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If you have been planning to create robust websites or web apps, you should be aware of the various technologies required to make it happen. Over time, these technologies have evolved a lot, making web app development services even better. Since technology is continually changing, every year there are new tools, and web app development trends that grab the spotlight.

Major Aspects of Web App Development

Web development can be segregated majorly into two parts:

  • Front-End Development: Building the “client-side” of the web application is called front-end development. It’s the part of the application that the users will directly interact with.
  • Back-End Development: The back-end involves server-side programming of the application. It’s also responsible for analyzing and storing data. However, the users don’t interact with it directly.

Top most Web App Development Technologies in 2022

Continuous change and updates especially with the front-end tools and technologies remain a challenge for developers. Therefore, when you hire web app developer, it is crucial to ask and check whether they are well-versed with the latest technologies.

Front-End Technologies

The look and feel of a website or web application is the result of the skills of a front-end developer. Besides, tools and technologies have a major role to play in how the end result turns out. Here’s a list of the topmost front-end technologies that developers should know this year and beyond.


Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) is the primary requirement for creating the front end of any website. As the name suggests, it’s a combination of hypertext and markup language. While the former defines text documentation and page structure, the latter is responsible for linking two or more pages. HTML lays the foundation of a website. It’s the basic skill that you need to ask for while seeking services regarding website application development.

2. CSS

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a programming language that helps in making web pages more presentable. Using CSS developers can add various styles to web pages. One can also use it independently without HTML that makes up a web page. CSS comes in handy when redesigning web pages. It allows the creation of different-looking web pages without the need for extensive coding.

3. JavaScript

Although you may know that JavaScript (JS) is an essential component for front-end development, you should also know that it brings endless possibilities. It’s one of the most adaptable programming languages in the industry that’s used to make mobile, desktop, and web applications. Java Script has been known for making the most interactive websites and applications. In fact, it enhances the functionality of a website for running games and web-based software smoothly.

4. ReactJS

This one is a JavaScript open-source front-end library that helps create dynamic and interactive applications with excellent UI/UX design. While ReactJS enhances the view layer, with the help of suitable frameworks like NextJS, it can also be used for single-page, server-side and mobile applications. It also separates code into two components and makes correction easier and more efficient.

5. AngularJS

It’s yet another open-source, JS front-end application programming interface, mostly used for creating single-page applications. AngularJS is an important component of the MEAN Stack (MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS). Also, it comes with built-in templates that let developers create interactive UI quickly. This programming interface especially enhances user experience. It reduces navigation and creates fast-loading pages. Applications built using AngularJS are not browser-specific which is another positive aspect.

6. VueJS

VueJS is one of the best JavaScript frameworks used for creating interactive, adaptable, and lightweight UI elements. It’s popular for creating single-page applications and interactive UIs. In order to make the best use of VueJS, a developer must have a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. It comes with a core library that is focused on improving the view layers.

It can be seamlessly integrated into larger projects with no hassle. But, with the help of a reliable web application development company, you can figure out the suitable development stack to leverage the best of this framework.

Back-End Technologies

Like the front-end helps to meet visual preferences and customer interactions, the back-end has a core role to play in the smooth functioning of an application. Here’s a list of the topmost back-end tools which are the best additions to developers’ skill sets this year and in the years to come.

1. JavaScript

JavaScript is not only important for the front-end but also for the back-end development. It’s one of the most multifaceted programming languages that lets you create impressive user experience and streamlined applications. JavaScript also helps in the smooth completion of server-side operations when used with Node.JS.

2. PHP

PHP is a server-side technology and general-purpose scripting language. It is also used to amend information in databases. Additionally, it includes the combination of multiple modern frameworks, a massive community, a robust code base, and an easy deployment process. PHP is also cost-efficient and simplifies programming for ORM (object-relational mapping) systems. At the same time, its scripting technology, makes it possible to automate various tasks like session management, URL mapping, and authentication.

PHP is a popular technology and many popular brands leverage its potential for their web applications. To know more,

3. Python

With multiple libraries and capabilities that simplify web development, PHP deserves to be on the list of topmost web technologies. It also offers high-level security and many other benefits which makes it eligible for developing applications even today. As a result of the Open-Source Web Application Security Project, developers and coders can now build versions of mobile and web apps that are protected from any attacks. When you hire web app developer for your upcoming projects, thus, Python is one of the primary technologies they should know.

4. Java

Java has been in the industry for a long time now. It’s one of the most widespread and proficient programming languages. It comes with many perks and benefits that subsequently let developers solve difficult real-time problems with ease. It not only lets you make adaptable, feature-rich web applications but also lets you create mobile apps and microcontroller software.

5. Ruby on Rails

Just like Python and Java, Ruby on Rails is yet another open-source, backend technology. As a web app development company, we know and understand why developers consider it a favorite for prototyping. Ruby also supports multiprogramming and offers various third-party library modules along with other capabilities which make it absolutely productive.


A database stores all the important files and information. This information is extremely sensitive. Therefore, it’s important to access it carefully. Here are some of the most commonly used databases for website application development.

1. PostgreSQL

This database application is written using C language. It’s most preferable for organizations that have a huge amount of data to deal with. Earlier known as POSTGRES, this database management tool is used by various domain registrations, gaming apps, and database automation tools.

2. MongoDB

MongoDB was the first document database management software released in 2009. In fact, it’s one of the most popular NoSQL databases in 2022. It was introduced especially with the objective of eliminating challenges in loading and accessing data in RDBMS using object-oriented programming languages. Thus, it’s perfect for managing document data.

3. MariaDB

This relational database management system is compatible with MYSQL clients and protocols. It’s easy to change the MYSQL server using MariaDB since it doesn’t require any changes in the code. Not only MariaDB is a community-driven database management system, but it also offers columnar storage with parallel distributed data architecture.


Supported by Microsoft systems, the MYSQL server is one great choice for cloud and on-premises applications. It’s also in tune with the Linux and Windows systems. At the same time, this multi-model database supports Semi-Structured Data (JSON), Spatial Data, and Structured Data (SQL).

The web app development company you choose will probably guide you with the best databases for your project.

Hire Web App Developer With the Best Skills

As said earlier, web development tools, technologies, and trends continue to change and evolve. The best development partner for your project would be the one who moves with time and upgrades skills as needed. Moreover, the above-listed technologies might help you make a reliable decision regarding your development team.

As a thriving company, Narola Infotech and its amazing developers take skill upgrades very seriously. We not only focus on taking our web app development services to the next level but actively work toward it. Our Portfolio and client testimonials speak better for the work we have done over the past 16+ years. So, if you are seeking similar services or have any related queries, feel free to reach out.

Source: Web App Development Technologies

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