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Top Luxury Chair Brands of 2022

When designing your house, business, or any other location, chairs are essential. There was a time when no one paid concern to their furnishings. Given the time zones, furniture is becoming more prevalent. People want something comfy and nice to sit on after a long day of work as the globe moves toward greater stability, moderation, and serenity. Chairs, in particular, play an important function. Many corporates in Pakistan work around the clock to serve their clients with something worthwhile based on their preferences. If you want to refurnish your home in a classy style, chairs, together with tables or stools, will only complete the look.

If you are working hard and want to take a break from your schedule. The best option will be to grab a cup of coffee and relax, but you will need a comfortable chair for that. Don’t worry; many designers in the furniture industry work along with industrial engineers to invent all-time classy and trendy designs. Following are some of the luxurious chair brands of Pakistan.

InterWood Mobel (Pvt.) Ltd.

Interwood Mobel enterprise was established in 1974 and is one of Pakistan’s highly trusted names in prime furniture. It has become a trendsetter in the furniture industry, offering a range of household and office furniture, etc.

A typical office worker spends six to eight hours per day seated at their workstation. It is considered that the chair we sit in all day directly influences our health. That is why it is significant to have the proper chair and workstation for a comfortable posture and, eventually, greater outcomes. Another reason for selecting the perfect type of office or study furniture is that we need it to establish a good atmosphere to keep the attention and, eventually, to produce productive results. At interwood, they have got exactly what you need in your office or study room. Their study chairs are popular because they have a sturdy back for posture support and a waterfall seat for maximum comfort. Their office chair price varies from 9,000 PKR to 25,000 PKR.

Companies have had difficulty accommodating high numbers of workers in compact places since the industrial period. Even today, modernized workplaces suffer from limited floor space, encouraging businesses to seek out more creative workspace solutions for their employees. Office furniture that gives greater workspace and privacy to individual users while taking up less real office space is one example of such a solution. Interwood office chair collection resolves this issue to an excellent extent. These are also used as computer chairs. If you are thinking about creating an aesthetic and vintage vibe in your home.


With the world getting modernized, people want to add a touch of something to everything. Designers and engineers are exploring the furnishing industry to create distinct ideas by blending modern, royal and vintage vibes. The price of chair collection varies from 6,000 PKR to 90,000PKR. If you are looking for chairs online shopping, it is for you.


Their velvet chair collection needs a place in your house. If you have an eclectic taste, their patchwork accent chair collection is just for you. Chairs are designed to reduce pressure on your legs so that you can sit comfortably. Color palette consists of smooth contours, soft shades, and hues designed with unique patterns.  Assortment includes adjustable floor glides that are ideal for commercial use. Desk chair collection is spectacular. Their collection comprises the most refined fabric, and unique and distinct designs. Your home might require their leather chair collection as well.

Their best office chair collection is nothing short of legendary. Its height and quality communicate authority. These have an adjustable seat and arm heights, a detachable headrest, and an option of leather or upholstered upholstery. These chairs are so fashionable that picking the finest one is tough. They also provide nice study seats for assured next-level luxury. If you believe that a chair with all of these features is prohibitively pricey, you are mistaken. When determining the price of a study chair, keep in mind that durability has a cost as well. Their chairs can also be used as computer chair without compromising on their style.

Urban Galleria

Choosing furniture for a living room is as difficult as executing the interior design. Whether you’re rebuilding or altering the area, all you need to know is where to find cheap home furnishings shops that provide high-quality items. From antique to modern, they have a large selection of home décor furniture popular in the local market. With urban galleria, you will always have a seat available to give. However, to complement the modern suburban design, you may utilize a beautifully created accent chair to raise the appearance. Their highlighted pattern mixes in so well with the modest motif, contrasting with the bold-colored fabric that wraps around the chair. It will be a perfect chair for room.

They have designed an old Hollywood-styled exquisite collection that will add antique glitz to your modern abode. Urban Galleria’s lounge chair collection is selling like hotcakes. Their dining chair collection is losing to none. They use the finest wood, prime fabrics, highly innovative designs, and patterns to create the best chairs available. Their dining chairs are mostly leatherette with upholstered seats and back for comfortable dining. Their armless chair designs provide plenty of elbow room and allow you to sit easily. These, at times, can also be use as lawn chairs or with a study table. Urban galleria’s focus remains on its large network of loyal consumers, as seen by its persistent after-sales servicing to retail and business clients, assuring client satisfaction at every stage, even after years of buying.


2022 is expect to be a watersh moment for several businesses, including the furniture sector. Now is the time to update and refurnish your home and office to reflect the latest trends. The furniture manufacturers are always willing to assist you in your battle. When purchasing anything, remember that you do not want to compromise on product quality. There are several firms out there willing to sell their precious items of greater artistic quality at a very affordable price. Let’s go and take a look at them.

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