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The pilot patch

Embroidered patches

The badge is an essential aeronautical coat of arms: worn on a flight suit, a jacket or offered in a gift box, it is also an object much appreciated by collectors. Wear craft offers four finishes for the creation of your custom badges.

Embroidered patches

The classic and timeless badge. All options and finishes are available: American bumblebee border, laser cutting, special threads, velcro back, fusible, magnetic, packaging in case or presentation box, everything is possible.

Woven patches

The “jacquard” weaving is essential in the case of a complex and detailed design. The number of colors is endless, and other finishing options are also available, such as laser cutting of the border.

Pvc Patches

A classic revisited: pvc gives a modern touch to the aeronautical badge and allows all graphic fantasies. It is possible to play with the different thicknesses to arrive at a 2D / 3D rendering.

Chenille patches

Besides embroidered, woven or PVC patches, there is another type of patch: the Chenille Patch. Very common in the United States for academic badges, end of studies, sports teams and mascots, its support can be in adhesive, velcro or thermo-adhesive.

Available with American bumblebee (merrow border) or hot cut border or laser cut, these badges and patches are available in small minimum orders of only 100 pieces per model. They have a strong visual impact and we are among the only ones to offer them to you.

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