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Useful Tips to Purchase Budget-Friendly Second-hand Smartphones

People tend to spend money on a brand new smartphone. It is unlikely that you may have heard someone say that they want to spend money to buy a used phone. Your concerns are not unwarranted. There are second-hand smartphones that are put up on sale. Even though they don’t thoroughly function and have multiple physical damages. But you shouldn’t let something like that deter you from saving money after buying a second-hand smartphone. All you need is guidance and some useful tips. So you can avoid damaged smartphones.

The market is full of second-hand smartphones that would give tough competition to even brand new phones. Just follow our tips and you won’t be scammed into buying a nonfunctioning smartphone.

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Check the phone cover case

If you are buying a used phone from a local retailer or an acquaintance. It is crucial that you perform a physical test. Regarding the physical examination. The first thing you should do is check the cover case. You can tell a lot from the phone after seeing the condition of the cover case.

If the phone is old and has been through a few hard phases? Thus, you will find faded color spots, scratches, dull shine. A well-kept phone won’t show a sign of these physical damages also if it is relatively new and only used around 18 to 24 months. Avoid buying a phone that comes with a cover case in horrible condition. It may be a sign the phone is too old and soon would give up.

Examine the buttons

You won’t find any physical buttons on the new generation of smartphones. Still, every smartphone comes with a power and volume button. If you are buying a used feature phone that’s a completely different case? Therefore, you have to check every button on that phone and see how it works?

But if you are purchasing a second-hand smartphone that looks new and is in good condition. Still, it is important to check the power and volume by pressing them a few times to see. If they are working flawlessly or not?

Perform a physical examination on Display

Moving on to the important part of every smartphone display. Ask the seller to let you use the phone for a few minutes. After that, continue to swipe right and left. Open an application and then check the screen from top to the bottom. Don’t leave any corner of the screen.

Sometimes touch sensors stop working in a corner and then in a few months phone entire screens will stop functioning. Check for scratches and cracks as well. If you are buying a used phone with scratches and cracks? Hence, you can ask the seller to reduce the price due to the small damage. In most cases, scratches don’t affect the capability of smartphone touch sensor function. So it won’t be an issue if you have already checked the screen.

There is one thing you should look closely at while checking the display. Scratch may not affect the screen. But if the used phone in the past has been dropped? So a small part of the display might have discolored or shown a black screen. If there is a spider web type of massive crack on any corner where the display is showing lines and black color. Never buy these types of phones. It would be a waste of your money even though you got it at cheap rates.

Check the battery health & condition

You may not be able to see the battery physically. But there are ways that you check battery health. You can test it by playing games that require good battery life backup. A battery that doesn’t function properly and easily gets drained.  Won’t keep recharging for a long time. While playing the game how fast the battery is draining.

Also, look at the back case and see if there are swollen places or bumps.  The old battery in deadly condition starts bulging. If that’s the case with the second-hand smartphones that you are purchasing. It’s best that without any second thought you don’t blow your hard-earned money on it.

Charging ports

You may now require accessories like headphones with a used phone. But you are going to need a charging port. Check the charging port cable if there are any cuts on it. Also, connect the phone to the charging to see if it is charging or not and also the speed of charging.

Speaker and microphone quality check

If it is a used phone the speaker and microphone may not be working appropriately. If you have a spare SIM card, put it inside the used phone and try to call from your other number. Listen if you can hear the sound. Also if the microphone is useful or not. Make sure the sound coming from the speaker is clear and loud.

Wi-Fi & connectivity

If you want to stay connected to modern-day technology. It is important that your phone supports 3G and 4G data connectivity. To provide you with a fast internet connection. Also, connect the Wi-Fi with the nearby device to see if it is connecting or not and the network works at a fast pace.

Final Verdict:- You always have our tips as your guiding guru. However, sometimes it doesn’t matter how careful we are and what exactly we have done to be on the safer side. We end up trusting the wrong person. Who steals the money from us while lying to our faces. I am sure you don’t want to be the next victim on their list. Save yourself and buy and sell used phones for cash through sites like Quickmobile at the best market price.





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