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How to Move a Heavy Safe: Top Tips to Keep You Safe

As part of their DIY moving checklist, many homeowners have wondered how to move a heavy safe safely. While smaller portable safes designed for single handguns are easier to manage, huge heavy-duty safes are more challenging. In fact, these heavy safes can easily weigh hundreds of pounds and are often cumbersome due to their flat shape and big size. In Brisbane it’s easy to find the best safe moving service.

In fact, moving a heavy safe is not the same as moving a sofa. You can’t just hold it and drag it wherever you want. If you try to move it, it may fall on you or remain stationary. Yes, you must know how to move a heavy safe before jumping right into the effort.  Knowing what needs to be done in advance is the first step in moving a safe, as it will give you peace of mind that everything has been thought of before you start moving the safe.

Make a Plan and Buy The Right Tools

This is quite significant. Measure the heavy safe first so you know what you’re dealing with. You don’t want to relocate the safe again because they’re heavy, even if it’s in another room in your new home. Therefore, decide where to put it and figure out how to get there.  Remove any barriers in your path and use rags or fabric to protect the floors to prevent damage. You’ll need packing supplies for moving, such as a stretch wrap, moving blankets, or padding and straps, as well as vault moving necessities like a dolly and loading ramp. Here is a quick summary of everything you ought to accomplish before you begin:

  • Measure your vault’s dimensions
  • Pre-plan the route
  • Get the packing materials you need on the go
  • Protect your existing and new property.

Before Moving, Secure The Heavy Safe

The safe should be completely empty, including any shelving, if there is any. Ensure that you take all of the belongings out of the safe and handle them safely. If it’s possible, you could even take the door out to make it lighter. Through this, up to 20% of weight can be reduced. Make sure the door is locked and closed if you are unable to remove it. After this, wrap it in an old blanket or towel and cover it with stretch wrap.

How to Reinstall The Safe’s Door

The drawback to taking out the door is that you have to put it back together when unpacking after the move, and that might be challenging because those hinges are exact! To accomplish this, you’ll need to support the weight of the door by using a hydraulic automobile jack. Additionally, you may use this time to add a small amount of lithium grease to ensure that your door opens and closes without any difficulty. For further assistance, contact Brisbane Safe Moving Service at your convenience.

Choose Companions to Aid with the Heavy Lifting

It’s important to make some pals because there’s no way you can accomplish this on your own. You’ll need three people who have experience moving heavy objects and all of you to have to strategize the moves and keep pace with each other. Once you’re done, you can host the best packing party at your house as a thank-you gesture.

Walking Around the Stairs

Do you know how to descend the stairs with a heavy safe? Before attempting this you should first enlist a heavy-duty tool, the Dolly. Borrow or rent it if you don’t already have it or don’t want to buy it. Choose the one that is strong enough for your safe and learn how to move the heavy safe with the dolly.

How to Move a 1000 lb Heavy Safe

After wrapping it in padding and wrapping, tip it to one side and fasten it to the dolly with straps or ropes as firmly as you can. At least two friends should help you. Ensure the stairs are strong enough to support your weight, the weight of your assistants, and the weight of the safe. The person on top should carefully direct the vault while two individuals should be placed below it to guide it. If you have to climb a flight of stairs just reverse the process.

How to Move a 500 lb Heavy Safe

Despite being slightly lighter, they are still heavy enough that you can’t carry them alone.  Hook it on the dolly, strap it on, and you’re ready to go, just like with a 1000 lb. If the Doli flips, avoid trying to catch it as it injures people. Just let it go, and start again. Once you’re out of your house use the loading ramp to lift the truck up (you’ll need help with this too). Make sure you specialize in packing a moving truck.

Your Safety Comes First

It is crucial that you prioritize safety above all else while performing this operation: safe relocation service. The importance of padding your furniture and floors has previously been addressed as a strategy to safeguard your home, but your safety and the safety of your friends should always come first.

To prevent harming your feet or slipping, use safe lifting techniques and make sure everyone is wearing closed-toe shoes with strong soles. Get some heavy-duty gloves for your hands as well; you’ll need them, for sure. Also, remember to drink plenty of water!

Best Tips on What Not to Do

Of course, you don’t want to skip the preparation phase and dive in. The number of people who try this and get stuck in the middle will surprise you. As a result, they have to spend a lot of time and effort lifting a lot of weight. You may have heard of many tricks that are inappropriate, such as using a golf ball or metal pipe. The balls will be carrying the majority of that massive weight, which will only cause the floor to become dented or scratched. Alternatively, they won’t roll at all. In fact, pipes are also simple to lose control of, thus someone may be hit by the vault. It is best to continue using the dolly.

safe moving service by Brisbane Safe Service & Moving

The Takeaway

These prompts should be enough to help you navigate the process. Even yet, there are good reasons to hire a safe moving service in Brisbane: It all sounds like too much trouble, and you’re not sure you can move safely cross-country on your own. A safe is not one of the objects that movers won’t move, even if there are many of them. 

For your utmost peace of mind, just hire a professional safe moving service team. Companies like Brisbane Safe Moving Service installed hundreds of safes each month and know what it takes to relocate a safe safely. They don’t just drop them in your garage, either. They install safes inside, bolted down, using only professional, safe delivery teams. (They’ll even give you in-home training on how to use your safe properly before they leave.) Large safes are tough to manage, so there’s no shame in calling a professional to do the job.

If you need professional safe relocation services or safe installation services, give the Brisbane Safe Moving Service team a call today at 1300038383.

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