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Most Successful Singhar Housing Scheme

Most Successful Singhar Housing Scheme

The Ministry of Economic Development has informed of the risk of the new Singhar Housing Scheme for weaning housing. The system of selling the only living location of buyers can lead to proceedings of deception. The deputy administrator of the department told about this. The Ministry of Justice many years ago revealed a bill authorizing the sale of the only expensive housing of debtors. After the first example, it is being discussed when the five-room apartment of a citizen who owed creditors more than 20 million rubles went under the hammer. Its revision will accelerate. The Ministry of Economics defended the uncontrolled weaning of square meters. The bill about Singhar Housing Scheme should contain transparent and fair criteria for what kind of housing is considered luxurious and in what cases it can be withdrawn.

Excessive luxury

For the first time in Pakistan, an auction was held to sell the only home of a citizen who went due to debts. Unfortunately, this is not provided for by the current version of the Civil Procedure Code of the Federation (Code of Civil Procedure of the Federation). Still, in April 2021, the Constitutional Court made adjustments to law enforcement, making it possible to carry out the procedure. As a result, the five-room apartment of a resident who owed more than 20 million rubles to creditors went under the hammer. As a result, Singhar Housing Scheme was sold for 8.25 million. In return for the man was given a one-room apartment.

The court indicated the possibility of selling the debtor’s only housing if its area exceeds the norms for providing housing on social rental terms established in the region, explained Susana Kirakosyan, candidate of legal sciences, member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Committee on Entrepreneurship in the Housing and Utilities Sector.

Mineck called this precedent dangerous. The debtor’s only housing sale is a “Pandora’s box,” Deputy Minister of Economic Development.

Fraudulent Actions

– We must clearly understand that if we allow creditors to sell the only housing of the debtor, we will not exclude cases of fraud. This can lead to the emergence of new schemes for the weaning of accommodation from the population.

He also noted there are various types of debt obligations and ways of confirming them. In addition to loans, it can also be simple promissory notes, which, if the creditor goes to court, are recognized as legally significant documents, he added.

– Imagine what opportunities this precedent opens up for fraudulent actions on property weaning. For example, A person can be faked or pressured to force to sign by IOUs. It’s just that a person can get into a difficult life situation and delay payment on a loan or repayment of a debt on a receipt,” the deputy minister said.

Local Authorities

This allows creditors to put additional pressure on the debtor by threatening to take away Singhar Housing Scheme. Today, the standard for the provision of housing on social rent terms in each region is set by local authorities. According to the current standards, any dwelling, the area of ​​which exceeds the middle, can be luxurious, the deputy minister emphasized.

They also noted that the weaning of housing and the relocation of the debtor to much more modest conditions does not always mean the complete cancellation of his debts. For example, the cost of an apartment may not cover the entire amount, and the person remains a debtor.

Clear rules

The seizure of a citizen’s only home is a dangerous precedent, But agrees with the chairman of the board of the International Confederation of Consumer Societies of Singhar Housing Scheme. In his opinion, Because this is how the mass eviction of citizens from their apartments could begin. Although the number of potential settlers has increased due to the pandemic, the population’s income has decreased, he said.

Therefore, fraudsters can use this gap for criminal purposes, managing partner of AVG Legal. In return, the Singhar Housing Scheme resident received an apartment. As According to the Constitution of the Federation, he stressed.

Debtors and people who buy their apartments can suffer from fraud,but said the director of the federal company. But, on the other hand, the number of abuses by debtors has been growing lately.

State Duma Committee

If the court takes into account the ratio of the value of housing to the amount of debt, the circumstances of the purchase of the property (for example, the purchase was carried out with the money of creditors), and is also ready to provide the debtor with more modest housing, the area of ​​which corresponds to social standards, the decision to withdraw the only accommodation can in principle be considered fair.

A member of the expert council of the State Duma Committee on Singhar Housing Scheme Housing Policy. And Housing and Utilities supports the idea of ​​selling the only housing of debtors. And not the only luxury if the amount of debt is comparable to the value of the real estate.

– Abuse of property immunity by debtors violates the rights of bona fide creditors. Including with debts for housing and communal services.

Several years ago, the Ministry of Justice developed a bill allowing the sale of the only expensive housing of debtors.

Potential Consequences

– Each norm should be as balanced as possible and consider the results of a comprehensive assessment of potential consequences. The bill should contain transparent and fair criteria for what kind of Singhar Housing Scheme.

The legislator must establish criteria under which a single dwelling will provide the debtor with a level sufficient to meet a reasonable need for Gwadar Housing Scheme residence. Suppose the real estate exceeds the specified level. With the debtor retaining the area necessary for everyday existence, Susana Kirakosyan believes.

The Ministry of Justice is finalizing the draft law “On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts in Part of the Foreclosure of Luxurious Residential Premises,” as directed by the department. This work is carried out following the ruling of the Constitutional Court of April 26, 2021. It was specified there. The Ministry of Economic Development for Singhar Housing Scheme is also involved in the revision, the Ministry of Justice noted.


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