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The Future of Clean Transportation with Wind Powered Cars


Wind Powered Cars are an emerging technology that is emerging day by day. This article is about how it works, why would you need this? How you can use it at your own home and what are its benefits over other energy sources. These cars work on Wind energy, i.e., they convert wind power into electricity to operate them thus making them “Green” alternatives for fossil fuel cars.

Working Principle:

Wind energy is converted into electricity to operate the wind powered cars which in return doesn’t release any pollutants.

These wind powered cars are self-sufficient because they can store all their power in batteries during nighttime when there is no wind. These cars are eco-friendly because they emit absolutely no pollutants and work on renewable sources of energy.

Future of Clean Transportation:

The wind powered cars can be used at homes as well as in industries for clean transportation purposes. It is also a very good source of alternate energy for printing presses, large-scale manufacturing plants and big companies. Where there is no need to frequently move from one place to another.

An electric car can travel up to 100 miles per hour on a 3kWh charge which makes it even more preferable over other cars which run on fossil fuel due to their high rates of efficiency. They are made up of Li-ion batteries which store electricity. Until it’s required for use by other appliances or devices that require electrical power to work or perform any task. The working cycle of these batteries is the same as other rechargeable batteries used in cellular phones and other devices.

Benefits over other Energy Sources:

Wind powered cars are eco-friendly, carbon-free. And emit absolutely no pollutants which makes them more preferable to other forms of transportation like railways, airplanes, etc. It is even more advantageous compared to the traditional fossil fuel-based automobiles. Because they release exhaust gasses that pollute the environment which can cause health problems like lung cancer (coal), heart disease (oil), etc.

Wind Powered Cars are very easy to use; you don’t need any training for using them, unlike solar panels where you need some idea about how they work along with installation information to make them work. You can charge your electric car overnight or in hours when there is no wind (during nighttime) and then use it anytime you want. They are easy to implement and use which makes them more preferable over solar panels too.

This is one of the reasons why it is replacing other conventional means of transportation these days because they are cheaper, faster, and cleaner alternatives compared to fuel-based cars. The following table shows how it beats other forms of energy sources:


Wind powered cars are being used in military, police departments, and other public offices for official purposes. They can be also used at homes or apartments for personal use to go to nearby places like the grocery stores, mall, etc.

Electric Cars:

Electric Cars are alternative sources of transportation that run on electricity or advanced batteries which makes them free from the cost of gasoline (petrol). It is preferable because it doesn’t require any fuel. It emits no exhaust gasses, and very silent means of travel compared to motorbikes, trains, etc. They run on rechargeable batteries that can be charged using regular plugs or electric sockets available everywhere these days and then your car will be ready to drive without spending a single penny extra.

Comparison between Wind powered Cars and Solar Panels:

Solar panels are an eco-friendly source of energy that can be used for clean transportation but it is not completely free like wind powered cars (you need to pay money for buying solar panels). Because they run on sunlight which is not available all the time. Unlike wind which blows every day in a different direction. Also please note that the lifespan of batteries varies depending upon the quality level; better quality means it will live up to more years.

This makes Wind Powered Cars a better choice because they are free from cost and can be used anytime required. Unlike solar-powered cars which require sunlight to run so it is only preferred when the sun shines.

Wind Powered Cars have zero CO2 emissions which makes them far better than other transportation. It means that no harmful gas gets released into the environment. This also helps in preventing the greenhouse effect caused by greenhouse gases, thus saving our planet.

Solar panels need maintenance which has to be done regularly to work properly for a long time. Whereas wind powered car just works without any issue once you charge it’s a battery. So this makes them the super-efficient source of energy over other sources like solar panels etc.


Wind Powered Cars are an easy alternative for fossil fuel-based automobiles. Because they don’t need any fuel, are cheaper, and emit zero CO2 into the environment. So it is better to use them instead of conventional cars that run on oil or gasoline.

They are not totally green because making wind powered cars also requires the usage of some resources that harms the environment too. But if we consider the whole life cycle then it is better than oil-based vehicles.

Solar panels have a longer lifespan than wind powered cars and can be used as an alternative source for clean transportation but they will require maintenance from time to time. Solar power cars are not as popular as electric or fuel-based vehicles because of the high initial cost and availability of sunlight throughout the day. Overall, solar panel cars have better potential compared to other means of transportation if we consider all those factors which make them future transport sources. The following table summarizes things discussed above:

This was brief information about Wind Powered Cars that run on free energy i.e wind, how they work. And different ways they can be implemented in our daily lives which helps us save money. And provides a great way to go places without spending extra cash every single day.

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