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If you are one of those who browse Pinterest, it is very likely that more than once or twice you have pinned a moodboard. And even if you are not a fan of this social network, I am sure you have ever heard the word.

Whether you already know what a moodboard consists of or not, this post will be very useful. I am going to explain what a moodboard is, what it does, what it is useful for, and how you can make your own moodboard.

In the studio, creating a moodboard is something that we have very internalized. It is our first step before creating an identity, and it is essential to start working since it is what defines how the aesthetics of said identity will be.

The moodboard is the result of a search technique, refinement of results and analysis that will give you the key points to begin to structure the identity of your brand.

The elements that are part of the moodboard , you choose. Normally, moodboards for branding and logo design nyc are a synthesis of photographs, textures or patterns, fonts and colors that define the personality of your brand.


Therefore, what is seen on the mood board must be part of your identity. The idea is not that you copy the elements that are on the moodboard , but that you deduce what is repeated several times, how it does it and why you like it and adapt it to your brand in such a way that, when you see your identity manual and your moodboard there is no doubt that there is some relationship between them.

That is, if elegant colors abound in your moodboard, with straight shapes and serif fonts, the same should happen in your brand.

Look at the images in the previous photo, and which identity corresponds more to the moodboard of these two that I show you below.


Now that you know what it is and what elements are part of a moodboard, I’m going to explain the process to create your own inspiration board , because I’m sure you’ve already started to see how useful it is.

1 Look for images that inspire you

The first thing you should do to create your moodboard is to look for images that you like or convey what you think your brand should convey. Find colors, textures, letters, scenes that catch your eye and save them.

2 Group them and discard those that do not stick

Once you think you have enough elements, sort them according to the type they are: photographs, patterns, fonts, color palette, etc. And from there he analyzes each group. Discard the images that you see that do not stick or break with the aesthetics of the rest.

3 Sort the images

It is time to order the images that you have left. You can do it with Photoshop or any other program. Place the images in a logical order, but above all, aesthetic, that you find beautiful and you think it goes with the personality of your brand.

Don’t worry if you make a ton of changes until you find what you definitely like. The mood board is a long process, although it seems easy.

Once you get a structure that you like and with which your brand feels identified, your moodboard will be ready. From that moment, use it as a basis to know what elements determine your identity.

Have you ever considered creating a moodboard for your brand to see if what it transmits, and what you would like it to transmit, matches? Have you realized how important this step, which seems so simple, is to create a good identity? If you dare to create your own moodboard, do not hesitate to share it with us!

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