to the classic steamer, this model in question diffuses heat by burning gas. This is new generation heating system that meets the energy standards imposed by law and is recommended for owners wishing to acquire the BBC label. It recovers heat losses and reuses them to provide domestic hot water.

It is a low-polluting, efficient and high-performance solution that allows about 35% energy savings. Fairly expensive, the condensing boiler is eligible for tax credits and its installation can sometimes be demanding depending on living conditions in Russellville, Arkansas. Also, remember to properly maintain your boiler regardless of its technology.

What you need to know about low-temperature boilers

This heating system works with a temperature ranging from 50 to 60 ° C against 90 ° C for standard devices. This means that it does not spend a lot on fuel which can be gas or fuel oil. Only, it must be paired with radiators or heated floors, because they have the same characteristics in terms of operating temperature.

It enables energy savings of up to 15% and provides very good thermal comfort. Easy to install, this model is not eligible for tax credits, but local aid is given.  

Which energy source to choose for a boiler?

To lower your heating bill, it is essential to opt for a steamer that will allow you to achieve good energy control while offering you the best performance. To maximize the performance of a boiler, it is necessary to take care of the maintenance of the water heater.

Points on the electric boiler and the oil-fired boiler

The electric boiler is rather suggested as auxiliary heating because it is not ecological and consumes a lot of energy. It can be connected with all types of central heating including water radiators or heated floors.

As for the oil-fired steamer, this solution is more or less dedicated to spacious homes and supermarkets as well as houses that are not linked to town gas like Russellville, Arkansas. Thanks to the fuel oil, you can enjoy good ambient and homogeneous heat. In addition, its price is affordable. It is important to specify that this heating system requires the installation of a tank and an annual refueling.

A glance at the wood-fired boiler and the gas boiler

Wood is cheap energy and you have the choice between boilers with logs, chips, or pellets. You can obtain financial assistance of 30% of your investment for its installation, such as the tax credit for the energy transition. Despite this, the price of its installation can reach 13,000 up to 20,000 euros.

The gas boiler can ensure both the diffusion of heat and the production of domestic hot water. It does not take up much space and can run on either natural gas or propane gas. If your house in Russellville, Arkansas is connected to town gas, you will no longer need to stock up on fuel. In addition, this system saves energy.

How to maintain your boiler?

A broken boiler is an incident that can generate significant costs and expenses.

To increase the life of your steamer, it is recommended that you schedule maintenance at least once a year with a plumbing professional. Indeed, a regularly maintained boiler will lead to fewer breakdowns than a boiler that has never been maintained.

The advantages of a regularly maintained boiler

Assurance of safe operation (let’s not forget that this is a powerful device capable of supplying power to your entire home/apartment. They are therefore dangerous)

  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Lower pollutant evacuation.
  • Our plumbing company in Russellville, Arkansas deals with all types of heating systems:
  • Water heater
  • Gas radiator
  • Lower greenhouse gas production
  • Low-temperature boiler
  • Condensing boiler
  • Gas balloon

During our interventions, do not hesitate to take advantage of the expertise of our plumbers. They will be happy to provide information and advise you on the good habits to adopt to ensure the proper functioning of your boiler.

Repair of your boiler

In our interventions, our experts will attend to conduct audits at the heater, the connecting pipes, the injectors, the controls, the compliance of the installation, and check the levels of carbon monoxide that produces your heating equipment. These are all elements that require the gaze and know-how of a plumbing professional. We, therefore, do not recommend that you attempt to solve your problem yourself. Trust us and contact our heating technicians in Russellville, Arkansas and throughout the Ile de France.

Troubleshooting your heating system

Our plumbing company is also specialized in the installation of heating systems. Our experts will provide you with the solutions you are looking for. We know from experience that a heating problem can arise at any time, especially in winter. As a result, we operate throughout Ile de France to help you out and help you regain your comfort.

Whether it is to replace parts or a steamer or to repair your heating system, our heating plumbers will ensure their work with perfection.

New boiler installation

Do you want to install new equipment? Contact our heating plumbers! From the choice of equipment to its installation, take advantage of all our expertise, our experience, our know-how, and our advice. We also offer free quotes! So do not wait any longer!

Does your boiler need maintenance?

Winter is coming and your boiler suddenly becomes the most important appliance in the house. However, the lack of use in the last few months may have left your steamer in an uncertain operating condition. This means that it may not be able to provide you with the full heating that you expect, leaving you with a very uncomfortable home environment. If this is the case, call the experts at Roodarkansas to obtain a reliable boiler repair or maintenance service in Russellville, Arkansas.

Inefficient heating

The job of the boiler is to keep the interiors of your home warm when the temperature drops. If you find that your home is still quite cold after hours of boiler operation, there is a chance that something is wrong. Compare the heating with previous years when you used the same boiler to determine if its performance has degraded. If you think so, call our heat repair experts in Russellville, Arkansas and ask them to have your boiler inspected and serviced. A team of professionals will be happy to come to your home to detect the problem and provide effective solutions to warm your home as it should. 

Dramatic changes in utility bills

Boiler problems can also show up in your utility bills. If you notice that your bills are sky-high, but your usage remains more or less the same, your boiler could be the cause. Call the professionals at Roodarkansas for boiler service to make sure your appliance does not consume too much energy to produce too little heat.

Service frequency

The best practice recommended by boiler manufacturers is to have the appliance repaired every year. Some owners prefer this to be done right after the summer so that the expert can verify that the long period of “rest” has not caused him any damage. Others prefer to do the service after the winter because he has worked overtime. In both cases, everything is working fine, provided that you periodically check and look at the boiler every 12 months.

If you are not sure that your boiler is operating optimally, simply call the experts at Roodarkansas. We will do a full assessment, determine if any issues exist, and resolve them as well. Our service is affordable enough that you can inspect and maintain your boiler without burning a hole in your pockets.

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