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Digital Marketing

What are the ways to improve your PPC advertising ROI

PPC is the holy grail when it comes to internet marketing.It can catapult a business fortune from dark to golden if done right.PPC advertising is one of the most cost effective tools for reaching your audience if managed well.

It is hugely scalable.It allows businesses from lower budgets to higher budgets to put their ads in front of their targeted audiences.It also provides you a good level of control over who sees your ad and what you are paying for that exposure employee tracking software.

The fear is that 25% out of every penny which you will spend on PPC advertising will be wasted if campaigns are not properly managed.It will be really upsetting that you are spending money on clicks which in turn are not benefiting your brand.

You can hire any top ppc agency in Kolkata who can help you to correct your errors,reduce valueless clicks and can ensure that the right people will see your ad.

Here we will discuss how you can improve your marketing game by improving your ROI on pay per click ads:

1) Firstly you need to improve your ad quality

Improving the ad quality is very important.The main function of search engines giving results to its users is to provide them meaningful information.PPC advertisers like Google and Bing are giving their level best to deliver the best experience to searchers.So you need to put the searchers’ needs first.

You will not get high click through rates,if you write low quality ads.You will end up paying more money for showing your poorly optimized ads to users than what you will spend if your ads had a high quality score.

Quality score is the most debated topic in PPC advertising.It includes closely guarded ranking factors, click through rate,ad text,previous ad history and landing page quality.There are certain rules which holds true:

  • Firstly you need to understand who your ideal prospect is.You can create a buyer persona depending on your business.
  • You need to do a thorough research on keywords to discover terms which your ideal prospect is searching for.After that bid for those keywords.
  • You can write a stellar ad copy including keywords in the title.Make connection with your reader in the ad copy by using power words like ‘You’.
  • Do optimize your landing page.Link your ads to the specific service or product which the prospect is searching for.Also optimize your conversion funnels.

These rules can increase the chances of your ads to perform well.

For better performance you can implement techniques like dynamic keyword insertion,which will automatically match your ad headlines with users search.Dynamic keyword insertion will grab the searchers attention and increase the ad’s click through rate.

2) Always identify the right prospects

It is very important to target each campaign very carefully to the people who are most likely to convert. Google ads will help you to do a high level of filtering to put your PPC ad in front of the right people.

Targeting is not only creating a campaign on your advertising network.As most people respond to a message which speaks directly to them,so you must customize your ad copy and landing page for this audience.

Using the same language as your targeted audience and focusing on their needs,your PPC ads will be much more effective improving your ROI.

3) Creating custom landing pages for your ads is a good option

Clicks which send prospects to your homepage are basically wasted clicks.You should update a specially created landing page for every campaign.Any agency providing PPC service in Kolkata can help you to create custom landing pages for your ads.

These landing pages have the accurate information which your prospects need to make decisions.The design should be clear with a compelling call to action. By increasing your quality here you can easily get ahead of the competition.

They will help you to test different landing pages design and content to see what best works with your audience.

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4) Monitor your campaigns

According to Jacob Baardsgaard,CEO of Disruptive Advertising,not paying attention to PPC metrics and PPC campaigns are the main reasons why businesses fail to realize their adwords potential.

If you don’t monitor your PPC campaigns you will lose a lot of leads.You need to monitor and tweak your ads regularly to capture important leads.

You will also lose a lot of money if you don’t monitor your PPC campaign.In Jacob Baardsgaard’s audit he discovered that the conversion in an Adwords account comes from 9 percent of the account’s keywords.

91 percent of non performing keywords destroy 61 percent of your ad spend.You need to constantly optimize and shift out non performing keywords.

5) Identify the right keywords

Keywords which appropriately describe your products and services may not always be the ones which your prospects will search.To get the attention of the people who are ready to buy,you need to think more like them.

You can hire a reputed pay per click marketing agency who can guide you with the process of identifying the right keywords.They will check your search terms reports in Adwords to find new keywords for adding to your programme.

If you have found a keyword which is getting three or four times as many clicks as the other ones,then you can create a specific ad targeted to that keyword.By creating an ad focusing on a high performing keyword you can create ads and landing pages focussing on what your prospective clients are looking for.

6) You need to block click fraud

Even after writing excellent ads and monitoring your PPC campaigns,it can still happen that you fail to maximize ROI on PPC campaigns because of click fraud. As per Econsultancy,click fraud happens when people having no intention of doing business with you click on your ad only to drive up your costs.

Google can detect click frauds but most advisers feel that it is not enough because a refund is made by them hours after a fraud has taken place.You ad will not be shown for those hours. Click crease is the best fraud detection and protection software for users of Bing ads and Google Adwords. These software uses leading industry algorithms for detecting and blocking click fraud which would otherwise go unnoticed.

Finally we can say,

PPc advertising is the best and surest way to boost your business growth through Seo.To ensure that you can make the most profit from your money,it is very important to run ads of high quality and monitor their performance on a daily basis.

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