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Top Most played Android games in 2020

How many downloads do you think the most popular Android game has? 1 million? A couple of million? Hard to believe, but hundreds of times more! In this article, we have collected the world’s most popular mobile games that were able to capture the attention of millions of people from all over the planet.

1. Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers was released in 2012 and conquered the mobile market. This cartoon runner is a vandal. To give him a punishment, there is a policeman along with his dog, chasing the vandal. There are more than a million downloads of this game.

Moving between the three lines, the player will aimlessly run forward, dodging oncoming trains and jumping over obstacles. Gold coins that the gamer collects along the way will be needed to unlock new content (bonuses, missions, skins for the hero).

2. Candy Crush saga

A colourful puzzle game that can get you hungry. Like Subway Surfers, it managed to break the 1 billion download mark. The game is also built-in for Windows systems, so the total audience is probably larger.

 The player will have to overcome the levels, solving a puzzle-like “three in a row”. To pass, you need to combine candies and sweets, as well as use bonuses. Candy Crush Saga is able to challenge both adults and children. There are more than one billion installations of this interesting game.

3. Garena Free Fire

50 players will have to fight for survival. They will land on the island, try to get equipment and challenge their rivals because only one participant will be the winner.

 The game conquered gamers due to its excellent graphics, various modes (single, team) and an abundance of game possibilities. For example, on the island, you can use transport, cable cars, trenches. By the way, Garena Free Fire matches do not take much time. On average, a match lasts only 10 minutes.

4. My Talking Tom

Over 500 million users have already downloaded the talking cat, Tom. This is a casual game designed for children. In it, the kids have to take care of a cute cat – feed him, play with him, send him to sleep, and so on.

The gameplay doesn’t stop there – you can choose a costume for your pet, talk to it with your voice and play competitive mini-games.

5. Temple Run 2 

The second part of the Temple Run runner series, which offers to go on dangerous adventures across abandoned temples and civilizations. The player will have to run away from various dangers, collect jewels and artefacts along the way and try to hold out as long as possible.

The game boasts high-quality 3D graphics, varied gameplay and exciting adventures that the developers often add. For example, the developers added a desert map also. They add special maps on the occasion of special events.

6. 8 Ball Pool

This sports game about billiards has become super popular among users. The player is invited to choose a cue and a table to his liking and challenge gamers from all over the world. Playing one-on-one or taking part in online tournaments are the two styles to choose from the also contains a level system, and at parties, ou can earn coins and exclusive prizes.

7. Clash of Clans 

The game is purely awesome. This game brought the new genre of games. The game was first released in 2012 and people are still playing this game. The player is invited to build his base and improve buildings, as well as create an army of various warriors and attack enemy possessions. You can check the best COC Th9 War Base for more craze in war modes.

But not everything is so simple. The units can only indicate the landing point, and then only watch how they dismantle the enemy town hall brick by brick or die under the walls of the base. You also need to take care of the defence of your possessions. The location of buildings, walls, and defence towers – all this will affect the success of the defence. 

8. Hill Climb Racing

A racing simulator in which the main enemy is an uneven surface. Green meadows with hills, urban areas and even the surface of the Moon. These and other locations are waiting for you.

The gameplay boils down to overcoming various obstacles until the car stalls. On the way, of course, you can find gasoline, as well as coins with which you can buy new cars or improve old ones. The simple gameplay is seriously addicting, as can be judged by the number of downloads.

9. PUBG Mobile

The father of the genre, PUBG, is also available on mobile platforms for free. The game managed to snatch the lion’s share of the audience here.

100 people dive on an island and start searching for weapons, medicines and vehicles. They have to do everything while remaining inside the blue zone that keeps on shrinking. The last player or the surviving team would be able to get the “Chicken Dinner”. The game also consists of an abundance of modes, realistic graphics, frequent updates and events from the developers. This game is very addicting. Its single match time duration can vary from 40 minutes to 10 minutes, depending on the mode you have selected.


These games are the most downloaded games. At the peak of their popularity, they could be seen on almost every smartphone and tablet. And if you missed them, it’s time to catch up. When you play, you’ll know why these games were so popular. You can read more such gaming-related articles at gamingfreak.

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