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What kind of part time courses are available for students at LSBF?

What kind of part-time courses are available for students at LSBF?

The current job market has become very competitive and to survive in it, you must have relevant qualification and updated knowledge on the sector. Simply taking a degree, landing a good job and continuing with it is no longer the norm. Students and working professionals often find themselves in dire need of upskilling. To gain an added edge in the corporate sector they have to build on their education and skill set.

Though committing to a 2-3 year full-time degree is not possible in such a scenario and hence, the most favourable option is a part-time course. The popularity of such educational platforms has grown immensely as they offer all the necessary learnings in a flexible and affordable manner. London School of Business and Finance offers many such part-time courses that are industry-relevant and come with updated course material.

Numerous others decide to read for low maintenance master’s certificate to diminish the monetary weight fairly. Part-time postgraduate courses are typically less expensive year-on-year than full-time projects and low maintenance study makes self-subsidizing more sensible, as you have the choice to keep working, either on a full or low maintenance premise.

A part-time degree is an ideal arrangement on the off chance that you need to contemplate a postgraduate course however have different responsibilities like work or family.

part-time degrees are amazing in this example. A considerable lot of the classes are held during night hours, giving those setting aside them effort to take care of different issue during the 9-5. It additionally offers time to keep working, making setting aside and paying charges a lot simpler

The other great thing about the part-time study is the fact you’ll be learning over a longer period of time, so you’ll be able to have a balance of studying and other life commitments. In case you’re thinking about the part-time degree, you’ll need to have a very excellent time with the executive’s abilities. Fortunately, internet learning has made low maintenance adapting effectively available for quite a long time you can’t get to the talk out of the blue

For those generally in work, one of the fundamental attractions of a low maintenance course is that you will keep up your compensation while contemplating. On the off chance that your point is to self-reserve, your wages could assist with paying your charges forthright (evading the need to apply for a line of credit) or put them towards your living expenses.

Here is a brief synopsis of all the courses among which you can pick something suited to your requirement:

Finance, Accounting and Reporting-  

Finance and accounting are major sectors that have their presence globally in every industry. Professionals in this field are required to level up their skills to be able to undertake all their tasks properly. By adding part-time courses to your resume, you will certainly outshine the competition in this field. It will also convey your endeavour to acquire relevant account and finance-related knowledge. An advanced certificate in financial accounting and analysis, an advanced diploma in accounting and operations and a diploma in corporate finance and reporting are some of the part-time courses offered by LSBF in this field.

Business Administration and Project Management- 

Two of the most pivotal part of the corporate sector is a business administration and project management. Every professional has to continuously work to ensure that they have all the relevant skills and knowledge pertaining to this domain. LSBF offers short management courses such as a certificate in global business management, diploma in business management, certificate in project management and more in this field.


Marketing is one of the most popular and important sectors of any business, especially in the current globalised market. Understanding consumer behaviour and recent market trends are essential for anyone who wants to succeed in this dynamic field. To help you gain this advantage, LSBF offers an advanced certificate in marketing design and strategy and an advanced diploma in strategic marketing.

Operations & Organisational Management Online Short Courses- 

Operation manager plays a very integral role in the business sector as they enhance productivity and also help in proper usage of all resources. The advanced certificate in operations management and a certificate in operations management are the two courses offered by LSBF that can help you improve on your skills such as product design and evaluation of goods.

Law and Ethics

Since we operate in a global business environment, the relevance of law and ethics becomes all the more important. Corporate responsibility and sustainability are two vital fractions of modern business that should be taken into consideration. Those with knowledge of business ethics will be able to make more informed decisions and safely navigate through all issues.

These valuable courses can give you much-needed leverage in your business. If you are keen to explore them further then click here for part-time courses


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