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Watch Anupamaa Indian Drama Online

Anupamaa is a television series of Indian drama that premiered on 13 July 2020 and produced by Rajan Shahi and his mother Deepa Shahi.

Starting of Anupamaa Indian Drama:

Pakhi walks away depressed when Vanraj scolds him for supporting Kavya. Anu tries to silence her in vain. Vanraj cries out to check Pakhi’s condition; he is going to be naughty even with his father now. Pakhi goes to his room remembering that he insulted Anu, Vanraj repeatedly scolds him, and so on. In Watch Anupamaa Indian Drama Kavya asks if he has seen that girl. Anu says Pakhi, the name of his daughter Pakhi.

What Anu Tells to Vanraj:

He tells Vanraj that he always viewed Toshu and Pakhi as their children and Samar as his child; if the mother child does good, the father is praised, and if the child is bad, the mother is blamed; if the child wins the medal, the father is commended, but when the child fails, the mother is blamed; why the medal goes to the father’s share and marks the mother’s share; Vanraj really knows Pakhi Kavya, understands him and is his hero; the mother is everything to the little child, but Vanraj is everything to her and scolded her. Kavya claims to have reprimanded Pakhi by mistake.

What Anu says to Kavya?

Anu warns her not to interrupt when she is talking to the father of her children; if not mom, Kavya is a friend of Pakhi and his friends to make a big mistake with each other, this is usually small. Pakhi rushes into his room and throws things away. Anu goes on to say that the children do not bother when the mother disciplines them, but the father does, the children tremble with fear; he should have spoken to her alone; he foolishly told Paki that he was his daughter, much to Paki’s chagrin; Anger’s anger goes out like tears and new ones like rage; Paki’s age kids try to understand themselves, and if parents don’t understand then, who will understand; Pakhi did not behave well with him and other relationships. Also watch desi serial online.

Although he did not behave well with her at times; he has never behaved badly even with a neighbor or Kavya in 8 years, so why today; everything happened to him suddenly that he could not handle, etc. He asks Dolly and Kinjal to serve him food and he goes to satisfy Pakhi. Baa goes to Kavya. Rakhi grins at the thought that Anu had just confronted Kavya, Baa would slap him. Baa tells Kavya that he has never loved her, but since her son’s happiness is connected to him, he wanted to give her a chance; when Anu invited her, she thought she was not so bad and would use the opportunity, but now she has lost the chance to be accepted;

If we love man, we love not only his beauty but also his faults; for people like Kavya, celebrating valentine’s day with gifts, flowers, Watch Anupamaa Indian Drama and choc is love, but love is the sea where they need to immerse themselves and forget themselves; there is no word that I am crazy. Mamaji and Bapuji jokes. Baa goes on to say that if Kavya wants love, he must find out how to follow it to Anu.

Anu goes into Park’s room and sees things messed up on the floor. She closes the door and comforts Paki. Pakhi cries and hugs her. Vanraj in his room remembers Anu’s words. Pakhi tells Anu that he hates Kavya as he tries to separate him from his father. Anu teases her and says that as a child, she does not fight with Sam. Pakhi says he used to pull his hair.

Anu says that even though she used to break her pencil, they remembered only the mistakes of others and not their own fault; the same happens with Kavya and him, both pointing to each other’s faults and not themselves; her father did not like her and found happiness in Kavya, so it is not Kavya’s fault. Pakhi angrily claims that Kavya unfairly accused him. Anu says she should consider her father’s happiness and ignore Kavya. Pakhi says my father scolded her in front of everyone. Anu says my father scolded her for her mistake and she should remember that even the right words spoken at the wrong time became a mistake. 

Pakhi says he knows, but he hates Kavya and needs him out of his father’s life. Anu asks her to block. Vanraj walks down a corridor that encloses Anu’s words as a park ranger. Anu tells Pakhi that he is angry does not mean he will tell anything; his father who used to injure with tongue is better than injured by tongue; his father is not his toy to use him as whatever he wants, he has the right to measure the life he wants; why he is like Kavya. Pakhi asks why he thinks so. Anu says Kavya wants to arrest Vanraj only, even Pakhi thinks the same; Kavya is angry that she can’t cook, even her father can’t cook. Pakhi says cooking is not my father’s job.

Anu asks that cooking is just a woman’s job, so she too should know how to cook and will manage the kitchen rather than the lessons; he should know that a young woman will already be fighting a labor war, think of herself, and be a woman; even Pakhi has to fight the same battle and he too will be questioned like Kavya;

He must remember that a woman’s war is in their society and in their thinking and not in another woman; Watch Anupamaa Indian Drama he is angry that Kavya does not know how to cook, but he is angry with me that I only know how to cook and I am even ashamed of myself and he wants me to be as modern as Kavya; he must live up to Kavya’s principles if he wants to live with her otherwise; love grows by sharing; if he is proud of his father’s pleasures and accepts Kavya.

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