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Top Popular Interior Design Styles in 2020

 Following decor trends is usually more about inspiration than an immediate overhaul. Most of all, the style that talks to you may be a reflection of your personality rather than a despotic multi-functional method. When it comes to interior design, we know that it comes in a variety of formats and formulas that are occasionally definite and other times with only the finest of differences. Still, each delivers its particular taste, finish, and experience that renders space in special chapters of history, inspiration and innovative venture. 

Moreover, identifying what places various interior design styles apart may be more useful than you might think, making sure you choose the ideal design for your space and goals and helping you meet visual improvement without having so much hassle. In this article, we are going to provide you with a list so you can get the style that best suits what you wish to achieve. 

Coastal/ Nautical Style 

The marine or nautical design is perfect for sea lovers since it guarantees to carry that maritime or coastal sensation in the home and, also, to provide it with peacefulness. However, you need to focus some attention if your house is in areas of cold weather. For that reason, this decorative style is distinguished by conveying freshness to the environment.  

If this is the case, then I suggest that you give your stay warmth and comfort. And if this just your favorite then put this decoration to a single room. You want to have abundant proportions in natural light since it’s the most important, gladly bouncing off the contrast of white and blue that set these interiors apart. Try to explore myriad shades of blue such as aqua, teal, and turquoise that come alive in light, natural materials that are comparable to summer. You may use everything from ropes to nautical icons to seashells to driftwood for uttermost aesthetic impact. 

Shabby Chic Style 

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The shabby chic style originated from the 1980s, was re-explained traditional British aesthetics to create mellow, feminine visual statements. Dragged out in noticeably light and airy spaces, this type of style hits a specific balance between the weathered look of an English cottage and the soft luxury of more classical influences. The outcome is a completely romantic vibe with a penchant for the finer things in life.  

Soft cotton and French linen are extended in flowing designs that range over the pastels to excellence. The worn and shabby is recognized as a collection of vintage components and features that lead the space alive; even the latest furniture is likely to be given a little worn out look to soften the general look, feel and tone of the interiors.  

Industrial Style 

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This industrial style is also acknowledged as a loft-style. It’s a stylish decor that has its beginning in the normal architecture of the industry, old ships of the New York of the 50. Sooner transformed into housing for artists and immigrants who are not capable of paying rent for an apartment in the city. 

Its modest architecture and visual interests have to do with its open brick structure and its materials. It stresses importance on the liberal use of exposed steel with wooden elements. It comes with a more modern variant and accents in copper tones— rough, rustic, and cold. There is plenty of industrial furniture you can purchase in the market today, but make sure they are of good quality.  Here are brief tips on how you can get an industrial style: 

  • Materials and components that are seen and worn like cement, brick, and plenty of steel. 
  • Huge windows 
  • Pillars and exposed beams 
  • Conduits and pipes of the facilities insight 
  • Delicate spaces, wide, without partition, with very high ceilings

This type of style depends on your tastes and can be combined with retro, ancient elements– caused by the use of antique elements including tasty or worn furniture due to the passage of time. You may decorate your rooms with your style whether from Nordic, rustic, or chic inspirations. 


Similar to its other modernist counterparts, the Scandinavian style incorporates a move towards straightforwardness, efficiency, and performance; plus it also emphasizes affordability to the palette. 

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Blended by democratic design ideas, this kind of design hits a delicate balance between minimalist efficiency and warm, personal invitations. You may characterize this interior style by organic materials, bare ornamentation and clean detailing. The color palette soaks in black and white, with greys and blues or the infrequent pop of color that brings visual breathing space. When it comes to Scandinavian interiors the silhouettes and contours are more rounded and sinuous, which together with organic textures generate a much comfortable feel in even the purest of layouts and arrangements.  

Bohemian Style 

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This type of style is also called hippie chic, gypsy or boho-chic has evolved into a trend. Bohemian decorations catch the free and fun spirit of the advanced lifestyle. Hippie chic displays the lifestyle of people who love simple things, and connection with nature. This is the style that gives value to the old, to history, to delight living in a more untroubled way. Here are the things that characterized the Bohemian style: 

  • Quite loose and casual in style 
  • Use of colors stand out boldly 
  • Wood, animal skin, natural materials instead of metallic details 
  • Moroccan accessories and tribal designs/elements 
  • Utilizing rich and creative prints of bold color, in purple or red tones (such as in upholstery, carpets, or textiles) 

The technique here is to display an aspect of space that is intentionally “dirty, or messy” of an entirely warm atmosphere. 

Rustic Style 

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This interior design comes with a classical straightforwardness and cozy homey feel, and it stands out among the most favored interior styles that are “pine tree”. It has that alluring beauty of a family home in the country that a present-day man longs for in the bus city. Therefore, it’s not that surprising to find the Rustic style in different buildings and interiors both, in country houses, and also in urban apartments. 

The color palettes of a rustic style interior may differ from darker shades of brown to whitewashed tones of neutral colors. For furniture items, you may choose items that are of sturdy structure and classic design, looking a little chunky and weathered. Most of them are made from solid, normally dark-stained timber that goes with upholstery of natural leather and more rugged fabrics. There are variations to its style that usually include wicker and rattan furniture, also.  

Modern Mid-Century 

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Now, this last style has earned strength in the repercussions of the Second World War. It reflects that Bauhaus and International movement, this arm of modernist interior design is separated by its bold use of color, fresh lines, and communal dialogues with nature and the outdoors.  

The point here is about building up interpersonal bonds; space was seen as being more than just a functional container and came out as a canvas for the personal and social beliefs that drove humanity post-WWII. Lavish, open planned interiors with an emphasis on usual, portioned areas, vast interfaces between the home and its natural surround, a functional and clear integral to the Modernist style label these spaces. 

Furthermore, the color palette of a modern mid-century style normally floats in shades of orange, yellow, green, and brown, despite deviations being uncommon.

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