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Overview, Coverage and Benefits of Home Contents Insurance in Dubai

Home Contents Insurance in Dubai

Most of the homeowners located in different areas of the UAE region overlook the significance of insuring various household contents. However, signing up to avail home contents insurance in Dubai is an obvious choice as the benefit associated with this outweighs its minimal purchasing cost. If you consider the amount you have to spend on your yearly house rent or installments related to home loan and home furnishing task, you will find the cost related to home contents insurance is a small price only.

Overview of Home Contents Insurance

Home contents insurance in Dubai pays you for the loss or damage of various possessions present in one’s home. For instance, the insurance will cover the damages caused to your belongings and valuable assets of your home in the case of an accident, fire incident or earthquake and other natural calamities.

Right Candidate to Get Home Contents Insurance

Home contents type of insurance is mandatory for tenants and owner-occupiers. If you are the owner of a house, you should get all-round home insurance coverage to safeguard your home and its physical premises. Simultaneously, your insurance should safeguard the personal belongings and home contents. On the other side, tenants should get this insurance to protect various things present in the home, which do not remain attached physically to the building.

How Home Contents Insurance is Different from Home Insurance

Home insurance policy has a customary feature with mortgages. In some cases, homeowners may get a home insurance policy without mortgages. Furthermore, home insurance covers only the physical premises related to your property and excludes its contents. On the other side, home contents insurance in Dubai covers the cost related to replacing personal possessions in the case of any accident. The tenants are responsible to insure their contents, as the home insurance of their property owners never cover this aspect.

Coverage Extent of Home Contents Policy

Any standard home contents type of insurance policy protects your belongings, such as appliances, furniture items, electronics and others against damage or loss caused by riots, storm, lighting, earthquakes, fire, water, vandalism and malicious acts. You may even customize the policy to incorporate add-on features, like domestic help, personal belongings and various others to achieve improved safety.

How Home Contents Insurance Policy is Beneficial

Now, let us have a look at few of the unique benefits associated with home contents insurance in Dubai, which homeowners in the UAE should be well-aware-

  • Legal Liability of an Occupier

The insurance will cover the legal liability of an occupier or household member caused because of injury to any other individual and damage or loss to property up to a previously mentioned or specified amount.

  • Liability of the Tenant

Insurance provider will cover the damage or loss caused to various types of home fixtures, like cables, fittings, pipes and others, for which tenants are legally liable to a pre-specified amount.

  • Alternative type of Accommodation

Insurers will make payment for the rent that lost or the cost related to comparing alternative type of accommodation in the case your home becomes unfit to stay or live within it.

  • Temporarily Removed Contents

Your home contents insurance in Dubai related coverage may extend to various items, which you remove from your premises temporarily to perform repairs, cleaning, renovation and maintenance tasks.

  • Frozen Foods Coverage

Depending on the insurance company you choose or the type of home contents insurance you choose, it covers the damage caused to various food items stored in the deep freezer because of breakdown or electricity failure.

Therefore, purchase of home contents insurance is very much essential for every homeowner in the UAE.

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