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What all you should know about the Moldavite jewelry before buying it – Rananjay Exports

Why Should You Choose Moldavite?

The fascinating Moldavite jewelry grabs the beholder’s attention and possesses lovely healing energies. It is the gift of nature to the human as these unique crystals have the power to transform the lives of the individual wearing them. They are called the ‘Holy Grail Stone’ and have intense frequency and high vibration. Let us know everything about these gemstones.

Formation Of Moldavite Crystals 

It is a tektite formed by the meteorite activity that happened 15 million years ago. The crystals had crashed into the Bohemian plateau, which today is known by the name Czech Republic. The Czech Republic is the only place in the whole world where you can find crystals. The smashed hit the earth’s core, as the impact was so fierce that the molten rocks were scattered for miles, and then later they became the Moldavite crystals. Read more to know how they appear and their properties, which makes them unique.

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How Does Moldavite Look Like?

Moldavite emerges as the rare forest green color gem found near the Moldau river. The hues of the Moldavite gemstone ranges from pale green to olive-green to dark greenish-brown. While talking about the appearance, it could be translucent to transparent and have swirls and bubbles on the surface, enriching the attractiveness of the gemstone. These crystals are used in making Moldavite ring, earrings, pendants, necklaces, and bracelets including Gemstone jewelry.

How To Upgrade Style With Moldavite Jewelry. 

The Moldavite earrings intensify the wearer’s glam, as gemstone jewelry complements the outfit, developing their personality. The loveliness of these crystals will make the heads turn and make people gaze towards them. In addition, the greenish-brown color is exceptionally unique, and it is not found anywhere else in the world. So, wearing these earrings will be totally different and extraordinary.

Healing Properties These Gemstones Have.

Holding the Moldavite gemstone for the first time allows the wearer to feel the Moldavite flush. It means the person can feel the intense warmth of the crystals, and they can sense the sensation in their hands and body. Moreover, wearing the gemstone in the form of a Moldavite pendant will help to illuminate the dark corners and make life filled with happiness and joy.

Things you must follow before purchasing moldavite jewelry

The gemstone dispels the negative energies from life and allows the person to be positive and enthusiastic. Therefore, this crystal plays a considerable role when it comes to emotional and mental healing. In addition, it increases creativity level, allowing them to think out of the box, which would be very beneficial for their professional life.

Fake Moldavite In Market

Due to the exceptional beauty and the healing energies, few people have started selling fake Moldavite jewelry. Instead, they use the green bottle glass and sell it as the moldavite gemstones into the market. So, it is essential to check the disclosure of the gem while buying it. It usually has a rough surface and can see the bubbles over it. If not, then there are chances of being the fake gemstone.

Buy From An Authentic Place. 

While spending money on jewelry items, buying from the correct place is vital, which can be trusted. So, here I am recommending you the best and the most trusted place to buy wholesale Moldavite jewelry. It is Rananjay Exports, and they are the best manufacturer and wholesaler of sterling silver gemstone jewelry. Every piece made there is of high quality and is unique. This website sells more than 200 gemstones, and you should check the site today and order your selected collection today. Then, they become the most celebrated seller of the town by buying jewelry from them.

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