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What does wisdom tooth extraction cost?

In general, Wisdom Teeth Surgery in Lahore extraction costs between $100 and $600 per tooth and usually includes a local anesthetic and a follow-up visit to the dentist. Costs can vary widely, as many factors can affect the cost. We look at these factors in this guide.


Cost of a simple wisdom tooth extraction


If a wisdom tooth is fully erupted and has simple root formation, it can probably be removed under local anesthetic. This type of tooth extraction is straightforward and can be performed by a local dentist.

Local anesthetic Wisdom Teeth Surgery in Lahore extraction costs around $100 to $200 per tooth. A dentist can charge $300-800 to extract all four wisdom teeth.


Cost of extracting damaged wisdom teeth


Removing an impacted wisdom tooth is more complicated depending on whether it is partially erupted or completely encased in the jawbone. The cheapest tooth extractions are those that erupt partially through the gum, while the most expensive are those that are under the gum and surrounded by bone.

The cost of an impacted Wisdom Teeth Surgery in Lahore extraction can range from $275 to $600. The use of a dental sedative, such as nitrous oxide, usually adds $50 to $100 to the price. If general anesthesia is required, this can add US$250-800 to the total cost.


Cost of extracting all 4 teeth

It is common for dentists and oral surgeons Wisdom Teeth Surgery in Lahore to offer a package deal to remove all four wisdom teeth at once. In areas where the cost of living is lower, the cost of having all four teeth extracted and soothed can range from US$1,100 to US$1,700.

The national average cost of removing four wisdom teeth under general anesthesia is between US$ 1400 and US$ 2200. In high-consumption areas, the most complex wisdom tooth extractions can cost between USD 2 400 and 3 000. Oral surgeons generally pay more than general dentists.

Additional costs

Various diagnostic tests are needed to determine the position of the Wisdom Teeth Surgery in Lahore, the shape of the root and the location of surrounding structures such as nerves and blood vessels.

In most cases, a panoramic X-ray is required before tooth extraction, which costs between $60 and $150. If a cone-beam CT scan is needed, you may be charged $250-600. The initial examination will cost between US$50 and US$300.

When you go to the dentist to ask, you should ask for a breakdown of all the costs included in the quote.

Factors that affect the cost

The dentist will determine the cost based on the time it takes to extract the tooth and the expected degree of difficulty. The degree of difficulty depends on the location of the tooth in your jawbone and whether the tooth is partially erupted, fully erupted or completely closed in the jawbone. Other factors that affect the cost of wisdom tooth extraction include.

Diagnostic tests, such as X-rays and CT scans.

The location of the dentist, as some cities are more expensive than others.

The experience and expertise of the dentist and even his or her popularity.

Whether your dental insurance or discount plan covers the cost.

With and without insurance

Dental insurance coverage for tooth extraction can vary widely. If the procedure is deemed medically necessary, your insurance may cover between 15% and 50%. It also depends on whether your dental plan has an annual cap, as some plans cost only $1,000 to $1,500 per year.

Removing a damaged tooth without insurance can cost between $250 and $750. Deductibles for those with insurance can range from $125 to $600. Depending on your insurance company and your policy, coverage can vary widely, so it’s a good idea to do your research beforehand.

If a person does not have dental insurance and has all four teeth removed at the same time, the cost ranges from $800 to $2,750 (average is $1,700). For a person with dental insurance, the cost of having all four teeth extracted is between $200 and $1,000 (average $700).

Save money

It’s worth checking to see if there are any dental clinics nearby, as they offer treatment at a lower cost. They offer services provided by recent dental students or faculty members. This allows students to gain experience under the full supervision and assistance of an experienced dentist or oral surgeon. The treatment may take longer, but it is completely safe. Please note that there may be a waiting list for schools, and some schools only offer services to low-income students.

See the full list of dental schools that offer treatment to the public.

Factors affecting the complexity of the operation


Before the appointment, the dentist will assess the x-rays, plan the procedure and determine how difficult it will be to remove the wisdom teeth. This will help ensure that the removal is done quickly and efficiently, minimizing the risk of complications during and after treatment.

Factors that can influence the complexity of wisdom tooth extraction include.


The location of the tooth in the jawbone

The better the tooth is erupted and aligned, the easier it is to extract. Fully erupted wisdom teeth are usually no more difficult to remove than first or second molars.

Wisdom teeth that are inclined vertically or forward are usually easier to remove than those that are inclined backwards or horizontally.

Heavily attached wisdom teeth may need to be cut into several pieces during the extraction process.

Tooth depth

The dentist can compare the depth of the damaged tooth with the depth of the adjacent second molar.

The deeper the tooth, the larger the incision needed, because more bone has to be removed to make the tooth.

The larger the removal site, the slower the healing process. There is also a higher chance of complications such as dry tooth.

Teeth deeper in the jawbone are more likely to be close to nerves or sinuses, increasing the risk of complications during and after the procedure.

Anatomy of the tooth root

Mandibular wisdom teeth usually have two roots, while maxillary wisdom teeth usually have three roots. The shape of these roots varies from person to person.

Sometimes the roots are distinct and completely separated Children Dentist in Lahore, while sometimes they are fused together or are irregularly shaped or curved. Teeth with fused roots are usually easier to remove.

Roots that are still forming are usually easier to remove than roots that are fully formed in the patient’s mouth. This depends on age, which is why dentists often recommend removing wisdom teeth at an earlier age, before the roots have fully grown in.


Why do wisdom teeth cause problems?

Wisdom teeth are the third molars, which usually erupt in the teenage years or early twenties. They can cause problems because there is not enough room for them in a normal person’s mouth. Sometimes these teeth erupt normally without problems, but often they are crooked and need to be removed.

Wisdom teeth can be crooked backwards or outwards in relation to the other molars. A misaligned wisdom tooth can damage adjacent teeth and even damage the jawbone or nerves.

Sometimes they can be affected in such Children Dentist in Lahore a way that they are partially surrounded by gum tissue or completely surrounded by jawbone. Partially erupted wisdom teeth have an increased risk of infection because the gum tissue can retain bacteria and food. This can lead to toothache, swelling and even jaw stiffness. In the worst case, the infection can make you very uncomfortable.


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