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Reasons For Roller Repair and Steps to Fix The Faults

Everything undergoes wear and tear because of its regular use. The only way to preserve its condition is regular maintenance and servicing. Therefore, let us find out the reasons behind the damage of rollers that enable the functioning of the garage doorway. This blog will share information on roller repair.


  1. Improper use – Rolling the door up and down frequently can cause damage to the rollers.
  2. Dirt and debris – Accumulated dirt and debris can make their way into the roller bearings, which causes them to wear out early.
  3. Rust – If water gets on the rollers, it can cause them to rust and deteriorate.
  4. Excessive heat – If the garage is not insulated correctly, the rollers can become overheated and damaged.
  5. Lack of lubrication – Rollers need to be regularly lubricated to function correctly and prevent damage.
  6. Age – Garage door rollers do not last forever. Over time, rollers will wear out and get damaged.
  7. Out of balance – If the garage door is unbalanced, it can pull on one part of the roller assembly more than another, causing damage over time.
  8. Harsh weather – Extremes in temperature or humidity can cause the rollers to swell or shrink, leading to damage.
  9. Impact – If the garage door is hit hard or something falls on it, the rollers can be damaged.
  10. Improper installation – If the rollers are not installed properly, they can become loose and damaged.

To avoid damage to your garage door rollers, be sure to use them correctly. Keep them clean and free of rubble, and lubricate them regularly. If they do become damaged, have them repaired or replaced as soon as possible for a cost effective solution.


Every homeowner faces problems with the garage doors at some point in time. When you have a garage door with worn-out rollers, it can stop working altogether, making your life difficult. You must fix the issue before you begin using the gate.

Few steps that will help you deal with one of the most common problems faced by people with their parking doorways:

– Take a look at the bottom of the door. If there is a significant gap between it and the floor, you can adjust the rollers.

– The second step includes investigating whether the roller is worn out or not. You can do this by pouring a small quantity of water on it to see wet spots. If you notice any wet areas, it means the roller has been worn out and should be replaced.

– If you think the adjustment cannot be made or if the roller is not worn out, the next step would be to clean it. Washing is necessary as dirt and debris can accumulate over time and cause the door to malfunction.

– Once the roller is clean, try to adjust it by moving it up or down and examine if the door opens and closes smoothly.

– If it still doesn’t work, the next step would be to lubricate the roller using a silicone spray.

After following these steps, if your garage door is still not working, it is best to call a professional for help with the roller repair.

A trained technician will be able to service your garage and fix the problem so that you can use it again. They will inspect the door and tell you if there is any damage.

If there’s no damage, they can perform a maintenance check on all parts of the door and lubricate them as needed. For all these doors related activities, consider hiring ADS Garage Doors LLC for help.

We continue to serve our clients for years and are eager to help them with the essentials in the best possible way. Therefore, get in touch with us to share your requirements and to book an appointment for repairs.

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