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Why Developing a Real Estate App with Flutter a Good Deal? Have a look at its Features and More.

Today, every industry is moving towards digitization with a mobile app. When it comes to mobile app development, Flutter is a well-known framework. Flutter enables developing of cross-platform applications for Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows, and web, all from a single codebase. 

Since Flutter is a robust framework for developing mobile apps, many big industries, including real estate, consider Flutter over other frameworks for their projects. Real estate industries can’t seem to get over Flutter and its high-end features, and we can’t blame them because a Flutter app never disappoints. 

The powerful combo of real estate and Flutter is overwhelming for many real estate businesses and agencies. As a result, real estate app development with Flutter is trending. Before we move ahead with the discussion of developing a real estate app with Flutter, let’s explore the features of Flutter first. So, shall we begin? 

What are the critical features of Flutter?  

Flutter is considered a great platform for mobile app development. Let’s see which features contribute to its massive success. 

Hot reload 

With this feature, any changes made by the developers will be seen instantly. This is the developers’ favorite feature as it makes the changes visible in the app. 

Cross-platform development 

The best thing about Flutter is that it enables cross-platform development. With this feature, the developers need to write the code only once and use the same code for two different apps. This saves a lot of time, money, and energy. 

Widget library 

Widgets are given an upper hand in Flutter. Flutter creates complex widgets that can be customized according to the requirement of the app. 

Native feel and performance 

Flutter enables using the existing code, Java, objective-C, and Swift to provide a native-like feel and performance. Moreover, camera and geolocation are some of the native features provided by Flutter. 

Minimal code 

Flutter is developed with Dart programming language, and dart uses JIT and AOT compilation to improve the app’s overall startup time. JIT further refreshes the app’s UI without developing a new one, and thus minimal code is required. 

benefits of developing a real-estate mobile app

What are the benefits of developing a real-estate mobile app with Flutter? 

You might be wondering why is real estate industry going crazy over the Flutter framework instead of any other. Don’t worry, though; we will mention some top benefits of developing a real estate app with Flutter below. So, keep reading. 

Android and iOS optimization 

Being a cross-platform mobile app development framework, Flutter offers native functionalities for both iOS and Android. Moreover, it uses a single codebase for developing apps in both operating systems. The single codebase for both Android and iOS enables it to use platform APIs. 

Reduced time, costs, and efforts 

Due to being a cross-platform framework, developing applications on Flutter effectively reduces the time, effort, and cost of app development. In addition to that, Flutter has various widgets which are ready to use and result in fast app development. 

Fast delivery 

With Flutter, the solutions can be delivered to the market quickly. There is no need to write extra codes, and Flutter also uses 2D UI, which can be implemented quickly. Additionally, Flutter uses declarative UI, which boosts the app’s performance. Hence, developing a real estate app with the Flutter framework helps to use the best UI features. 

Outstanding OS features 

Most real estate applications use the best OS features such as security permissions, Bluetooth, GPS locating, sensor data, etc. Flutter leverages many advanced OS features as a ready-to-use plugin. Moreover, Flutter is supported by Google, and therefore, it supports multiple complex features and functionalities. 

Which are the must-have features of a real-estate app? 

Every real estate app development aims to smoothen the whole property buying and selling experience. The real estate app features play a significant role in improving the overall experience, and therefore, these features have to be effective. 

Let’s peek at the must-have features that should be there in every real estate app. 

User registration/signup

User signup is an essential feature of a real estate app. The simpler and smoother the signup is, the better the users’ experience will be. You can use the following three ways for user registration in a real estate app- 

  • Social media registration
  • Registration via email
  • Phone number registration

User profiles

Users should create their profiles in the real estate apps seamlessly. An ideal real estate app should have different profiles for different users. The different profiles of a real estate app are-

  • Users’ profile
  • Buyers’ profile
  • Agents’ profile 

Listings and database 

Property listing is another crucial feature of a real estate app. The property has to be listed on the app with all the details. The app should enable the users to list their property for rent or sell without any difficulty. 

Moreover, a real estate app should have a big database as the listings will keep growing in the future. Hence, a robust database is a must for any real estate app. 

Property profiles 

These profiles include detailed information about the property, such as property description, location, photos, videos, price details, neighborhood and locality, owner’s contact details, etc. 

Remember that users usually buy or rent a property after going through the photos and videos and, therefore, always upload clear and high-quality photos and videos. 

Shortlisting feature 

Every real estate app must have a shortlisting feature that enables the users to wishlist or save the properties they are interested in. The shortlist feature helps users save multiple properties and choose the one that suits their requirements the best. 

With the shortlist feature, the users can access their favorite properties in their personal profile anytime they want. 

Push notifications 

A flutter real estate app must have push notifications for solid marketing. All real estate apps must have this feature if they want to rule the real estate industry for the longest time. Push notifications will allow the app to be on the customers’ minds. Moreover, it’s also an effective feature to promote real estate services. 

Thus integrate the push notification feature in the real estate app to reach the most users and keep them updated about the real estate industry all the time. 

Cost calculators 

Cost calculators are a useful addition to any real estate app. What could be better than an in-built calculator that calculates the total property cost? You can ask your real estate app development company to add a cost calculator to the app and provide a great real estate experience to the users.

Virtual tour

A virtual tour is a super cool feature that you literally can’t afford to miss in a real estate app. A virtual tour or 3D tour is a magical way to give buyers a real-time experience of the property they are interested in. 

The virtual tours and 3D walkthrough will help the buyers visualize themselves living in the home right at that moment and would feel more personalized. Thus, if you are shortlisting features to add to your real estate app, don’t miss out on the virtual tour feature. 

Now comes the big question- how much would it cost to develop a real estate app? 

Now comes the question that most real estate owners and businesses spend hours thinking about. When it comes to the cost of developing a Flutter real estate app, one needs to have a thorough look at the factors that affect the overall cost of app development. 

Once you explore these factors, you will get a rough idea of which factors are your priority and which you can compromise on. Moreover, among these factors, the hourly rates and location of the developers are crucial. 

For instance, if you hire Flutter developers from an Indian-based real estate app development company, the total cost would range between $25,000 to $50,000. At the same time, if you hire developers from the other UK or US-based countries, the app development would cost much more. Thus hiring an Indian-based company is an affordable option. 


If you are planning to develop a real estate app using Flutter, you are heading towards the right direction. The terrific combo of Flutter and real estate is doing wonders, and it’s the right time to develop your own fully functional Flutter real estate app. Thus, meet an app development team that understands your vision and is skilled with the best strategies, features, and functionality required to develop a successful real estate app. 

If you are looking for a reliable Indian real estate app development company, you can talk to our developers and discuss your project. We would be thrilled to add value to your project with our impactful real estate app development with Flutter. 

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