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Tourist Places to Visit in Goa

When touring India and not visiting Goa, it would not be more than a half trip. The spectacular tourist places to visit in Goa make the huge arrivals from worldwide. This place is the hotspot for the tourers that offers a variety of natural spots along with some historical destinations that are increasing its beauty. Popular as the beach spot, it may be a place for all in all when looking for party & nightlife pubs. 

Along with the beaches and parties, churches and various other colonial period architecture will make you stunned. Also, you can enjoy here waterfalls and wildlife sanctuaries around that would be easier by booking a cab service in Goa. Let us see about some of the best tourist places to visit in Goa.

Top Tourist Places to Visit in Goa

If making mind touring the top tourist spots in Goa, you will find mostly beaches along with adventure activities around. Following are the top spots in Goa to visit: –

  • Dudhsagar Waterfalls

Dudhsagar Waterfalls are situated on the border of Goa and Karnataka. It has its honor as one of the must-see sights in India. Located on the Mandovi River, these waterfalls have a four-tiered waterfall structure and are famous as one of the tallest waterfalls in India. The white water cascades come down from a height of nearly 1017 feet.

The Dudhsagar Waterfalls is a part of Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary and Mollem National Park. And if you want to visit here easily, you can arrive here by entering the park and taking a taxi to waterfalls.

  • Fort Aguada

Fort Aguada is another heritage of the Portuguese and standing on the beach facing the Arabian sea. It was built in 1612 to get defense from the Dutch and Marathas and this time, it divides Sinquerium Beach and Candolim Beach. Its capacity to hold 79 cannons among other weapons of defense made it different from others and it was special in its time. 

The Fort of Aguada holds a lighthouse built in 1864 and is popular for being the oldest lighthouse in India of its shape and size. You can easily visit here by taxi from Panjim or by taking a bus from there. 

  • Candolim Beach

When running from Calangute Beach on one side of Aguada Fort, the other side would be Candolim Beach. The day activities with a variety of water sports at reasonable prices will make your day most joyful. You will find here mesmerizing beach views with pubs and interspersed shopping places. 

It has its location in North Goa along the stretch of Fort Aguada and 13 km from Panjim. You can easily take a taxi to Goa for visiting Candolim Beach.

  • Palolem Beach

Palolem Beach is one of the most gorgeous beaches in Goa in the Southern of the state. It is especially known for its picturesque natural beauty and attracts huge visitors from each part of the country. This semi-circular beach is a mile long and a good spot for uncanny party vibes. Due to the short distance, you will be able to explore all the gorgeous sites within a few hours. 

The northern side of the beach is a little bit safer than the others. If traveling with your family, it may be a good place to stay and take joyful moments of nature. 

  • Chapora Fort

Chapora Fort is a historical spot and it is the site of many battles. In its long history, Indians & Portuguese fought many times. This fort may be a good spot for tourists who loved the history and architecture of the 18th century. It was constructed in 1717 and rises on the banks of the Chapora River that give a great view of this spot. 

The view from the fort is breathtaking as its location stands on the head of a natural valley that directly leads to the sea. Its location is Chapora Fort Road, Bardez in North Goa for that you can book a taxi from Panjim.

Timing: 9:30AM – 5:30PM

  • Bom Jesus Basilica

Bom Jesus Basilica is a central landmark for Catholics but becomes the charm for a huge number of tourists from all over the world. In this church, the incorrupt body of St Francis Xavier is kept safely that was brought in 1622. This church was built in 1605 and it has a gallery of modern art that is a part of the Basilica.   

The construction style of this building is in baroque style and it is considered one of the best examples of Indian Baroque architecture. To visit here, you can book a cab from Panjim.

Timing: 9.00AM – 6.30PM

  • Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary

As the smallest wildlife sanctuary in Goa, Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary is very different from others. This sanctuary is the smallest but most popular amongst kids and those who love the natural environment. You will find here a number of species of flora and fauna that increase the curiosity among arrivals. 

Lots of species of animals and plants are seen here that is very rare in India. So, Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary attracts photographers from all over India also. You can visit here Panjim which is 47 km if riding by a taxi service in Goa

  • Verna Springs

Verna Springs is also famous as Kesarval Springs and it has its location near Verna Cliffs. Kesarval references eagles(Kesar-Val) who used it as a nesting ground and when they had gone, it has changed into huge rocks and green trees. For natural sightseeing in Goa, it may be a good spot for visitors. Around this area, it has just silence and only the hum of the forest fauna to hear. 

The best time to visit is the monsoon season when water flows in its full force. It has its location near the village of Cortalim in South Goa. 

Timing to Visit= 9:00AM – 7:00PM

Plan your next trip to Goa with Bharat Taxi and enjoy a hassle-free ride.

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