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What is CCTV Camera and how does it works?

What is CCTV Camera and how does it works?

CCTV Camera (close circuit television) is a system that allows you to keep an eye on your surroundings to check what’s going on in and around your business. CCTV Cameras enable you to view live events around you and record footage of CCTV Cameras.

CCTV Cameras technology has been around for decades, but improvements in last few years which convert this technology into huge security industry as the circumstances become worst and safety become first priority of everyone. CCTV Camera not only provides live view but also recorded view. It even more effective at capturing criminals in the act and bringing them to justice.

When did CCTV Camera Become common?

The technology has been evolved rapidly and the system we use today is many times better than first one. CCTV Camera has revolutionized how we monitor homes and business. CCTV Cameras is essential tool for home security system now a days.

Now we look at the beginning of CCTV Camera price in Lahore from where and when it start.The system was simple and was used to monitor V-2 rockets. The video quality was poor but it still served the purpose it was designed for.

In 1949, the cameras were out and available to the general public. In the same year, it introduce in America but their popularity was not immense owing to the fact that the technology was new and costly.

These earlier cameras did not have great graphics and neither could they record video footage. They could only be used for live monitoring and comprised of a camera and a monitor.

Why Choose CCTV Cameras

Several years later, magnetic reels became available for use with the cameras. For the first time, it became possible to record video information for later use. The technology of reel recording was clumsy, though, and too tedious.

After the introduction of VCR (Video Cassette Recorder) in 1970, was a significant development in the history of CCTV Camera technology which made the recording of footage much easier.

With the passage of time things become revolutionaries and in CCTV Camera field also develop changing.  In starting CCTV Camera view was black and white even in day light, pixels was not clear and screen display not sharp.

Then Analogue cameras introduce which have coloured view in day time but in night mode still black and white view, megapixels enhance with 720P.

And if we talk about now a days, HD CCTV Cameras with 1080P megapixels with sharp and clear view and coloured day and night mode is introduce in market. Moreover IP CCTV Cameras and WIFI CCTV Cameras also available for the safety of people.


If we talk about the recording and display system of 16 CCTV Cameras, than we can see that in starting only few hours data will be available to see and no concept of live monitoring of CCTV Cameras but today you get the backup of CCTV Cameras as much as you want by enhancing Hard Disk. Even some DVR and NVR have option of double Hard Disk to save as much data as you required.

Online view of CCTV Camera on mobile made it more reliable and effective as you can live monitor your CCTV Cameras on mobile even take pictures and video of suspicious act on mobile which makes people more secure.

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