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Vaping and its Type – A Guide

We all love new tech. We crave to move along with time, whether it’s a new AI making our lives even easier or some new technology, simplifying our multi-step loaded work into a single one. You know it’s a good thing when technology tries to convert the unhealthy into healthy. Marketed as healthy, Vaping is the present rising experience, that is here to replace cigarettes with e-cigarettes and the others with their counterparts. 

Now, if you are not familiar with the term Vape, then here is a short explanation for you. Vaping is an alternate for smoking and hence nicotine. It allows you to use tech to give you the satisfaction of smoking and yet not exactly smoking. If you are planning to transition out of smoking, vaping is the step that you should take up considering it could turn out to be very helpful. 

The world is moving on and bring our new invention and new changes in almost every field as well as technology. Every technology has its own set of rules and ways in which it works. Every invention looks for its room of improvement, and so comes up with different varieties suitable for different people. 

In the age of vaping, there are various types of vapes that people prefer to choose. There came the e-cigarette the Pods followed by the vaporizers. There are different ways in which vaping works. Vaping is brought out as an alternative to smoking especially for a dance or at least for those who are of legal smoking age. 

Vaping usually involves a vaping device which is the thing but a piece of electronic technology that converts the substance of your choice into vapour the process of which is called vaporization, so it ultimately terminates the process of looking for a lighter or a match. 

All vaping devices have the same function and have three basic components such as the power source, a heating method such as an atomiser or coil, and a heating chamber or reservoir for e-liquid. Apart from this, the vaping devices serve different styles of vaping. 

When you go out to look for a vaping device, it should fulfil your requirements because each one has a different style. E-cigs, vape pens and pod mods, all serve a different style of vaping. 

E-cigarettes and Vape pens are special as they use a battery to heat the e-liquid containing a small amount of liquid into an aerosol that is used as an inhaler. 

Pod Mods combine the portability of e-cigarettes or vape pens. These were probably the second-generation vapes, with the JUUL ones which are more famous, filled with e-liquid. These use nicotine salt e-liquids to give you the desired result. The nicotine salts are easy to inhale and so these pods are nothing but small devices which produce vapour with a huge nicotine punch. These look like USB pen drives and are usually inserted in the vape devices. These are nothing but stylish e-cigarettes. You can find JUUL pods in the UK pretty easily. These can be one-time use or could be refillable. JUUL’s are the original pods that brought the salt e-liquid in the market. They are called the new generation ones. 


Technology has opened doors to modify the old with the new. Vaping is the new tech and the new trend. It could turn out to be helpful if you want to transition from smoking.

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