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Spirit Airlines’ Bag Size and Weight Limits

Luggage doesn’t need to be your biggest concern when you’re packing for your next flight. Spirit Airlines Flights allows most customers to bring on board one personal item. That fits under the seat in front of them. And one personal item that can fit overhead or in the overhead bin. If you’re bringing any bags larger than these dimensions, however, you’ll likely have to check them at the gate. This can result in extra fees. So use this guide to find out Spirit Airlines’ bag size and weight limits and choose your luggage accordingly.

How Many Items Can I Check in Spirit Airlines?

You can bring on two items for free (two bags, two boxes, etc.). You can purchase a third item at $40 each. If you buy one of Spirit’s Big Front Seat fares. You’ll get an extra carry-on bag, up to five total pieces. There is no additional charge for these first three bags. For example, if you’re in a group of four people whose Spirit Airlines Book a Flight all Big Front Seats, each person would be allowed to check three items for free and have one more checked bag that would cost $40 per person.

Is There a Size Limit for Carry-on Bags on Spirit Airlines Flights?

Spirit Airlines allows customers to bring one carry-on bag that fits under their seat. They also offer a Personal Item allowance of 4 x 18 x 24 inches. Which will fit in front of you on your tray table or on top of your carry-on bag with a Spirit bag policy. A personal item might be, for example, a backpack or purse that you take from place to place with you. If both bags are small enough (under 50 pounds). Then you could count both towards your total carry-on limit at Spirit and if either bag is too big. Then it will be a Spirit checked bag for $35 per bag. Unless it can be folded up small enough to fit under an airplane seat. In some cases a large bag may qualify as a special item (see below).

How Much do Luggage Fees Cost on Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines charges $35 to check a suitcase as part of its current baggage fee schedule. But there are ways to save a few bucks. If you’re packing light or travel only with carry-on bags, you might be able to avoid bag fees completely. Keep in mind that even if you aren’t charged extra for your first Spirit checked bag, you’ll still have to pay when it comes time to retrieve your luggage. Spirit Airlines official site says it will charge an extra $25 each way for passengers. Who wait until arrival at their Spirit Airlines destinatios airport to pick up their bag.

Why Does Spirit Charge $100 Per Overweight Bag, But Only $45 Per Checked Bag That is Over 50 Pounds?

Before we get into what Spirit’s bag limits are, let’s first go over why their fees for bags that weigh too much are different depending on whether you Spirit check in bag or carry it on. The reason is because of all of Spirit’s other fees, including their carry-on fee. When a passenger checks in with a carry-on they will be charged $45 per bag, plus $30 per flight if they have to put their bag in an overhead bin to make room for other passengers’ bags. For example, if you had three bags and checked two of them, your fee would be $60 instead of just $45 since there was no space left on board.

Why are There Different Charges if My Spirit Checked Bag is Over 50 Pounds. But Less Than 70 Pounds, Versus 70 Pounds or More?

The overhead bins on aircraft are sized for 50 pounds per bag. The heavier your bag, above 50 pounds, means it can take up more space in that bin which makes it easier to bump into others bags making them less likely to fit as well. Thus Spirit has charged a few extra dollars to encourage you to avoid paying those fees by not overloading their bins! If your bag is over 70 lbs but under 100 lbs then they will charge $100 because they do not want too many bags in those bins as they take up too much space that could be used for something else.

Should I Ship My Luggage to My Destination Instead of Checking it On Spirit Airlines?

Spirit allows you to check up to two bags for free. If you need additional luggage, Spirit allows you to purchase up to five more at a rate of $35 per bag. In addition, each bag can weigh a maximum of 50 pounds. If your luggage weighs over 50 pounds, there is an additional charge per pound. The fee ranges from $15 to $100 depending on where your destination is located. For example, if your destination is within Puerto Rico or U.S., it will cost you $15; whereas going overseas will cost you anywhere from $50 to $100, depending on your destination country.

Are There Different Rules When Flying within The U.S. Than When Flying Internationally with Spirit Airlines?

Yes. Spirit Airlines’s domestic bags Spirit Airlines fly free (though you’ll pay a fee if your bag is bigger than their size limit). This can be a great way to save some money on in-country flights. However, when flying Spirit Airlines internationally, Spirit doesn’t offer any complimentary bags. Check out our comprehensive guide to saving money when flying internationally for tips on how to get through airport security and baggage check faster, so you can get on with your vacation sooner and Contact Spirit Airlines!

What Happens if I Want to Bring a Large item onboard Even Though it Doesn’t Fit in My Suitcase or Under The Seat in Front of Me (e.g., surfboard, snorkel gear, folding bike)?

You can only check one free bag. Anything else has to go in your suitcase, which you can then put in an overhead bin if it fits there. No special privileges for surfers or cyclists: even though you’re traveling with a single carry-on, you need to follow all of our carry-on size requirements. If your suitcase doesn’t fit in an overhead bin, you’ll have to gate check it—that’s not Spirit’s problem! — but we do ask that you please take out any fragile items (e.g., bike, kayak) before bringing them to our desk at the boarding area so they don’t get damaged while being checked as Spirit Airlines baggage check in by other airlines on their way out of Orlando.

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