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The Potential of Picture Books and Toys For Kids

kids books and toysIt is a known fact that infants and toddlers are unable to comprehend text. So are children who have not yet entered the domain of formal education. However even at this tender age. It is important to build reading habits and introduce kids to books. Picture books are an excellent way of introducing books to your child. They are neither overwhelming for your young ones nor age specific. Picture storybooks for kids are a perfect. Way of acclimatizing your children with books. Picture books are not only easy. And fun to go through but they have a plethora of benefits.


The truth is children might be able to retain graphic images. And illustrations for longer periods of time as compared to textual stories. The images serve as a visual roadmap of the story for the child.


The Advantages of Picture Books

Picture kids books carry tremendous benefits for young children. We shall be exploring some of which these benefits today.


Picture books are usually the first books. That tend to spark a child’s interest in reading. They play a critical role in developing the reading habit. When children co-read picture books with their children. It serves as a stressor upon the importance of reading.


Kids Educational Books

The picture books allow children to build. Their vocabulary and polish their linguistic skills. Joint reading has been associated with superior. Vocabulary and early literary skills. Usually during reading a caregiver tends to use a wide spectrum of words. Than any other form of conversation. Picture storybooks are not based on specific words which allow. Children to use varying words and build their own vocabulary. It is often noted that children with vast vocabulary banks have spent. A significant amount of time going through picture books.


Picture books tend to expand a child’s. Skillset by introducing characters doing different setoff actions. For instance, a character tending to. Plants can introduce the concept of gardening. This introduction of new activities can also be used. To teach children about various professions. Such as a person tending to plants. Can be introduced as a gardener. This is a practical way to introduce children to different. Professions and help them understand society in a better manner.


Kids Communication Skills

Hardly any activity is directed at raising children to be better listeners. Joint reading exercises inculcate the habit of paying heed and listening attentively. This leads to children who grow. Up having superior critical listening skills. Such children are more sensitive. And receptive to their surroundings. They connect to their surroundings in a holistic manner.


Better listeners are also better speakers. Picture books also help in building communication skills. They help in building overall. Communication skills especially conversation skills.


Picture books can aid parents to communicate. Complex concepts to their young ones in a less intimidating manner. Concepts such as fears, risks, empathy, inclusivity, self-control and grief etc. Can be better communicated through picture books. It gives them a chance to ask questions and relate to these situations. Such information and ideas help them maneuver. Personally troubling situations in a smooth way.


Picture books also leave room for a child’s imagination. Allowing them to expand the story based on their own ideas. The sense of ‘reading between the lines’ also fosters through picture books.


Toys as a Means to Boost Children’s Creativity

In the current times a deadly pandemic is ravaging the world. And in order to mitigate its effects lockdowns have been put in order to minimize the damage. With the lockdowns in place children have been. Terribly affected as schools have been shut for an indefinite period. The safe access to playgrounds unavailable. Kids have been stranded at home with little to do.


Now with the ongoing online schooling, houses are now turning. Into virtual classrooms and children are becoming increasingly cranky. And irritable due to a lack of unwinding activities. One way of keeping the children entertained is to provide. Them with an unlimited screen time but keeping in mind. The adverse effects of excessive screen. Time it is highly unadvisable. An alternative to this would be to provide baby toys that. Not only provide them with adequate leisure time. But also nurture the creative aspects of their personalities.


Here’s a list of objects that can make leisure time fun while also boosting creative skills

  1. Arts and Craft Supplies: These include coloring books, art sets, markers, crayons, color pencil. And plenty of similar material to draw, color and paint. Multiple activities can be planned using the same material. Such activities not only boost a child’s creativity. And innovation but also encourage. Self expression while boosting the decision making skills of children. This also helps in cognitive development. By enhancing fine motor skills.  Dexterity as well as hand and eye coordination. A finished arts and crafts project tends to boost a child’s self esteem and confidence.
  2. Play Dough: Introducing play dough during leisure time is an activity recommended. And endorsed through abundant scientific and research based data by early childhood development experts. Playing with play dough is an excellent activity. For enhance sensory skills as well as fine motor skills. During playing with play dough, a child tends to. Manipulate by rolling and squishing it over. And over again which helps improve dexterity and develop their muscles.
  3. Best Dough: It can also act as a stress reliever and boost calmness and serenity. Alongside these, playing with play dough tend to bring out. The creative aspects of child by encouraging to form various shapes. And object with one’s own creativity. All this in turn helps in developing a child’s critical. Thinking skills which are considered the most vital elements. For success in this ever changing world.
  4. Slime: A wiggly and squishy mass. which apparently seems like a useless object. But it comes with plenty of benefits. Both making slime and playing with slime engage. Tactile sensations which. Help in developing sensory skills. Manipulating slime aids in developing. Gross and fine motor skills. Most importantly playing with slime has a calming and soothing effect. On children which in turn helps them. Understand and regulate their emotions.


Kids Toys Skills

Indulging in playing with these objects. Along with your kids will not only. Make their leisure time more pleasurable. But will also accentuate and strengthen. Your bond while providing an opportunity. To unwind in the ever stressful age of the pandemic.


Pakistan has witnessed a significant change. In the toy market over the past couple of years where general toys. Are now becoming obsolete and more and more complex. Educational and age specific toys have paved way in the market. Formerly toys in Pakistan were designated genders.


Toys are made to serve various. Purposes in both animals and humans. A toy is an item that is used to play with it. Toys are manufactured almost. In all the countries of the world. Pakistan is a known supplier of toys in the world. It is known for its good quality design and warranty.



Picture storybooks for kids come with a plethora of benefits. And serve as ideal tools to inculcate the love of reading in children. They also help in building a wide range of critical learning skills in children. These skills allow them to have a better understanding of the world around them.

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