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9 Kinds of Carnation Flowers You Can Give on Her Special Day

Carnation flowers grow under complex climate conditions and are always simple and easy to maintain.  are also known as Gods’ flowers, and they come in many colors and types. Each color type has its hidden meaning, which one can express a certain feeling or pass a message to someone.

Below are some of the meanings or symbols of various color types of carnations.

i)Dark red carnations represent deep love and affection.
ii) Yellow carnations represent unhappiness.
iii) Light red carnations symbolize admiration.
iv) Pink carnations are a sign of gratitude.
v) White carnations symbolize purity, innocence, and love.
vi) Purple carnations represent capriciousness
vii) Striped carnations show regret.

There are various types of carnation flowers you can give her on her special days like any holiday or even her birthday. Some of the classes include;

1.Dianthus Pavonius

Dianthus Pavonius is a type of carnation which grows with a short stem of below ten inches high. They are dark pink with sharp-pointed green leaves, which usually blossom in April and May with blue and brown centers. Their fruit coat contains many flat brown seeds, which you can in turn plant and obtain more of the plant.
Dianthus Pavonius are always attractive and eye-appealing. It can be a good surprise on her special day. If you are confused about where to get them, you can consult your florist or order the flowers online at the best price.

 2. Dianthus caryophyllus

Dianthus caryophyllus is a carnation flower with green-grey foliage and comes in many colors like white, pink, salmon, and red. They mainly do well in high humidity areas with less or neutral alkaline soil.
You can use Dianthus caryophyllus to make her happy on her special day by considering her favorite color or taste. She will feel that you love her.

3. Dianthus Superbus

Dianthus Superbus is a type of carnation flower that is unique due to its fringed flowers. It comes in red, purple, and white with a sweet and attractive scent that makes it suitable for making some tasteful tea.
If you take to give her this type of carnation on her special day, she will enjoy the blossom with the sweet nectar since it grows in the low ground. She will also enjoy the tea made from the carnation, which acts as an infection healing drug and a contraceptive.

4. Dianthus Armeria

Florists use this type of carnation flower to highlight other flowers in a flowering garden since they have bright red petals with pink grassy blossoms and can grow for more than twelve inches. It also acts as an ornamental flower.
Ladies are known to love bright and attractive flowers, so it is a good kind of carnation on their special day.

5. Dianthus Barbatus -Sweet William

Many people worldwide plant this type of carnation flowers due to their ability to adapt to any growth condition. After planting Dianthus barbatus, it will grow and germinate in the first year and start blossoming in the second year. They come in white, red, salmon, and pink with a sweet scent and fragrance.
Dianthus Barbatus attracts animals like butterflies, bees, and birds due to their sweet attractive scent and aroma. This flower can make her happy on her special day.

6. Dianthus Grataniapolitensis – Cheddar Pinks

They blossom from May to June with beautiful pink shades which contain fragrance. They cannot grow under wet or cold conditions since they require a lot of sunlight. Florists use them to cover the flowering ground since they have a dense growth factor.
Their sweet fragrance and pink color make them ideal for your lady on her special day. When giving her this carnation, you should advise her not to go underwater or overwater to enjoy the sweet fragrance in summer.

7. Dianthus Deltoides Maiden Pink

This perennial carnation flower usually blooms in summer with pink or red flowers with narrow green leaves, which are always loose. Florists also use them as a ground cover, and they have sweet scents and smelt, which can make your garden or home beautiful.
Dianthus Deltoides does well in well-drained soil and where sunlight is accessible. Their bright color and sweet fragrance can make her happy on her special day.

8. Dianthus Plumarius

This carnation flower has petals with fringed edges that give it a unique nature. They come in pink color and usually blossom from May to August. They grow up to two inches high at maturity and can make her happy on her special day.

9. Dianthus Chinensis (Chinese Pinks)

Chinese Pinks do well in alkaline soil with high humidity and heat and bloom in white, pink, and red colors. They usually grow in some parts of the US but originated from China. You can surprise her with this beautiful carnation flower on her special day.        


You should  or buy them from the nearest flower company when you want to make your lady happy. If you are unsure what type of carnation flower to use, you should consult any florist you know to help you out.

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