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Tips on Picking Comfortable Clothing for Your Body Type

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As the summer heat rises, it is time to get out your favorite clothes for warm weather. Your comfort level should always be a top concern. Whether you like trim slacks or long, full skirts, your outfit choices are a wonderful way to express yourself and stay cool. Keep reading to learn about some comfortable clothing options for your body type.

Start With Your Personality

Because summer clothes do not layer well, it is a good idea to focus on your personality when choosing the most comfortable choice for you. For example, if you are a bit more free wheeling, a long, flowing skirt that allows lots of airflow may help you to be confident in your appearance and stay cool. You can pair your long skirt with a gauzy tunic, or top it with a tank and loose shirt. The right skirt can greatly expand your summer wardrobe while showing off your more casual side.

Get Something With a Little Stretch

When you go shopping for anything new, try to find products such as counterparts pants that offer just a bit of stretch. Whether you prefer capri pants, a simple trim skirt or shorts, a bottom garment with a little stretch to it will easily go from rental car to airplane to restaurant and feel good as you move, bend and sit. To that end, make sure that you do a careful test drive of any new garment before you purchase. Try on the garment and try out several positions. Sit down, cross your legs, wait for a bit and stand up. If the garment creases and stays creased for a while, it may not look as crisp as you like after a day of travel.


Hemlines for the coming summer seem to vary widely, so pay attention to what suits your body and your style. Shorter women will be happy to know that fit and flare dresses are still quite popular. New trends feature a lighter color palette and more detail, such as contrasting embroidery. Taller women can enjoy longer skirts, but will want to balance them with an untucked top or longer jacket. While experts recommend that nearly every woman looks best in a skirt that hits just below the knee to show off the curve of the calf, trends for the coming year include lengths from mid-thigh to ankle. Do look for garments that will shed wrinkles quickly. A long linen skirt can be lovely, but by the time you take off your seatbelt you may be a crumpled mess. Seek out blends.

Expand the Wardrobe for Your Comfortable Clothing

The recent push for minimalist pod wardrobes may have you a little bored with your current closet. Luckily, your pod wardrobe is likely based around just a few colors, so boosting your options will be quite quick. For example, if your pod wardrobe bottoms and basics are mostly black, look for a medium grey pencil skirt, capri pants or slacks. Avoid charcoal grey, as this often has a navy base tone and may not work with a black jacket or sweater.

On top, consider adding pastel items to draw attention to your face. As noted above, clothing trends for the coming year are a bit softer and have more delicate detailing. Treat yourself to a pale blue shawl to drape over a black tee, or look for items in mauve or lavender. Avoid the unicorn palette unless it truly suits your coloring. If you want, you can experiment with a few different pieces that you normally wouldn’t pick out. You can be surprised what you end up liking and that looks great on you.

Legs and Feet

Short tee dresses are still serving many for the coming summer, and the new look for these garments includes layering. For example, you may want to pair a short tee with leggings. To increase your color options, start with tights, add capri athletic leggings in another color, and cover those with a dress. Be aware that this is most popular in spring and fall as a way to stay warm and stylish; for summer, just wear the dress. Shoes are all about comfort for the coming year. If you don’t have a pair of hiking sandals, now is the time to buy. If you can’t find a pair in the women’s department that suits you, head over to the men’s or boy’s department for some summer sandals you can put some miles on without pain.

Conclusion for Comfortable Clothing Options

Sometimes, staying comfortable means ignoring trends. Luckily, the remainder of 2021 is both flexible and casual. Avoid going too rustic. All cotton sometimes means all wrinkled. Comfortable clothing can be found online or in stores nearby. You just have to find what you are looking for. Look for blends that will move with you. Fashion choices that look great and are comfortable can be found if you know where to look.

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