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Check If You Are Making These Mistakes Before Visiting An iPhone Service Centre In Greater Kailash

While an iPhone is a super sophisticated device and a hefty investment, it is a machine that is prone to a few ups and downs. Though some iPhone problems might compel you to look for a reliable iPhone service centre in Greater Kailash, there are a few issues that you can prevent or tackle at your own end. For instance, even the most careful users sometimes end up using their precious iPhone devices improperly or commit some common mistakes that reduce the device longevity or performance. This is the reason why this article is here to help, by making you aware of these common mistakes, so that you can use your treasured iPhone the right way.

Not Using the Original iPhone Charger

Most iPhone users feel tempted to use a duplicate charger for their iPhones when their real charger gets misplaced or broken. They find it pointless to buy an original charger by paying a hefty amount at an Apple store. However, the fact is that, a duplicate charger can actually lessen the battery life of an iPhone. Also, it can cause an iPhone to explode. So, rather than going for an inexpensive and fake charger, try and stick to the original one.

Not Using a Proper iPhone Cover to Protect the Ports

Yes, there is no doubt that you want your iPhone to look snazzy at all times. But, if you wish to keep unnecessary glitches at bay, any iPhone service centre in Greater Kailash will recommend using a cover that can protect the ports of your iPhone, leaving no room for any dirt particles to settle in. You might find it difficult to take off the cover often or when you wish to use one of the ports, but it will ensure that your iPhone lasts longer.

Overcharging or Under-charging an iPhone

We all are guilty of putting our phones on charge and heading to bed. But, that is not ideal at all. Believe it or not, when you do this every single night, your iPhone battery life takes a hit. This doesn’t mean that you should charge your iPhone less than what is needed. Rather, make sure that you put your iPhone on charge whenever the battery gets drained out.

Not Rebooting an iPhone Frequently

Is your iPhone hanging up too much of late? This might be because you aren’t rebooting your device regularly. Like any other electrical instruments, you iPhone also needs a bit of rest every now and then. Hence, you need to reboot your iPhone once in a while to keep its functionality at the peak.


By now, you must have a fair idea of what NOT to do if you want your iPhone to work well and last for a long time. However, if the problems you are facing seem more complex in nature, get in touch with a reputed iPhone service centre in Greater Kailash without delay. Never attempt to fix such issues on your own. Rather, a centre with experienced technicians will be able to diagnose the problem accurately and fix it in no time.

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