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Watch Brahmarakshas Latest Indian Drama Online

A small village named Kamalpura landlord Sanjay marries Aparajita, on their night, betrays him and pushes him off the cliff of his treasure, attacked by a gorilla, Sanjay’s soul is loved by the gorilla’s body transforming him into a Brahmrakshas (demon). He loses his temper every time he sees brides with wedding and vermillion jewelry, and kills them because it reminds him of Aparajita.
Twenty years later
In Mumbai, the family decides to have a wedding for their daughter, Rakhi in Kamalpura. Rakhi is at the end of his partner Raina and brother Rishabh with a simple love. the whole family goes to Kamalpura. Learning that Rakhi loves someone else (Varun), Raina and Rishabh secretly marry them. Sanjay kills Varun and Rakhi with him .Left left, Rishabh and Raina plan to take revenge on Sanjay. Raina and Rishabh get married to bring Watch Brahmrakshas Drama Online before them and kill him.
Aparjita returns to Kamalpura. Raina finds out that Aparajita is “Appu maa” of Rishabh, Mohini’s partner and next to Rishabh. He also discovers that he is not the real daughter of his father. Her parents were the first couple to be killed by Sanjay and the baby Raina was given to someone by Phuli. Raina revealed the truth to Rishabh, but he refused to believe Raina, but soon Aparajita’s truth became known and published. A dangerous animal kills Aparajita and he or another Brahmrakshas is killed by Sanjay, who is under Mohini’s control.
Rishabh’s brother Yug involves knowing that Mohini is Rishabh’s henchman. His wife Naina reads this but is tied up and locked inside a basement, where Rishabh’s real mother Sudha is found. Mohini takes Sudha to Asursthal to kill him but Raina brings him back. longing to awaken Narsimha, Mohini takes Raina and Rishabh in with him; they learned his truth.
Mohini loses the Narsimha stone, which cracks. because of the great light that emits it, the stone seals Rishab on the stone. Mohini snatches it but is killed by Sanjay. When he died, he revealed to Raina about Narsimha. Rishabh comes out of the rock and sees the changes in him. Narsimha enters his body. Sanjay gains more power and kills Naina. Sanjay and Narsimha are fighting.
As Sanjay picks up a treasure that contains Narsimha’s power, he throws it but Raina finds it and finds it. He grabbed a sword and stabbed Sanjay, who died. Raina and Rishabh reunited.
Season 2
Raghav and Vishakha organized a Diwali and a birthday party for their daughter Kalindi. Raghav’s partner Shakti Mehra and his wife and son Angad came to London to expand his business. Raghav’s loyalist Prithvi and his wife Shalalini demand money and jewelry from Kali Mandir. Akshay nominated Tantrik Jwala, wanted a horoscope for Kalindi once they gave him his horoscope, he was overjoyed as he found the girl who would help him not to die for life. He ordered them to bring the girl immediately but they sent Komal not Kalindi but Jwala realized he was not the girl. Raghav calls Balan to look for Kalindi with him but he joins hands with Prithvi for money and gives Kalindi to her. In a fit of rage Jwala tied Prithvi, Balan and Akshay to the pillar. Raghav feels unwell so he visits Kali Mandir and sees everything as soon as Kalindi Pooja’s sacrifice is about to end. He told Jwala to stop the pooja but then he tied the rope away from the pillar and looked at Prithvi and Akshay and asked him, what are you doing here, you people welcome and where did you get the key to the temple room. They told him they needed jewelery and money from Kali Mandir. Raghav begins praying to Kali Maa to stop this evil work as soon as Jwala flees but is killed by Brahmarakshas and Jwala’s soul is transferred to him. Here Prithvi and Shalalini kill Raghav and Vishakha and take his daughters.
16 years later
All grown up, Kalindi and Minty receive Prithvi’s ridicule from Shalal and his daughters. Kalindi is portrayed as a mature woman who feels indebted to Prithvi thinking that she is canceling her father’s debts, unaware that she is involved in her parents’ death. Prithvi draws a loving uncle to Kalindi and Minty hoping to get all of Kalindi’s belongings. Angad is now a London-based businessman alongside his father and athlete, who is portrayed as a casanova. The Mehras returned to India under Shakti’s insistence that his sons marry Raghav’s daughters, which was not taken seriously by his wife, Damini. Prithvi and Shalalini mislead Shakti that Kalindi died shortly after the death of her married Minty parents. They make Shakti beg his sons to marry his former daughters while Angad is beaten by Kalindi, thinking she is one of Prithvi’s three daughters. Brahmarakshas owns Vardhaan Choudary, a registered businessman, and wants Kalindi. He finds her soon and tries some tricks to seduce her and later asks her hand in marriage by convincing him that he will help her find the key to the Brahmarakshas Kalindi agrees with. In his study Angad is saddened and tries many tricks to cancel the marriage but to no avail. after the wedding day Prithvi and Shalalini try to kill Kalindi but they are not sure as Angad saves him but the brahmarakshas gives Angad unconscious and kidnaps Kalindi and tries to marry her when she is unconscious but Angad comes at the right time to save her and inform her of Vardhaan Brahmarakshas and she or she wins the brahmaraksas killed Gehna.
2 months later
Brahmarakshas has been shown to be alive. The Feast of Angad and Paridhi’s haldi took place. Madan is out of a coma. The Brahmarakshas caused havoc too. Kalindi and Angad bring Madan back home. Angad is jealous of seeing Madan and Kalindi approaching. The inspector reads something suspicious about Madan. Later, Kalindi seeks Madan’s help. Angad finds doubt in Madan.

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