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Things to Know Before Renting an Apartment in a New City

We think intercity relocation is only about packing your goods from one city to another. Or, you can book professional packers and movers from Delhi to Pune and enjoy a hassle-free move. Although it’s the best way to relocate safely and smoothly yet there are a lot of other things to consider when you move to a new city. And one of the major concerns is renting an apartment in the new city. Buying a new house before moving to the town could be a bad decision. You may regret your decision for choosing the wrong location or the wrong property or paying a higher price than the apartment deserves. Hence, it’s important to rent an apartment in a new city.

And, when you have planned to rent an apartment, then here are the top important things that you must know before renting.

Checklist Before Renting an Apartment in A New City

Though moving to Pune from New Delhi could be very exciting at the same time it’s a bit scary. What if you don’t find a good landlord? What if it doesn’t suit your budget or you don’t get a good neighbor? This is the reason you should make a checklist and follow it before renting an apartment in the new town.

If you are scared about how will you do your research without moving to the city, then also don’t worry. We will give you suggestions on that too.

Know the upfront cost

Your financial concern is not the rent of an apartment. There are several other expenses that you need to take into consideration. And only after that, you can set your budget to rent a home in Pune. From brokerage charges to one month’s rent and last month’s rent in advance, security deposit,  and logistics charge, you are going to spend a lot of money even before you shift into your new home.

Set your budget

Without knowing your budget, you can never find out which property is the best for you. You will find several good apartments in Pune to rent that will fulfill your requirements. But, they might not fit your budget. So, first, decide on your budget. And, do not forget the rule of not exceeding 25% of your monthly income. For ex- if your monthly salary is Rs. 50,000 then search for a rental property in Pune that costs approx. 12,500 – 13,000. You should find a rental room within this budget.

In the first month, you will have to pay lots of money like packers and movers Delhi to Pune charges, security deposit, brokerage fees, and monthly rent. So, set your budget foryour move and rental apartment as well.

Research the location

It’s one of the most important parts to know before you rent a home in Pune. Do your research to know the location. If you don’t have a huge budget, then don’t go for any posh areas. Still, you will find many good localities in South Pune to rent a home on a lower budget. But, it’s quite tough to know about the location from a distant place. So, you can do online research. Search for the top localities in Pune and you will get the name of the locations. Do thorough research. Ask a question on the Quora forum. There the locals will help you know the pros and cons of moving to Pune in the specific locality.

Do not rely only on pics and words

Well, while doing online research, you will find portals that help you rent a property. There you will see the picture of the apartment. You might get attracted to such attractive pictures and you sign a contract online. When you visit the property, you see the whole scenario changed. The pictures might be a year old. Though the pictures and their descriptions help you a lot in taking the right decision yet it is advised to visit your property before renting. 

Evaluate the property and neighborhoods

Visiting the property has lots of benefits. You will get to know how the property looks. Does it fulfill your requirements? You can evaluate the property according to your budget. And when you have a good budget, you must visit the property and check everything. Don’t hurry the rental process just because you immediately need a rental home in your new town. Rather know the neighborhood first. Ensure it is comfortable and safe.

Know your landlord

If you have found your rental home through an agent, then get the detail of the homeowner. It’s very important to know to whom the property belongs. And what does he do? If it’s important for the landlord to know his tenants and designation, it is equally important for the renters to know their landlord. In any emergency, you can contact the landlord if the agent or property manager is away from reach.

Ask about pets

Many homeowners do not allow pets in their rental units. If you own pets, then you need to inquire about the pet policy in the apartment. Your landlord may charge extra fees for allowing pets on the premises. Or, they may allow you to keep your pets outside and not inside the property. Ask about pets and clear all your doubts. If your landlord is denying to keep pets, then look for another apartment.

Apartment amenities

Does your apartment have a balcony? It is fully furnished? Does the building have a car or bike parking lot? Whether your building has a lift or not. Consider all the amenities the flat has to offer and then decide whether to rent it or not.

Find out what is included in the rent

If you liked the property then before locking the deal, know everything about the rent. Ask for maintenance charges, water bills, and electricity bills. Is the rent all-inclusive or you will have to pay extra for the mentioned expenses? Who will be responsible for repair and maintenance? Get all your doubt cleared by the agent or landlord.

Bottom Line

When we move to a new city, we face too many challenges. And one of the major challenges is finding the right apartment to live in. You may get scammed by fraudsters. So, before signing the rental agreement, you must know all these things.

And once you have selected your rental apartment in Pune now it’s time to plan your intercity move from Delhi to Pune. Find and hire the best packers and movers in Delhi. Several online portals help you choose the best service provider for your intercity move. They provide you with free quotes to compare packers and movers charges so that you can hire the one that best fits your budget.

Make sure that they use good quality packing material. Do not settle with companies that don’t use good-quality packing material. Because intercity shifting takes time. And more time means more chances for damage and loss. So to secure your items during the shift, make sure that everything is packed very securely. That is why we have mentioned all the important tips for your intercity house relocation. Make sure all your household items are carefully packed. Rely on packers and movers who are experienced and have a good customer base. Consult with them and plan a safe and secure relocation.

Author Bio:- Sajal Singhal

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