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Top 5 Sizes of LED in 2022

TV sets have evolved from heavy-weight units to incredible slim and lightweight appliances in the last twenty years. They have witnessed rapid development when it comes to physical, visual, and technical aspects. The latest TV form to find immense acceptances are smart TVs which you can connect to your internet, watch TV shows and movies from around the world, use applications, and even browse the web. The LED smart TV market in Pakistan is going through a boom and numerous brands are offering an entire series of smart LED TVs with exceptional features. The top brands include names like EcoStar, LG, Sony, Samsung, Haier, and others. An important feature of these LED TVs that influences purchase decisions is the screen size. Everyone wants to experience the best visual performance when it comes to a TV set. Let us look at the top 5 sizes of LED TVs in Pakistan which have the highest demand.

The 65 inches LED Smart TV is a Behemoth that Offers Exceptional Pixel Quality and Resolution

The smart TV price in Pakistan and elsewhere in the world is governed by several factors. One of them is the screen size. Imagine watching a science fiction movie with top-quality graphics on a 65 inch TV with incredible pixel quality. It will no doubt be a theatrical experience that is hard to match. Many brands are offering this size in Pakistan because it has very high demand, for instance, EcoStar smart TV, LG smart TV, Sony Smart TV, and many others. From movie lovers to video game fans, the 65 inches smart TV is the prime choice for quality graphics as well as audio quality. 

Those who love watching and playing will connect an entire theater system to this behemoth to have an awesome time. This high demand gives rise to an increase in prices, whether it is the LED TV price in Karachi or Lahore, it is greatly influenced by the choices of people.

The 55 inch LED Smart TV is Another Screen Size that is High in Demand due to High-Quality Graphics 

Almost every LED TV brand is offering a variety of sizes. When it comes to large screen sizes, another common one is the 55-inch android LED TV.

Immense competition between different brands has influenced the 55 Inch LED price in Pakistan which is following an increasing trend. Just like the 65-inch size, this size also offers very high pixel quality and resolutions up to 4K. It has other features such as smart connectivity which lets you control your LED with your cell phone. Inbuilt movie applications such as Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon prime allow you to watch the top TV serials and movies. 

High-quality audio performance combined with premium visual quality makes this size ideal for Xbox or Playstation lovers as well as for those who want to enjoy a cinematic experience when watching movies. This LED TV price is usually high and not everyone can afford it. Because of its high demand people are even willing to buy used ones and you will find many used LED TVs for sale in Lahore.

The 50-inch Screen Size is Ideal for Medium to Large Living Rooms and Offers an Incredible Viewing Experience.

Another market favorite in the smart TV series is the 50 inch LED. This one also falls into the large screen LED category and has experienced high demand. The 50 inch LED price in Pakistan has experienced a surge because of high demand. It offers resolutions of 4K and very fine pixel quality. 

It is loaded with smart features such as smart connectivity, Bluetooth, USB, and inbuilt apps like Google Play Store, Google Assistant, Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, and many more. You can connect with an audio system to have the best movie night at home or enjoy playing your favorite video game. Whether it is  LED TV for sale in Islamabad or anywhere in Pakistan, you will find that the 50 LED size has one of the highest demand.

The 40 inch LED Packs a Punch and is Most Suitable for Small to Medium Rooms

The 40 inch LED is among the top-selling LED sizes in Pakistan. LED price in Pakistan is highly affordable for most consumers and this is one of the primary factors contributing to its high demand. Its small size does not imply that it does not have entertaining visual and audio features. 

It has all the necessary features of a smart TV. Internet connectivity, latest applications, video streaming, bluetooth connectivity, smart connectivity, all of these features, and many more are available in the 40-inch size. You can enjoy subscriptions to Amazon Prime and Netflix, you can browse through YouTube and other channels. Whether it is an LED for sale in Rawalpindi or any other corner of Pakistan, you will find the 40 inch variation on top.

The 32 inch LED  is a Highly Compact, Slim, and Very Affordable LED Size for a Majority of People

No LED screen size can match the demand of the 32 inch LED TV. It is small, slim, and compact. You can fit it in your bedroom, study room, or anywhere in your home. It is highly affordable when compared to all other sizes. The 32 inch LED TV price in Pakistan starts from just over Rs.20,000 and goes up to Rs.55,000, depending on the brand. 

This broad difference in LED TV price in Pakistan is primarily because of brand reputation, otherwise, most of them have almost the same features. Another major factor is the pixel quality which may vary from brand to brand. The 32 inch smart TV is equipped with all the latest features and the small size does not imply that this is an ordinary LED. You can enjoy smart connectivity, bluetooth connectivity, video streaming sites such as Netflix & Amazon Prime, and play your Xbox or PlayStation.

Which One Should You Buy Among the Top 5 Sizes of LED TV in 2022?

With so many brands and so many features, it might be hard deciding which one you should get. If budget is not a problem. Then the large size series from 50 inches to 65 inches is most suitable for you. Remember, it should also match your room size. If you buy a LED TV that is oversized compared to your room, you will not enjoy the results. If budget is your consideration, then 32 inches to 40 inches will suit you better. Keep in mind that regardless of the size, the features in most of these LEDs are the same and you can still enjoy a small size LED TV

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