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How to Roam within Faraway Saudi Cities

Saudi Arabia with the Remarkable place in the World

The Islamic Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a beautiful Muslim State with awe-inspiring sites within itself. Besides being a heartland of Islam, it is one of the most significant countries of the Middle East. Millions of Muslims across the globe enter the most commemorated Saudi cities of Mecca and Medinah to perform their significant religious itineraries of Hajj and Umrah respectively.

Saudi Arabia with the Remarkable place in the World

Moreover besides religion there are many other interesting facts associated with this grand Islamic Kingdom. It not only enjoys utmost respect in Muslim population but also owns a pivotal position on the entire map of the world. It is the 13th largest country in the world and the largest country of the Middle East. It is a phenomenal land with a distinct diverse and immensely culture. It offers countless sightseeing sites to the globetrotters of the whole world.

Keep it in mind that apart from the off-limit Muslim holiest sites, the Western tourists can roam in the whole country wherever they want. This Islamic State is not less than the size of Western Europe.

Moving Around in the Country

After landing your feet in this grand Islamic Kingdom, you would realize that it is the least walking friendly country specially for the habitual roamers. So it’s very difficult to move in the Saudi cities without any transportation.

Reasons of Excessive Transportation Use in KSA

If you are a habitual roamer or walker who prefers walk over public transport (vehicles) then you have to keep the fact in mind that you cannot move frequently on your foot. It is mainly because of the following fair reasons

Hot Weather Conditions of Arabia

After landing your feet in the Islamic land, you would definitely feel the disturbance from the scorching hot sun because Saudi Arabia is comparatively hotter than the other European countries. So it may be difficult for you to move in the tough weather condition of the country. Frequent walking in hot Arabia may be difficult for you if you are not used to bear or live in the hotter climatic.

Erratic Driving on Saudi Arabian Roads

Be mindful that most places in Saudi Arabia are connected with the highways where people drive really fast. You may also see the speedy Saudi drivers overtaking their nearby cars which is a life threatening stunt. So it is strongly suggested not to walk on extremely busy roads of Urban cities.

Huge Distances within Saudi Cities

It is the largest country of the middle East with great distances between the cities. It is filled with loads of eye-catching sites to feast your eyes. But these beautiful sites are scattered over the large distances. These distances cannot be covered on foot. So the use of transport is inevitable.

So it is strongly suggested to get the benefits of Saudi Transport System with the smart use.

How to Roam in the Saudi Cities?

In order to have a quality time at the awe-inspiring Saudi tourist spots, you have to get benefit from the extensive transport System of the country. This would save your precious time that you must actually spend inside the touristy places of Arabia.

Use Uber and Careem

The Public transport in Saudi Arabia is expensive, so if you have driving license, you can drive your own car or hire taxi. However, if you don’t have your own car then it is highly recommended to download the World popular and efficient Uber or Careem. Through this beneficial mobile app, you wouldn’t have to negotiate for the sky rocketed prices of taxis.

Use Domestic Arabian Flights

We already know that the distances between the most Saudi Arabian cities are very huge. For example, the Saudi gem city Al-Ula is nearly 1000 km north of Jeddah and the Saudi city Jezan is another 1000 km south of Jeddah. So the air travel is by far the most convenient way of traveling around the city if you have limited time. There are a number of domestic airports in the country. The most excessively used popular domestic airlines include

  • Saudia Airlines
  • Flynas
  • Saudi Gulf Airlines
  • Flyadeal

These above mentioned efficient airlines take you to all the Saudi cities at much affordable rates.

Among these, go for the Saudia Airlines, as these have the largest number of domestic connections in the country. The best way to move in any Saudi city is to take a domestic flight to reach our desired city and then rent a car to get to our selected tourist destination.

Move in Spacious Rental Cars

You can easily enjoy your Saudi visit by renting a car for you and your loved ones. Because the good thing is that the Gas in Saudi Arabia is cheap. Moreover, there are a lot of rental car companies which offer many rental car packages.

However, to get benefit from the amazing rental car services in Saudi Arabia you mandatorily need to keep your own International Driving license before setting your foot in KSA as a visitor.

You can also look for the best car rental deals on Rental Car. Rental Car is the best search engine to show you the best available rental car options in each country and city.


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