Grasp hair transplant FUE cost to book your consultation

Hair transplant FUE cost can be high beyond your expectations. However, that should not be a reason for you to give up the idea of restoring your hair through a hair transplant. There are several reasons why hair transplants vary among patients. You can only be sure of the cost if you book a consultation.

Before you book a consultation, you should at least know the charges you may encounter, the reason for the costs, and how you can get a great deal. 

What is FUE Transplant

FUE hair transplant happens when the doctor extracts one follicle before transferring the same to the targeted area. The process is slow and precise. It has tons of advantages. First, the patient doesn’t get a scar on the treatment area. Thus, many prefer FUE over strip surgery. 

FUE is the newer hair transplant method. It was invented to curb the challenges patients faced after a FUT hair transplant. Thus, people find it safer since it has fewer side effects. The healing period is short since no open wounds are involved. 

You can have an FUE hair transplant alongside PRP hair therapy. Although it will hasten the recovery process, it also raises the hair transplant FUE cost. Patients find the extra service worth it- it makes them realize optimum hair growth by the 6th month. In normal circumstances, total hair growth will happen between the 8th and 12th months. 

In the procedure, the doctor will shave the hair around the donor and transplant area. This allows them to extract the follicles with precision on the donor area. Also, they can transplant the graft well on the bald patch or thinning area. 

The doctor will use a manual micro punch to extract the follicles. Some doctors will use robotic tools which they operate using computer software. Both methods are accurate and safe. 

Then, the doctor makes incisions on the treatment area. The incisions make it easy to transplant the grafts. Then, they bandage the treated area to aid in recovery. 

How FUE Hair Transplant Cost

Hair transplant FUE cost varies depending on many things. That’s why some patients will pay as little as $4000 per session while others spend as much as $15000 per session. If you have multiple sessions, the total cost may escalate to $50000. 

The size of your hair loss will determine the number of grafts that need to be transplanted. Since doctors charge per follicular unit, you will pay more depending on the number of grafts they transplant. 

Some transplants need more than one surgeon to save on time. This will raise the cost of hair transplants. The experience of the surgeon also matters. Amateurs will charge less as they gain experience. However, that doesn’t mean they lack the skills. They do the work as perfectly as the experienced surgeon.

Surgeons with many years of experience will charge more. They do this to cut down the number of bookings they get. People feel safer and confident when a doctor with expertise handles them. 

Another reason that pushes the hair transplant FUE cost up is the location of the clinic. Some cities are expensive to work in. Businesses pay high rates and rent to operate, and the cost is pushed down to the final consumer. Also, the class of the clinic matters; Some will target high profile and VIP clients. Thus, they charge high prices to sieve out their target clients. 

You will foot the hair transplant bill from your pocket. It’s because health insurance classifies the procedure as cosmetic. And as the rules are, they do not cover cosmetic treatments. You’ll also need to buy any medication that supports the surgery, and they include antibiotics and painkillers. 

Another invisible cost is the time you spend. It would be best if you considered some time off from work. The surgery takes about 4-6 hours to complete, and it may be longer depending on the method applied and the area of treatment. Also, you need about two days’ rest as you wait to unbandage the treatment area. 

Risks and Side Effects 

There are a few risks and side effects associated with FUE hair transplants. 


First, you may experience mild bleeding on the donor and recipient areas, and you can prevent this by avoiding blood thinners a week before and after the surgery. 


Swelling and redness are common side effects among many patients. It happens when the scalp experiences several incisions at close intervals, and the marks disappear on their own. 

There’s a risk of nerves and blood vessel damage as well as tissue injuries during the transplant. You can prevent this by seeking services from a skilled surgeon. Do due diligence before you book an appointment. There are national registers of qualified surgeons alongside their skills and experiences. 

Minimal risk of infections during and after the surgery.

 Ensure the clinic observes high levels of hygiene to avoid infections. Also, you should be serious about keeping the treatment and donor areas clean after the surgery: Infections may occur if germs get their way into the tiny incisions. 

One risk you may encounter is Folliculitis. It is the swelling of the follicles after the surgery. Besides the pain and infections of the treatment area, it may lead to the death of the follicle, which lowers the surgery’s effectiveness. 

An experienced surgeon has tips to avoid all the risks involved in the surgery. Their years of experience help them to handle every case with care and precision. That’s why their hair transplant FUE cost is always higher compared to brewer surgeons. The new surgeons have the skills but lack the experience to handle complex cases. That’s why they work alongside experienced surgeons to learn the rules and tricks of hair surgery. 

How to Lower FUE Hair Transplant Cost

As mentioned earlier, FUE transplant cost is determined by several factors. If you take a combination of a high-tier facility and a highly experienced surgeon, you will pay the highest fees in the industry. 

You can lower the cost through a few tips. First, you can check into a facility that is far from an expensive city. However, you must factor in the transport and accommodation cost. 

Check when facilities are giving offers and discounts. You may also consider seeking the services of surgeons with medium to low experience. However, they should have the necessary skills to handle hair surgery.  


Hair transplant FUE cost varies from clinic to clinic and patient to patient. Always strive to stop hair loss at early stages, and extensive hair loss means you will pay more for a hair transplant.

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