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10 Bags You Need to Have Right Away

Handbags are the most functional part for any woman; they help carry lots of our essentials around for us, which makes it easy to carry our day to day activities with ease. There are millions of choices that you have to go through when it comes to buying the “one”, chosen to be part of your closet. Here we will talk about 10 best handbags which should be part of your fashion choice.

The leather satchel bag

A medium-sized to large handbag, this can hold a lot of things for you, like a laptop, makeup accessories or books. This bag requires a lot of care and management since leather tends to get damaged fast. If you go for choosing colors then go for a neutral tone, like brown or black this will ensure that strains don’t get highlighted. Also, ensure that the bag doesn’t carry lots of accessories like hangings, this limits the bag durability.


These are small in size, which is cute to carry around. But you won’t be able to carry a lot of stuff around, mostly money, smartphone and basic makeup essential. Try to go for a clutch with multiple pockets; in this way you can keep a lot of things, also they will keep your stuff organized. They come with so many colors and material options that buying just one will be difficult.

The crossbody handbag

Instead of carrying this bag in your hand, you can carry it across, which gives you freedom of movement. It comes with a strong and sturdy strap this bag can be easily adjusted. Prefer buying a medium-sized bag, since a small size will not be able to carry a lot of things for you and a large-sized one will not be comfortable to carry around.

The evening clutch

Best to carry in parties and on occasions, this handbag is best carried with party wear dresses. These clutches help in completing your look, they come in a small size which means you can carry your phone, money and small make-up essentials. They come in beautiful designs and colors and look quite classy, appealing and sparkling. They have the quality of going with any outfit.

Jute or straw bag

Jute bags or straw bags are best to carry on beaches or when going for a picnic. They are useful to carry things and also don’t require much care. Easy to wash and clean, these bags are your best partners for a perfect outing. Ideally, these bags are sported in summers: you can pack a snack, towel and hit the beach or go swimming. If you are looking to carry this bag for the everyday commute, you can carry your lunch box and water bottle in it.

Shoulder bag

Sophisticated and classy, shoulder bags are a must-have in your closet. These bags best go with the office look. They are made of leather or suede and are quite appealing, light in weight and can carry most of your things around for you. You can buy these bags according to your taste of color, size, and budget. These bags can complement any look of yours.

Chic tote

Everyone needs a tote; they are quite trendy and efficient in carrying a lot of things around for you. You carry your books, laptop, and other everyday things like makeup essentials, phone, and wallet. If you buy a tote made of cotton, this fabric is usually light in weight. From work tote to casual totes, these are must-haves in your closet.

Casual day bag

Every woman should have a casual bag that they can carry around, showing their style statement. The casual bag is meant to be tagged along for any occasion or on occasional outings. It could be a sports bag or a hobo bag, but these are the best investments for carrying things around and making a style statement at the same time.

Designer bag

If you are looking to buying a designer handbag online then you are not only purchasing but also investing in one. Designer bags are known to be women’s best friends. Buying a designer bag requires a budget, good care and should be stored in a way that doesn’t hamper its quality and durability.

Need no introduction, these bags look charismatic and classy while carrying for any occasion or outings.

Black handbag

A black handbag is a must-have for every woman. Black color can never go out of style or downgrade your look. They look classy, elegant and can add some spark in your everyday look easily. Buy from any type of handbag, it can be a tote, clutch, shoulder bag, etc and you are good to go.

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