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Isaac challenge guide

The List of Isaac Rebirth Each Challenges Guide 

 This companion will help you in unleashing all isaac challenges from challenge 1 – 35. If you do n’t know what a challenge in the list of Isaac is do n’t worry! This companion will tell you. 

 Tout d’abord, nous pouvons définir ce qu’est une classe découverte.

-C’est un  Challenges in revitalization. 1 – 20. 

 Challenges 1, 2, 3, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18 are all uncorked by dereliction and don’t bear any unlocking. Every challenge you beat unlocks an item on that save train. For illustration challenge 17‘Waka Waka’unlocks the item death’s touch which turns Isaac’s gashes into important scythes. 

To unleash challenge 4‘ Darkness Falls’you need to master Isaac while playing as Eve. To unleash Eve simply beat two bottoms in a row without picking up hearts. To fight Isaac you need to go up the light after defeating it lives or the angel room after Mum’s heart. The thing of the challenge is to beat Satan. Beating Challenge 4 unlocks the lyric of Dagaz. 

– L’enfant développe son esprit d’initiative et son autonomie; 


 Ce passage éducatif est un bon chemin pour façonner son mode de plod, dans un skeleton différent de celle de la salle de classe. Si le passage se fait sur une thématique précise, l’enfant peut se découvrir de nouveaux bents ou de nouveaux intérêts. 


 Le ministère de l’Education Nationale incite continuellement les établissements à organiser des voyages scolaires. Ces expériences culturelles, éducatives et pédagogiques donnent une nouvelle impulsion à l’ouverture de notre système éducatif sur l’Europe et sur le monde. Destinées aux enseignants


 et aux établissements scolaires souhaitant organiser un passage éducatif, les runners ci-après décrivent l’ensemble démarches à accomplir, les informations pratiques pour un projet réussi et des différentes possibilités en termes de formules existantes. 


 To unleash challenge 5‘The Tank’and challenge 10‘ Accursed’You need to have seven red heart holders at one time. This also unlocks Magdalene, a solid character with redundant health. Your thing is to reach and master Mum. Beating challenge 5 unlocks the lyric of Ansuz. Beating challenge 10 unlocks the item credit card



 To unleash challenge 6‘Solar System’you need to master Mum’s heart three times. The thing of this challenge is to beat mum’s heart/ It lives. Challenge 6 unlocks the lyric of Perthro. To unleash challenge 7‘ Self-murder King’You must master Mum’s heart 11 times. Beating Mum’s heart 11 times also unlocks it lives, the master which replaces Mum’s heart. Your thing is to master 

 Isaac. Challenge 7 unlocks the item Self-murder king. 

To unleash challenge 8‘ Cat Got Your Lingo’You need to come Guppy. To transfigure into Guppy You must collect any three of the following particulars Guppy’s head, Guppy’s tail, Guppy’s paw, Guppy’s hair ball, Guppy’s collar or dead cat. Your thing is to master Mum. Challenge 8 unlocks the lyric of Algiz. 


 To unleash challenge 9‘Demo man’You need to master mum’s heart 9 times.

The thing of this challenge is mute’s heart/ It lives. Challenge 9 unlocks the item chaos card. 

To unleash challenge 11‘ Glass cannon’you need to beat challenge 19 and master Lokii, a master plant in the womb. The thing is to beat Satan. Challenge 11 unlocks the item rules card. 


 To unleash challenge 19‘ Family man’You need to collect both crucial pieces from blowing up the angel statues in the angel room in 1 run. Still, You cant blow up the statues until you beat the angel or???, Only also can you do this. Your thing is to beat Isaac. Challenge 19 unlocks the item grand fetus. 

To unleash challenge 20‘ Dogmatist’You need to master Mum. The thing of this challenge is to beat mum’s heart/ It lives. Challenge 20 unlocks the lyric of Berkano. 


 This is all of the challenges in revitalization. 


 The Afterbirth DLC to Isaac adds 10 new challenges to the list of Isaac challenge list, numerous of these have different rules only in these challenges and some use the new particulars in the DLC. 

 Utmost of these challenges in the DLC are uncorked by beating Mum,

those challenges are Challenge 21, challenge 22, challenge 25, challenge 28, challenge 29 and challenge 30. To unleash challenge 23‘ Blue Bomber’You need to destroy 10 tinted jewels and master Mum’s heart 11 times.Tinted jewels are slightly blue tinted colour jewels that can give a soul heart, they also have a small cross on them. The thing for this challenge is to beat Satan. Challenge 23 unlocks Golden losers. 

To unleash challenge 24‘ Pay To Play’you must master Isaac as Cain.

The thing is Isaac and beating challenge 24 unlocks 2 new capsules. To unleash challenge 26‘I Rule!’You must master???, the Lamb and Satan as Isaac. The thing of this challenge is to master Mega Satan. The door to Mega Satan is plant in dark room or the casket in the starting room. To enter you need daddies crucial or both crucial pieces from the angels. Challenge 26 unlocks the item poker chip. To unleash challenge 27‘ Smarts!’You need to master Issac 5 times. The thing of this challenge is???. 

 You play as??? when you start this challenge. Challenge 27 unlocks the item superstud finder. 

These are all the added challenges in afterbirth. 


 Challenges in Afterbirth plus. 31 – 35. 

 Afterbirth plus adds 5 new challenges to the game. Challenge 32 requires you to beat Mum. 

To unleash challenge 31‘Backasswords’You need to master either the angel or???. The thing of this challenge is to reach basement, basement or burning basement. This challenge starts at mega Satan and you work your way backwards. 


 To unleash challenge 33‘Pokey mans’you need to master Mum’s heart 11 times. Your thing is to beat Isaac. 

To unleash challenge 34‘Ultra Hard’You need to master The angel or???,

You must do this through the Polaroid or negative and not through the immolation room. Your thing is Mega Satan. 


 To unleash challenge 35‘Pong’You need to master Isaac 5 times. Your thing is???. This challenge is intended to be done after challenge 34 but you can do it before if you unleash it before challenge 34. 

These are all the challenges in Afterbirth plus.

The List of Isaac Repentance 

 The List of Isaac Repentance contains 2 new consummations involving the new content added. Ending 21 is uncorked for defeating the recently added Mother master. It shows Isaac drawing a picture of the master. His mama walks in, and Isaac tries to hide the delineation from her. His mama reacts by throwing him into a closet, saying”You suppose I am a monster, Isaac? I will show you a monster!”The scene cuts to Isaac in the closet, hyperventilating. His mama also begins to recite the Lord’s Prayer, with the closet growing darker and darker. A statue of Satan materializes behind Isaac, and the scene ends. 


 The 23rd ending is the Final Ending, and is uncorked by defeating The Beast, the true final master of the game. This ending completes the story of the game and its expansions. 


 Typically, after defeating the Mama master on Depths II (or its original alternate bottom), the player is locked out of leaving theroom.However, they can enter a special door, If the player brings an item to teleport out of the room. Isaac finds a note left from his pater, and the game begins the Ascent sequence. Isaac begins to go up through the bottoms he visited throughout the game in rear order. 



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