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Cybersecurity and the Cloud: Important Factors To Know

Cybersecurity and the Cloud

When it comes to thinking about cloud security, the need to address an existing public policy problem must be different from the need to address an existing public policy problem. The rise in the cost of cyberattacks and the deterioration of cybersecurity is because of the existing public policy problem. Most of the businesses struggle in their protection against efforts to weaken the information systems. Few businesses can go against the security teams of the popular cloud service providers, therefore many of them opt these teams for their security for the entrustment. 

The shared responsibility feature gives cloud computing a host of capabilities, security and makes things like widespread automation easier than ever. But it does not mean that the businesses get rid of the responsibility to understand and manage their cybersecurity. The policy environment has the same reality, cloud services can offer answers with technology. But it is up to customers for defining the questions and up to policymakers for shaping what are the questions that are important for the users.

Misconceptions about Cloud Computing

Cloud Solves All Of The Cybersecurity Problems: The biggest misconception about cloud computing is that the migration to the cloud will solve all of the cybersecurity problems of a business. While it is true that the migration to the cloud protects the companies but the migration itself comes with some temporary risks mainly the accidents. Then a different security approach is taken for effectively managing the shared responsibility. 

Transparent Decisions: The decisions are made by a mix of consensus and the leadership of an individual of the businesses. But the decisions that are made by the officials are generally hidden from the public and the policy community. The resemblance of cloud computing to the utility infrastructure is like power or water, so the decisions of the providers will shape social and political outcomes, and this opacity will steadily get costlier to businesses and users in the same manner. 

Image of Cloud: The advertisements at different locations about cloud shows an image of the cloud; like it is literally made of clouds which is not really the case. Despite the image that is reinforced by the advertisements, the real picture of a cloud is a lot different than that. It is not some fluffy, white ephemera for storing data which automatically makes the functioning happen. Rather it is a complex software architecture at the foundation of the cloud with a very tangible hardware infrastructure. It also hides the fact that the cloud is a tough business that is primarily run by a few giant tech companies. 

Rise of the Multi-Cloud Environment

Businesses need new cloud services, there comes the option of multiple Cloud Service Providers. Therefore for a multi-cloud environment, two or more CSPs are dealt with. Businesses prefer a multi-cloud environment as it allows them to choose their preferred cloud services across different Cloud Service Providers like Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, AWS. 

However, every individual Cloud Service Provider adopts its own lingo, its own specific technologies, and approaches to security management. The cloud client thus has to acquire a large range of skills and data to use totally different cloud services from multiple CSPs firmly.

Organizations need a variety of various users to firmly access cloud services from among the organization’s network perimeter through secure network connections (e.g. via a gateway). However, organizations additionally would like their cloud services to be accessed from outside the interior perimeter by business partners and users move off-site or operating remotely, all connecting through a range of secure network connections as determined by the organization.

Affect of Internet of Things (IoT) on Cloud Security

Due to the Internet of Things (IoT), the infrastructure is on the verge of undoing a lot of the progress despite all the progress made in securing cloud solutions, network infrastructures, and data centres. There comes a lot of security vulnerabilities with the explosion of IoT devices because the devices generally do not have the kind of security that is required. As a result, undermining other cyber-security efforts IoT offers a way into the data.

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