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The Key Points of a Home Insurance Contract, Why Cancel?

Change of situation, move, modification of accommodation, increase in price … there are many reasons that may lead you to terminate a comprehensive home contract. The termination of the home insurance contract is easy to achieve. Here are some tips for cancelling your home insurance contract.

Legitimate grounds

The insurance contract can be terminated whenever you want. But, it must be done by knowing beforehand the various valid reasons. Certain key moments in your life give you the right to terminate your contract. The change of situation or matrimonial regime is an admissible legal reason allowing you to terminate your home insurance policy. Loss of employment is also a legal ground. When your contract reaches its anniversary date, you may want to consider cancelling your home insurance. This allows you to think about the idea of ​​turning to the competition in order to take advantage of a more interesting offer. The change of profession, the move or even retirement give you the right to terminate your contract. Home insurance is also terminated following disputes for late compensation, reduction in insured risks, increase in the rate, etc.

When to cancel your contract?

The insured may decide not to renew his home insurance contract after the expiry date. Indeed, when the contract comes to an end, you are free to renew or not your contract. However, it is important to respect the legal procedures when you can cancel your home insurance contract on its anniversary date. You should know that the due date is different depending on the insurance company. While some take into account the day of subscription to home insurance, other companies generally opt for an exchange date of December 31. For the termination of the home insurance contract, the support of a professional is often necessary to be sure that everything takes place under legal conditions, find out more on Cancellation must be done by sending a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt addressed to the insurer. The letter must be sent at least two months before the end of the contract. Note that the law protects you if you decide to terminate your insurance contract for legitimate reasons. The Hamon and Chatel laws have made changes with regard to the grounds for terminating a home insurance contract. So, if you have a legitimate reason, you can ask to terminate your contract.

In the event of a claim after the termination request

Some insurance companies agree to receive the home insurance contract termination request letter even one month before the expiration date. You may be wondering what happens if a loss occurs after the termination request. It should be noted that the insurer continues to insure the house until the date of termination. During the termination period, the company guarantees any claims that may arise. The insured retains the protection provided for by the insurance contract even if he signs an agreement concerning the reduction of the duration of the termination period.

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